Apricot and Ricotta Shortbread Tarts

Apricot and Ricotta Shortbread Tarts

Buttery Walker’s Shortbread with sweetened ricotta and topped with apricot preserves, almonds and drizzled with honey for a simple and delicious dessert. In partnership with Motherthyme.


1/2 cup whole ricotta cheese

1 tablespoon sugar

Dash of nutmeg

1/4 cup apricot preserves

1 tablespoon chopped walnuts

1 tablespoon honey


Place shortbread on a serving tray.

In a small bowl mix ricotta, sugar and nutmeg.

Spread mixture on flat part of each shortbread.

Top with a dollop of apricot preserves and garnish with chopped walnuts.

Drizzle with honey and serve.