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Stem Ginger Shortbread

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12 Stem Ginger Shortbreads

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Real Australian stem ginger combined with the subtle richness of pure-butter Scottish shortbread give these thin, crisp cookies their unique and delicious flavor. The perfect balance of sugar and spice.

Our stem ginger shortbread is made using the same baking technique created by our founder, Joseph Walker, over 120 years ago.

Box Dimensions 9.4″ x 3.2″ x 1.5″


Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 2 pieces (29g), Servings per Container 6
Calories 140
Calories from Fat 60
Total Fat 7g (10% DV)
Saturated Fat 4g (20%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 20mg (6% DV)
Sodium 90mg (4% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 19g (6% DV)
Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV)
Sugars 9g
Protein 1g,
Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2% DV
Iron 0%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (24%), crystallized stem ginger (17%) (stem ginger, sugar), sugar, ground ginger, raising agents: sodium bicarbonate, disodium diphosphate.


Wheat, milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for Stem Ginger Shortbread

My daughter and I order the Walkers cookies online that local stores don't generally carry. Two of my favorites are the Stem Ginger Shortbread and the Vanilla Shortbread. They are so remarkably good that we only bake our own on occasion. Lazy (us) and very good (the cookies) is a pleasurable combination.
An all-time favorite! Sure to reorder. I love the shortbread and the ginger is to die for!
I am a traditional Walker Shortbread lover but my husband really enjoys the stem ginger flavor. Also good for digestion. He’s getting 5 boxes for stocking stuffers. 🎅🏻
Wow! These are amazing! Love the chewiness of the delicious ginger. Great with a good cup of tea! Sure to become one of our family's favorites!!
I have a new favorite! I love the tasty little bits of ginger in your already wonderful shortbread!
These are fantastic. I ordered these Stem Ginger Shortbreads when I could not get the Stem Ginger Cookies and was delighted, as I was with any Walkers order that I put in. I've been doing my bit to help keep Walkers afloat for decades, and was thrilled to buy Walkers Shortbread Fingers in Scotland when I took a tour of Scotland in 2006. Still the best products ever!
Sunny J
Just ginger-y enough!
Elise Fleming
This is without a doubt my favorite cookie in the entire world! I can never be without.
First time we tried this delightful shortbread. Will not be the last time we order these!
William Little
These cookies are perfect for any season, but I absolutely can not resist them in the fall and winter with or without tea. They are a perfect marriage of ginger and the traditional shortbread. Comfort in a cookie. Eat too many? Not possible!
You know that slight heat when you eat ginger snaps; well these have it too. But only slightly. These are delicious and buttery. Wasn't sure I'd like them but I do. Not as crunchy as the other cookies, a little softer. I recommend them.
Michele Weiss
These cookies have been a favorite of mine for years and I have a hard time finding them at local stores.
Rachel Pope
The Stem Ginger Shortbread has always been my favorite one!
So yummy
Maryann & Gerry Hills
I love this shortbread because it combines the buttery taste of the standard shortbread with the bite of ginger bits. If you like ginger, you'll like this.
If you like ginger , these are the cookies for you!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!
These have been my favorite for years. Why don't our local stores carry them anymore?
I bought these for my husband who loves ginger and he loves these cookies too !
This shortbread with piquant ginger flavor is a favorite of ours. It is particularly pleasant with a warm beverage such as tea or coffee. We're happy to find it available here - it has been nearly impossible to find it in local stores.
I love Walker Shortbreads and decided to try the ginger flavored. WOW! Fantastic. The ginger is present but not overwhelming and blends perfectly with the shortbread. I had originally only ordered one box to try out. I am now going to get several boxes as these are scrumptious.
My all time favorite flavor. Always so fresh delivered direct from Walkers.
I love the natural ginger bits and chewy quality. I can't resist these cookies.
This Stem Ginger Shortbread is nothing short of AMAZING…! I guess I’m glad local grocery stores don’t carry it because I’m sure I’d be many many more pounds heavier. Having to order directly helps to keep me in check!!!
I love ginger anything! My daughter who does not like ginger cookies, loved these. The ginger is a soft light touch. Cant wait to order more!
This is the best cookie I ever had. I gave a box to my daughter on her birthday a few weeks ago and her family loves them too. I like that the ginger pieces are chewy bits instead of infusing the whole cookie with ginger and thus ruining the wonderful shortbread cookie's original flavor.
Jan Warne
Delicious just the right amount of ginger to give it a great taste.
Joan Carr
I have always loved Walkers shortbread cookies, now I have found a new favorite. The stem ginger adds a delightful taste and texture.
Marie-Claude Rossi
Perfect texture, crisp enough to stand up to tea but soft to the bite. Perfect amount of bright ginger flavor. Sweet bit not too sweet. Perfect balance between shortbread and a ginger biscuit.
Deidra Egan
I would never order these again!!
Teresa Steinmetz
This cookie is not buttery, but the flavor is wonderful. If I am willing to give bu the buttery flavor, this will be my choice. Good cookie.
wish I knew how to soften them. but, they are good. my husband and family like them. and ginger is suppose to help settle a tummy.
Joyce Williamson
The warm, chewy little bits of ginger in these are fabulous -- great flavor, wonderful shortbread texture
These are the Best cookies I have ever had, I had them in London while visiting. Since then I have ordered few boxes, even for my mom. Love them 😍
Monika Maharaj
