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Tips for the Trail: What to Bring, From Gear to Snacks

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Tips for the Trail: What to Bring, From Gear to Snacks

Hit the trails with Walkers easy to make, no-bake Energy Balls – the perfect snack to keep you fueled during a hike.

With cooler temps and colors changing from greens to reds and yellows, now is the perfect time to hit the trails. Take in the beauty of nature making the most of the weather before it gets wetter and colder plus enjoy some healthy hiking snacks along the way.

Whether you’re a hiking novice or expert, it’s always good to be prepared—so we’ve created a bit of a checklist of items you should bring on any hike. And as seasoned hikers know, you need good hiking food to sustain you on your trek. We included a few of our best backpacking snacks to this list too!



When you head out on a summer hike, the goal is to stay cool and sunburn-free.

Avoid cotton clothing which holds onto moisture and can feel uncomfortable as the day goes on. Wear moisture-wicking fabrics such as nylon or polyester. Many apparel companies make clothing with vents to keep air circulating between the fabric and your skin to let your body cool and stay drier.

Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a comfortable hat to keep the sun off of your face. The goal is to have fun, not get burned and have to turn back too early.

Good hiking shoes might be the most important item. Choose footwear that has good traction so you can step confidently on rough terrain, and some toe protection so you don’t stub on rocks. If you’ll be stomping through streams, you might consider a waterproof option. Decent trail shoes are a must because if your feet start to blister or you can’t keep your footing, you’ll be in for a long day.



Beside what you’ll be wearing, you’ll want to make sure you have a few key items on you as you hit the trail.

The most important item to carry is water. Make sure you have a good water bottle and have it filled before you leave. Staying hydrated is step one on any hike.

A comfortable backpack is essential too. Keeping your shoulder straps adjusted so the pack sits higher on your back will make it feel less heavy as the day goes on.

Consider also bringing a compass (in case your phone gets out of range), a towel to keep you clean and your eyes sweat and dust-free, and trekking poles—especially if you’re going to be hiking steep grades.



Now that we’ve got the important stuff out of the way, let’s get to the best hiking food! When hiking, especially in warm weather, you’ll want high calorie backpacking food that is lightweight, great at sustaining energy, doesn’t melt, and of course, tastes delicious too.

For an easy no-melt day hike food, try any of our Walkers Snack Packs — delicious shortbread options come individually wrapped that can be popped into your backpack for quick trail snacks.

Other hiking snack ideas include our amazing Walkers Energy Balls — an easy to make, no-bake high-energy mix of crumbled shortbread, almonds, almond butter, and dates that is in a magic zone between a cookie and an energy bar. Or use Walkers Mini Shortbread Rounds with nuts, candy-coated chocolates and raisins to create a tasty trail mix.

Also, a great idea is to bring no-mess fruits and veggies like apples, bananas and carrots to keep you filled up yet ready to put in the steps.

Now that you’ve got some of our best hiking food ideas and a good hiking gear checklist, you’re ready to hit the trail and enjoy the benefits and beauty of nature. Happy hiking!

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