Walker’s Energy Bites

Walker’s Energy Bites

Easy to make, no-bake high-energy mix of crumbled shortbread, almonds, almond butter, and dates that is in a magic zone between a cookie and an energy bar.


7 Pitted Medjool Dates

1/4 Cup Sugar-Free Almond Butter


Place dates into a small pot or heat resistant bowl, cover in hot water for five minutes. Drain and dry dates.

Place shortbread into food processor, pulse until it forms coarse crumbs.

Reserve 1/4 of the crumbs (about an ounce) in a shallow bowl.

Add the almond butter and dates to the food processor with the remaining shortbread crumbs and pulse until the mixture incorporates into a firm, smooth dough.

Scoop a heaping tablespoon of dough out of the food processor and roll it it between your palms. It should form quickly and easily into a ball.

If the mixture is too moist and sticky, return the ball to the food processor and add an additional shortbread. If it is too dry and crumbly, add a tablespoon of almond butter. Pulse the mixture several times and repeat if the problem persists.

Once your dough is the proper consistency, use your hands to roll heaping tablespoons into balls.

Roll the balls one at a time in the reserved shortbread crumbs to coat them in crunchy cookie bits.

Store energy balls in an airtight container for up to one week.

Makes approximately 12 energy balls, depending on how ‘heaping’ your tablespoons were.