Just the right amount of ginger. The contents didn't last long because I hid them from other people! Will order more.
elise fleming
I love ginger. These are the best shortbread ever!
Yvonne Utley
We have always liked the Stem Ginger Cookies, which we used to get in the airport lounge. Then we discovered the Stem Ginger Shortbread in UK, which we like even more. We and our neighbor whom we share, are very happy that they are available in the US!
Ginger Shortbread is my favorite and I do not find it in any stores anymore.
Judith E. Parker
I am surprised and ecstatic about the flavor and texture of this cookie. I will always select this cookie. The best ginger cookie ever.
Patricia Wilson
What a great combination! I never thought of putting these 2 flavors together but they work. Smooth buttery tasting shortbread and a bite of ginger. Wow!
Quality natural ingredients make Walker products the right choice. If I am going to have a dessert I want it to be extraordinary!!
I had never seen these in the store and saw them online so thought I’d try. They are a new favorite.
Evelyn Bonilla
The Stem Ginger Shortbread are a wonderful digestive biscuit and desert in one!
These cookies are buttery and delicious with a nice amount of ginger. There is a coating of sugar on top which can be easily brushed off. I suggest doing that because it overpowers the other flavors and taste profile.
the best of both worlds, ginger and butter!
lynne l
I am enjoying many of the Walker's Shortbread cookies. I ordered one box to try the Stem Ginger Shortbread and within a few days ordered 5 more boxes. Just the right amount of "zing". Will definitely order more in the future.
I love these cookies 🥰
I purchased these for my husband and daughter--the ginger fans in the family. I did sample one and it had a nice ginger bite. I was a little surprised they didn't go faster but I think they were enjoyed nonetheless. My son wasn't a fan of the 'bits' but that's more of a texture issue . If you like ginger I think you'll be happy with these.
Tamra Herring
Just got them and I have all ready eaten 1. IT's a special holiday taste for me--I hope they make it that long.
The taste of the ginger in these cookies was spot on. I believe this because my spouse finished the package before I was even able to try them. She opened the box tried one and and had them with her daily morning coffee. She loved them
Rudy Castellanos
This is a very unique cookie which I enjoy with a cup of tea in the evening. Delightfully crisp with a brightness of ginger.
I work at a bank, and at Christmas time we have a family that brings the stem ginger cookies to us for s gift, they are the best ever, as are all of these cookies!!!
I first tried the Scottish cookies with the stem ginger but this time tried the shortbread and I like this better. The cookie is a little lighter but still lots of ginger.
Janice A Rajca
Loved these! They were not too strong, a great coffee cookie. I will definitely buy again.
Kathryn Hammond
These were new to me and I loved the chewy ginger in them. Unfortunately, every time I opened the package, my dog smelled it and came running for her little pinch. Safe to say, they're our new favorite cookie.
Carol Rochat
I ordered several boxes to give as gifts but had to try them first. We have eaten half of what I ordered as I will probably have to order more.
Oh sooo good! The bits of ginger is not overwhelming, just right!
First time usage of this Stem Ginger cookie left me wanting more.
The buttery lushness of Walker's shortbread (which we already enjoy) is amplified by the addition of small pieces of candied ginger, which surprise the taste buds in a delightful way. As you can maybe infer, we enjoy this! And to be honest, even though on a calorie-controlled diet, these are well worth the 70 calories each. These are, simply put, amazing.
I love Walkers ginger stem, my go to snack on an airline flight
These are the most delicious cookies in the world! I use to be able to find them in a couple of stores where I live but not anymore. Undeterred, I order them on-line for myself and my sister.
Linda Davis
I am a biggest cookie lover while Walkers was the first shortbread that was brought from my husband when I joined him in Dubai first time after getting married, since that day, I am in love with these…. So many memories attached…. So much love for my most favorite cookies in the world…. Check my reel on @hinza_says
Hina Shaikh
This has been our must-have treat for decades — the very best!
As great as ever! Another Walkers product popped up on an Instacart order,reminding me of the stem ginger shortbread I could never find at a store, anymore. I had forgotten all about this product for maybe 20 years! So,I was curious if they still exist and did a web search. Seeing your site and that I could order the cookies was a fantastic surprise!
Have now found a new ginger to love. These are lovely and crisp shortbread with just enough ginger to add warmth with a light touch. Really a treat with my tea. Will be back for more.
Laura Buckley
I now have a new favorite cookie; Stem Ginger Shortbread! Please keep this in stock all year long! Thank You!
Cheri Hanshaw
These are a perfectly delicious combination of ginger and your wonderful shortbread. I have to hide them from my husband, if I want any!
I had tried the Stem Ginger Biscuits before and loved them, but I wasn't sure what the shortbread would be like. They were AMAZING!
Justin Clark
These were purchased as a gift for a ginger-lover. I'm expecting a very positive and enthusiastic response! (You can count on that when it's Walkers cookies...LOL!)
I wanted to order my usual Stem Ginger Cookies, but they weren't available. I ordered these instead, and I love both kinds equally!
Emily Biegel
These shortbread are just fabulous. If you love ginger biscuits/cookies you will adore these. The spicy fresh ginger taste comes through with each bite of the sweet buttery shortbread. I wish I had bought more boxes. Guess I will just reorder!
Angela Phillips
My sister and I love ginger cookies so we could not resist ordering the stem ginger shortbread. They are excellent. Will buy again.
Virginia B Imboden
Delicious cookies with the right ingredients, nicely packed, not too sweet, and just perfect.
Hope Brown

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