What is Earth Hour?

What is Earth Hour?

Posted on Mar 6th 2023


On March 31, 2007—under the encouragement of the World Wildlife Federation to raise awareness for climate change—a small grassroots movement started in Sydney, Australia with 2.2 million homes and businesses turning off their lights for one hour.  In 2008, the movement grew to 50 million people in 35 countries participating in Earth Hour with the Golden Gate Bridge and Colosseum being two of the major landmarks to go dark.  In 2022, about 192 countries and territories switched  off and gave an hour for the Earth.  For more information on Earth Hour, and how you can take part this year, check out https://www.earthhour.org/.  

? EARTH HOUR 2023 ?

A symbol of  unity, hope, and a demonstration of the 
power of collective action for our future and the planet's.


Switch Off For The Earth With Us

This year on March 25th at 8:30pm (your local time), join us and millions across the globe, as we switch off the lights for Earth Hour and spend 60 minutes doing something positive for our planet.  Unplugging isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for people too! We’ve got some easy ideas on how you can participate, info on the small changes you can make to live more sustainably, and how we’re doing our part at Walker’s.  


Organize an Event: Be a local champion of this global movement by bringing your community together for Earth Hour. Click here to get started   Up Your Knowledge: Discover the issues and click here to learn more about Nature Loss & Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Get Solutions on how to help.   Spread the word: Click here to get free-to-use marketing materials to help promote Earth Hour initiatives and events.  

Go Beyond the Hour:

Taking part in Earth Hour is impactful, but it’s just the beginning. Making a daily commitment can help shape a brighter future for people and the planet. Check out the list below and read more about these 10 Ways to live more planet & people friendly.  
  1. Eat more Sustainably
  2. Waste Less Food
  3. Travel Responsibly
  4. Eliminate Plastics
  5. Save Water
  6. Be Energy-efficient
  7. Protect Natural Spaces
  8. Be a Conscious Consumer
  9. Spread the Word
  10. Stay Informed


At Walker’s, we take our commitment to the earth—and being an environmentally-friendly company—seriously and put it into practice every single day. Here's how we do it:  
  1. Our Factories

    An energy efficient, induction lighting program has been completed in our factories in Aberlour and two in nearby Elgin and floodlighting at our Aberlour site. Learn more here.  
  2. Solar Panels

    We’ve installed 80 solar panels on the roof of our newest factory and they are currently producing clean, green renewable energy for the site.  Learn more here.  
  3. Packaging

    The gauges for film, cardboard, tin plate and plastic have all been reduced where permissible and practicable.Learn more about Our Statement On Plastic Changes.  
  4. Energy

    Members of the government controlled CCA (Climate Change Agreement) since inception in 1998 and all energy reduction targets have been met, allowing for a reduction on the CCL (Climate Change Levy).Learn more about our energy saving efforts Here.
  Water, Waste and Transportation are also given environmentally-friendly attention and action—learn all about our efforts and Business Specific Achievements here, and read Our Environmental Policy.