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Make Every Day, Earth Day

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Make Every Day, Earth Day

Sustainable Ways to Celebrate the Planet

Sustainability, the Environment, and … Shortbread? Yes, Yes, and Yum.

When you come from a place as beautiful as the Speyside region in the Scottish Highlands, the desire to protect our planet’s natural resources is strong and starts in our own backyard. Through our commitment to energy efficiency, renewable energy practices, packaging reductions, and our water, waste, and transportation initiatives, our strong environmental policy ensures that we meet the many international standards for product safety while also protecting the environment. 

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, and we’re not just honoring the planet on that day— we’re celebrating sustainability and the environment all year long. Below, we’ve compiled some ideas on how you can do the same!


Let’s Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day started out as the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Today it’s evolved into a time to show love for our planet by demonstrating environmental protection and conservation efforts. Visit the official Earth Day website to learn more about the movement and see all  the ways you can invest in our planet to help make it a better place for generations to come—and read on for some easy (and fun) ways to help today!


Plant a Tree

Get started by adding some leafy green beauty to the landscape and plant a tree. Do it for yourself, or as a gift to friends or family. You can even do it from the comfort of your couch with organizations like Treedom that lets you plant a tree remotely and follow its story online.


Opt for Upcycling

Keep our Walkers Gift Tins out of the landfill after you’ve  enjoyed the delicious shortbread packed inside with these Fun & Useful Ways to Reuse Walkers Tins. For more ideas beyond the tin, check out these 55 New Ways to Upcycle Your Old Stuff ideas from HGTV that prove creativity can make anything old, new again! 


Go Green at Home

From switching  your bills to online e-bills, making your home more energy-efficient, planting a vegetable garden,  composting biodegradable food and materials, or simply investing in a reusable water bottle—and more—we found 40 Ways to Go Greener at Home.  See how many you can start today!


Give Back

Whether you volunteer with an environmental charity, or give back by donating cash, there are so many rewarding ways to give some happiness back to the earth. Check out these great organizations and get involved today! Invest in our Planet through the official Earth Day organization, make a pledge to clean up public lands with Pick Up America or visit SurfRider Foundation and join their efforts by signing up for a local beach clean up day on your coast.  


Purchase Eco-friendly Products

Try reusable kitchen cloths instead of paper towels and multipurpose baggies instead of plastic sandwich bags. Being environmentally aware with your wallet can also have a positive impact on the planet, and you may find some new favorite products along the way. To get you started, explore these 30 Eco-Friendly Products to Help You Live a Little Greener in 2022.


Find a Way to Honor the Earth

With all of these great ways to celebrate Earth Day, we hope you find one way – or many ways – to get involved and help make a difference. So go ahead and grab a cup of tea and nibble on your favorite  Walkers Shortbread while you read up on ways to help the planet! And when you’re done with everything above, you can find even more information and inspiration here, with 25 Different Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 


Last but not least, get outside!

Earth Day and National Picnic Day share a weekend (4/22 & 4/23). Why not celebrate both with a sustainable picnic at a local park or even your own backyard?  Local farmers markets are a great place to start and try packing everything in reusable containers (no plastic). But don’t forget the Walkers for dessert!

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