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Summer Beverages

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Summer Beverages

Summer Beverages

A few ways to shake up your summer beverage with Walkers Shortbread cookies.

Summertime means finding creative ways to beat the heat. Whether it’s with refreshing drinks, a dip in the pool, or a favorite shady spot under the trees — it’s important to have options for those long days of sunshine. For Walkers, the summer season means finding new fun drinks and recipes to make with our delicious cookies.

This summer, we’re planning to go all out with a drinking, dipping, and mixing soirée! Here are a few ways to join us in shaking up your summer beverage with cookies — Walkers Shortbread, to be precise!



Affogato with Salted Caramel Chocolate Crunch

For an easy-to-make Summer treat that’s sure to please the coffee and chocolate lover, this recipe is a favorite. It’s made with our delicious Walkers Shortbread Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies and is a decadent pick-me-up on a sluggish hot day—as you get to enjoy espresso and cold, creamy ice cream together. You can also use decaf coffee or espresso if you’d prefer! Check out the recipe on Walkers website here.


Malted Nutella Chocolate Chip Milkshake

This beverage recipe is a blended delight that can be paired with a burger and fries or served à la carte while wearing a floppy straw hat and sunbathing poolside. It’s a spin on those classic and nostalgic malt shop flavors. But to be honest, can you ever go wrong when putting Nutella on (or in) anything? This recipe calls for Walkers Chocolate Chip Cookies, and we suggest leaving a few aside for scooping up bits of the whipped cream topped milkshake! Check out the recipe on Walkers website here.


Sinker Scotch Cocktail

Maybe you’re into those tropical vibes where Jimmy Buffet serenades your backyard oasis. If that sounds like you, and you’re looking for a new scotch cocktail to add to your personal tiki bar menu, then try this one out. It’s made with pineapple juice and Scotch Whisky and is a refreshing way to catch a cool buzz alongside your buttery Walkers Shortbread Cookies while becoming a Parrot Head. See the recipe here.


Artisan Godfather Cocktail

Are you hosting a summer cocktail party and looking for a more refined way to spruce up your offerings to guests upon arrival? Here’s some inspiration from the hospitality professionals at The Ritz-Carlton Miami, where they crafted this shaken perfection using Scottish Whisky. Alongside the nutty notes of orgeat syrup and amaretto, there are soothing fireworks of flavor to be crafted when dunked by a buttery Walkers Cookie. Check out the recipe here.


Iced Tea with Walkers

Maybe it’s a cucumber sandwich spread type of day. You know, the kind where a refreshing glass of iced tea sounds delightful! Thankfully, Walkers is the perfect dessert pairing for both cucumber sandwiches and your choice of fruit and flower tisanes. For those who love icy drinks or a tipple of tea, here’s a past blog we did on some creatively inspired classics to infuse and steep.



Whatever sort of summer vibe you’re after, we hope you’re feeling inspired to create some seasonal magic with these refreshing and tasty beverages. Whether you’re going the route of a rich and sweet pleaser, a simple and refreshing chiller, or a boozy and dreamy soother — remember to put on your sunscreen, grab your box of Walkers, and indulge in that essential summertime drink.

Find your happy place — you deserve it!

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