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Walkers Shortbread Creates Memories for Lifetimes

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Walkers Shortbread Creates Memories for Lifetimes

Friends and Family Traditions & Memories

Our Facebook fans share their love of Walkers Shortbread

There is nothing quite like Walkers Shortbread to bring family together. We were delighted to learn from Walkers enthusiasts they have the same sentiments as we do, and Walkers fandom ties generations together. While there is not enough room to share all their family memories here, please enjoy reading some of our favorites below. Do these remind you of the same family traditions in your own life?

    1. Spouse or significant other. Walkers Shortbread devotees have long-time personal memories connected to Walkers Shortbread and delight in keeping traditions alive with their partners. A shared love of Walkers cookies builds new memories and strengthens ties.

I share these with my hubby and 11-year-old twins. Dunking them in tea and melting in our mouths melts our hearts. –Shabnam S.

I devour these with my wife…it’s part of her Scottish heritage and it’s something she shares with me. It helps bond us closer as a married couple. – Stephen H.

Would have to be my husband, John! We’ve been together for 25 years and share everything. Would love to make us a nice cold glass of iced coffee and enjoy some Walkers Shortbread and good conversation with him! <3 – Lori

  • Parents. Many fans were introduced to Walkers from a parent. What better way to honor the source of one’s love of shortbread than by sharing more shortbread with them! The cookies are not just a sweet treat, but an inviting ritual to connect with parents.
    My beloved mom. She makes everything so special. We love Walkers Shortbread and we sit down every week to a nice cup of tea. We sit and talk and spend time together and have delicious shortbread cookies – it’s a tradition! So delicious! –Linda J.


My mom handed down her love of Walkers Shortbread to me and I have handed it down to my daughter, so we are truly a three-generation group of ladies ranging in age of 11 to 57…there is something to be said about the love of food and it is a tie that binds us all… -Mae L.

My Papa. I suppose Dad shared his with me the first time I had it and it was so buttery and crispy and melted in my mouth, not all over me. I just know we shared that love of Walkers all our lives and every Christmas I found him a new tin, or the newest one put out, or just the original. It was “our” father-daughter share. – Cindy

  • Children and grandchildren. Fans consistently told us that as families grow, the wonder and appreciation associated with Walkers Shortbread must be carried on to little ones. Instilling love of shortbread to the next generation keeps the traditions alive.I remember when I was a little girl, my grandmother would always bring Walkers Shortbread over when she came to see us. This love for shortbread got passed down to my mother, then to me, and I have continued that tradition with my children. They are adults now, but they always ask for it. –Suzanne S.

    I have shared my love of Walkers Shortbread with my four grandchildren…I hope one day they…will share the tradition with their children! –Diane W.

    My sons Brandon & Devon….right back to their toddler years. Walkers Shortbread was my teething biscuit of choice for them then. Walkers Shortbread assortment is my go-to snack and dessert at the holidays and for special occasions. As adults, my sons have continued the Walker Shortbread tradition with their own families! -Marti


From the nearly 700 voluntary responses we received, the theme of Walkers Shortbread bringing families together and helping to create lifetime memories was immediately present. As you read above, our fans’ love of shortbread inspires them to share with their loved ones. Special cookies mean special time with special people. Walkers Shortbread is honored to be such a special part of these memories and traditions. Thank you to all who took the time to share with us.

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