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It’s “Time” for Some Upcycling Fun with Walker’s Shortbread

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It’s “Time” for Some Upcycling Fun with Walker’s Shortbread

How to Make a Clock with Walker's Tins

Turn Your Walker’s Shortbread Tin Into a Cute Clock

Enjoyed all your Walker’s Shortbread, and looking for ways to reuse that decorative tin? We’ve got a perfectly timed DIY way to do just that! It’s a quick and easy craft and you only need the following supplies:




Choose Your Favorite Walkers Decorative Tin

Once you empty the tin of all the delicious Pure Butter Shortbread you can upcycle it into a fun clock.
Use a Holiday Tin you can bring out for next year, like our Snowman Tin, or any of our Scottish Design tins for an everyday clock with a Highlands flair.

Evergreen Clock Dancer TinWalkers Shortbread holiday clock tin

Walkers Shortbread Snowman holiday tin Walkers Shortbread Love Scotland tin


Scottish Piper & Highland Dancer Icon Tin with 14 Assorted Shortbreads
Scottish Thistle Icon Tin with 14 Assorted Shortbreads
Meg Scottie Dog Tin with 64 Mini Scottie Dog Shortbread Shapes


How To Make Your Clock


Step 1:
Decide where you want the clock hands to go on your Walker’s Decorative Tin Lid, mark the inside with a bit of tape and carefully drill or hammer a hole big enough to fit the clock mechanism.

Walkers Shortbread clock pieces


Step 2:
Assembly with the kit instructions is easy! Simply insert the clock mechanism through and attach the washer and bolt and add a battery.

Walkers Shortbread clock battery pack


Step 3:
Flip the lid over, attach the hands, and you’re done!

Walkers Shortbread clock Walkers Shortbread clock

TIP: If you can’t find clock hands in the color you like, simply paint them with a bit of nail polish. There are so many colors to choose from and it’s much easier than using spray paint.


Now treat yourself to some delicious Walker’s Shortbread for a job well done and enjoy your new clock!

Walkers Shortbread clock tin gif


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