Cranachan with Walker’s Mini Shortbread Fingers

Cranachan with Walker's Mini Shortbread Fingers

A traditional Scottish dessert of cream and fresh seasonal raspberries bolstered by Scottish oats and whisky. It has been called ‘the uncontested king of Scottish dessert’.


1/3 cup (2 oz) steel cut oats

About 2-4 tbsp (1-2 oz) Scotch whisky

1/2 cup (4oz) raspberry preserves

1 cup (12 oz) fresh raspberries

1.5 tbsp honey

1 cup heavy whipping cream


The day before you make Cranachan, toast oats in a pan until lightly browned. Reserve one tablespoon of toasted oats in a small, airtight container. Transfer remaining toasted oats to a bowl and mix with 1-2oz of Scotch Whisky and let rest 12-24 hours. The whisky should initially pool slightly at the bottom of the bowl - the intent is that the whisky soaks into the oats and makes them a little chewy.

The next day, reserve some fresh raspberries for garnish. Combine fresh raspberries with raspberry preserves and half of the whisky soaked oats. Mash the raspberries coarsely into the preserves and set aside.

In a large bowl, pour heavy cream, 1-2 tbsp of whisky (to taste; more whisky will make a stronger flavored cream) and 2 tbsp of honey. Mix well with a whisk or mixer until a stiff cream forms. Do not over-beat as it will turn your cream into butter. Fold in the remaining whisky soaked oats.

Place a few spoonfuls of the raspberry mixture into the bottom of two glasses, enough to cover the bottom and make a layer about 1/2” to 3/4” inch thick.

Do the same with the whipped cream, creating a layer on top of the raspberry layer. Repeat until you’ve used about half of each, making sure that the top layer is whipped cream.