Walker's Shortbread Inc.
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Snack Pack Rounds 22 ct.

Weight: 26.4oz
Weight: 158.4oz

2 Shortbread Rounds (1.2 oz.) x 22

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Made entirely with creamery butter and the finest ingredients possible to obtain, these convenient individually packed 2 Pack Shortbread Rounds snack packs are great as a take along snack and party favors. Eat a couple without opening a whole box.

Box Dimensions 10.4″ x 5.5″ x 3.3″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (32%), sugar, salt


Wheat, milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for Snack Pack Rounds 22 ct.

Arrived in pieces which was pretty disappointing. Still taste great and are my favorite cookie.
consistent. flavorful. mouth watering everytime.
bob cave
The product was fresh, beautifully packed and protected - and I received an unexpected special bonus box of Christmas shortbread as well. Very much appreciated!
I purchased these as part of a favor for a baby shower as new mother (and others in family) enjoy Walker shortbread products. However these were an extra purchase as I had already bought other Walker products but when I saw the thistles on the packaging, I wanted these because new mom had had thistles in her bridal bouquet. I was disappointed to find the thistles only on outer packaging that the 2 pack rounds came in. The cookies themselves do not appear to have the thistles on them. No one will know this but me and I am sure they will be enjoyed by those that receive them but I wanted the tie in of the thistles
Kathleen Albert
LOVE Walkers Shortbread! So hard to find around here. Had to run all over town, sometimes you could find it, most times not. Found out could order direct from Walkers and that's what I'll do from now on. Easy ordering and fast delivery
Virginia Gibson
On time delivery, well packed. Individual packages of 2. Great for lunch snack with low amounts of sugar. Very convenite and delicious.
Mary Longoria
quickly received and all cookies were not crushed and delicious
I usually buy the “Assorted” box but will be sharing these. The rounds are unbelievably delicious ❤️
Mary J Culvyhouse
My daughter and I just returned from a vacation in Scotland and I'm missed these cookies SOO MUCH! So happy I can order them online. Thank you so much for this delicious product!
Cinthya M
I love Walkers shortbread. It brings back a lot of good memories. I just sit down with a cup of tea and a book and of course my shortbread biscuit and I am transported back to my old home.
Leonard Cohen
Great as always. So very delicious. I used them as gifts and everyone loved them and asked where did I purchase them. I told them.
Nancy Goldheimer
Also: 2 Pack Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chunk Shortbread - 20 ct. 2 Pack Chocolate Chip - 20 ct. I purchased these put in the stockings for the U.S. military unit (in Afghanistan) I adopted for Christmas. I'm assuming that they must be great since they were requested. I had never heard of them before receiving their list of things that they wanted.
Pamela Freeman
These round shortbread cookies are wonderful, as usual. Packing was excellent as there was not one cookie broken. Delivery was right on schedule. Everything was a great experience from ordering to delivery. Thank you for including this year's catalog. I look forward to placing my next order!
Linda Dodson
Perfect packing of a perfect product -- these two-fers tuck into a purse or a tote to slake a sudden on-the-road craving.
Karen G
The rounds are OK but I like the Highlander better. They’re not as buttery as the Highland.
Judith Wood
I purchased one package of the carry along two rounds at a store and I love the convenience! I’ll enjoy giving some of them to hiking friends! So delicious!
I simply LOVE shortbread cookies. The problem is I only know of one store, Walgreens, that carry them. I just took a chance online one day to see if there was a website and thank goodness there was. These are some of the best cookies ever! Thank you for making them.
Delicious! Buttery, flaky, satisfying!
I'd never tried Walkers Shortbread cookies until I found some in our catering kitchen in the law firm where I work. I got addicted quickly and started buying them for my home. Super buttery and rich, the 2-packs are perfect as a sweet treat after a meal. I will NEVER be without these in my house again!
These are the very BEST Shortbread cookies around!!! By packaging them in perfect portions, I can indulge when I want to at Tea time!!!
Jane Lawler-Savite
Lovely morning ritual - my husband and I split the pack with our first cuppa.
These cookies live up to expectations and surpass them. Delicious. Great with Hot Chocolate and Di Soronno in coffee.
Carolyn T.
These are great cookies. They have a buttery flavor you just can't beat. Most food stores don't carry Walkers Cookies on a regular basis. They are usually available during the holidays. Now I can get these cookies anytime. Also, I received these cookies 2 days after my order. Great service and they came nicely packed. Not a broken cookie in the lot.
Claire D'Angelo
Walkers shortbread and a cup of English Breakfast tea is my go-to midmorning snack. Not only do I love the Shortbread Rounds, I especially like the two-cookie snack pack that keeps them fresher longer. I can always rely on Walkers to make a true, buttery shortbread that's perfect with a cup of tea.
Great Change from overly sweet American concotions
Walker's delicious shortbread rounds are packaged in portion controlled size that is easy to take with you to work or a picnic or a flight.
Walkers never fails to impress! Outstanding quality and delicious too!
Cyrus C. Lauriat
Received my order of shortbread rounds half hour ago and enjoying some with tea. Being without them for several weeks, due to our local markets not having them, makes me appreciate them all over again. Thank you.
I like the taste of the cookie.Ilike the simple ingredients. Also the package of two.Just right.
I am actually eating a package of Walker's as I type this review. "Wheat, butter, sugar, salt"; it doesn't get any more basic than that! These are by far the best shortbread products available. The individual sized packages are the way to go for convenience, freshness, and in my case, portion control!
Gary Grysiak
Shortbread is my favorite treat. Until I discovered Walkers, I was never full;y satisfied with any commercial product. Shortbread really has only three ingredients, flour, butter and sugar. It is very easy rto get the balance wrong. Walkers gets it right! Their secret ? It's not overwhelmingly sweet. The flavor develops as you chew it to a perfect balance. It's as good as homemade --- and that's saying something!
Wow, by wrapping the shortbread into 2 per package it keeps them fresh tasting and crisp. Convenient to store and pack into gift bags or lunches or for a quick delicious snack. The taste of the shortbread is delightful.
We love Walker's shortbread! So does everyone we know. Orders always arrive quick and packed perfectly. We ordered the two pack rounds for Christmas treats. Earlier in the year we had our Scottish themed wedding. As wedding favors we ordered 200 of the Walker's two pack shortbread fingers. They were bundled with a Scottish Breakfast tea bag I found at my local grocery store. It was the perfect favor!! Thank you Walker's for being part our our special celebrations!!!
Laura R
Love the shortbread. Buttery & not too sweet. The individual packs are great for portion control & maintaining freshness.
I am truly satisfied with this purchase. Prompt shipping, fresh cookies, packed carefully to prevent breakage. The two-cookie packaging is just right to take along to enjoy with a cup of tea. Will definitely order again.
Connie Pilato
I love these shortbread snack packs! I'm an avid backpacker and they make for a great snack on the trail. And being able to throw them into my pack without having to repackage them is great. These are perfect to-go snacks.
These are really delicious as always and the little packages make them great to take to work in your lunch, on a trip, have as a mid-day snack, or have as a smaller dessert when you don't want to eat too much. They also freeze very well and last a long time.
BEST shortbread I’ve ever eaten💕🤙
Sue White

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