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Fun & Useful Ways to Reuse Walkers Tins

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Fun & Useful Ways to Reuse Walkers Tins

Creative & sustainable ways to reuse Walkers tins.

This holiday season, we hope you opened a present and found yourself receiving one of our beautifully designed Walkers tins. While you might initially be so excited for the shortbread inside, there’s so many ways to upcycle our tins, and repurpose them for a variety of things! 

Upcycling has great environmental benefits and is a fun way to reinvent our beloved tins.


Storage Containers

You can upcycle Walkers tins as storage containers for endless categories of items. Use them to gift or store baked goods (like our Chocolate Brownies Stuffed with Shortbread Cookies). As shown in the picture above, tins provide great storage for crafting and sewing supplies such as ribbons, trims, notions, spools of threads, embroidery floss, beads, and buttons. Your repurposed tins can also be made into a special occasions or remembrance box for gift tags, labels, greeting cards, birthday cards, and keepsake letters.


Pantry Organizers

January is the perfect month for purging and sprucing up your pantry, which brings us to another great use for your upcycled tins! Repurpose them into pantry baskets to store loose packet items like dry soups, seasonings, and spice packets. You can also store dry goods like: Rice, beans, flour, popcorn, coffee, and tea bags. For helpful pantry organizing tips, this post by The Zhush.com lays out the basics.


First Aid Kits

It’s always good to be prepared for bumps and bruises and Walkers tins make attractive and useful first aid kits. Medical experts recommend having first aid kits in your car and around your home. Having a homemade emergency kit will always come in handy and upcycling a Walkers tin is a great way to make that kit not only helpful, but environmentally friendly as well. For tips on what to include in a basic First Aid kit, visit the Red Cross.

There are countless uses to repurpose your Walkers tins. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to creatively reuse them in a way that’s not only beneficial to you, but to the environment as well. Walkers has always maintained its faithful commitment to its homegrown roots in the stunning Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands, ensuring a conscious concern for the food we produce, the welfare of the local workforce, working environment and its important relationships with local suppliers and businesses.

Walkers is continually striving to develop strong sustainability and environmental policies that ensure the company continues to meet the many international standards for product safety whilst simultaneously protecting the environment and their workforce.


Thank you for enjoying our products and keeping our tins in use!

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