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Stem Ginger Cookies

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9 Stem Ginger Cookies

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Baked to perfection to a traditional recipe with generous pieces of whole Buderim stem ginger. The candied ginger bits in the cookies are a plus. As is Walkers custom, this cookie contains no artificial colorings, additives or flavorings and combines the best of traditional Scottish baking with the spicy exotic tang of Stem Ginger.

Box Dimensions 3.0″ x 2.7″ x 6.5″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size Serving Size: 2 pieces (33g), Servings per Container About 5
Calories 170
Calories from Fat 70
Total Fat 8g (12% DV)
Saturated Fat 2g (12%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV)
Sodium 115mg (5% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 22g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber Less than 1g (2% DV)
Sugars 12g
Protein 1g,
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2% DV
Iron 0%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour, vegetable shortening (canola, palm), sugar, candied stem ginger (stem ginger, sugar), golden syrup (partially inverted refiners syrup), oatflakes, leavening (baking soda, disodium diphosphate), skim milk solids, ground ginger, salt


Milk, wheat.

May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Stem Ginger Cookies

I'm writing to share a funny story about the awesome delicious Stem Ginger biscuits, my favorite of all my favorites! And apparently my cat's favorite too! My cat goes absolutely bonkers as soon as she smells a stem ginger cookie. When I try to eat one she climbs all over me trying to get it. I have to break off pieces for her to eat and I end up with half a cookie! Good for my weight control but I'd rather have the cookie! Now I'm going to have to buy double the amount when I make my next purchase! I used to crave chocolate. Now I'd rather have a Stem Ginger biscuit!!!
A ginger cookie that doesn't taste like gingerbread or the usual ginger cookies. Extremely tasty, nice texture, a real treat!
Jennifer Graham
These are not available locally that I know of. Saw them and was talked into adding to order. Was not a mistake! You like ginger cookies, you will love these. Fantastic taste, not overpowering with ginger, perfect combination of ingredients.I will be buying again.
Malcolm McGregor
What's not to like? Anything produced in Scotland is a taste sensation, for, unlike American cookies, this particular Scottish bakery uses only pure, wholesome ingredients in the making of their delectable cookies. No unpronounceable chemical components, no carcinogenic coloring dyes, and no GMO's.
Marianne Zezelic
These cookies are delicious. pieces of ginger , but not too strong. I love them
This cookie is so good it’s hard not to eat the whole box. The flavor is delicious. Texture is crunchy with little bits of chewy ginger. Will definitely buy again.
Julie Castle
Your products are great. The Stem Ginger cookies are the best. Love the bits of Ginger in the rich dough Yum.
I am very impressed with these cookies (biscuits) Great taste!
Stem Ginger Biscuits, are crispy with chew ginger bits. You get the crunch of the cookie and then the chew bits of ginger. If you love ginger, the cookies is infused with it, great with a cup of tea.
Linda Shamess
Very yum. I was afraid they might have TOO much ginger but the balance is just right. A very grown up cookie indeed!
Marge Clark
Ginger is one of my most favourite flavours, so this is a double treat for me, especially when combined with Walker's Shortbread! The best!
Sarah J. Ward
These are simply the best cookies I've ever bought. Perfect texture, size, taste. If you don't like ginger, they may not be for you, but if you are gingerholic like me, these cannot be beat.
Kim Winkler
We had the pleasure of enjoying your wonderful tasting Stem Ginger biscuits while flying on Airtran (a flight from Atlanta, Georgia). I have saved my wrapper in hopes I can find/order some of these delicious treats.
These cookies are round circles of paradise, with chew ginger bits of heaven. If you love ginger, like I do, you will not be able to stop yourself from reaching for just one more...until they are all gone. These are my favorite ♡
Karlie G.
great ginger taste.
Marilyn Yasko
A crunchy ginger cookie with wonderful ginger flavor! Just the best I've ever tasted.
The cookie is crisp and delicious. I love the tender and extremely flavorful pieces of ginger in the cookie.
Stephanie King
I love ginger and have tried almost every ginger cookie I see. I’m so glad I picked up this one. Enough ginger to please me!
Karen Caldara
These was the first time that I have tried this product and I was not disappointed. Wonderful flavor.
Alan Kerns
Purchased this gift to me. I have not tasted these yet, but I did taste the free mini-stars that I was given free----always outstanding, fresh, and such good flavors. I look forward to these ginger cookies.
Carla Oster
Your Stem Ginger Cookies Rock Our Planet, Period! Thanks for making them and making them available! TR
I love the combination of textures (crunchy and chewy) and flavors of these cookies. They are very satisfying and not overly sweet. I really love them!
Just love these cookies, they are loaded with ginger and extra crispy. Another Walker cookie that you just can't go wrong ordering. Hubby love the Extreme version of this but I prefer this smaller crispier one. Thanks Walker!
Michele Rowan
The best cookies on the planet.
Anna Warm
This is my favorite ginger cookie because there are chewy stem ginger chunks within a crisp cookie.
Martha Wilson
Excellent cookies. I have one as soon as I awake.
Anna Warm
These cookies are so different from any ginger cookie I’ve ever had! They’re crispy but chewy too! Then every once in a while, you get a piece of reeal ginger!! Yum! I love ginger!
Uniquely delicious as always and arrived on time
Peter Winder
Not only is it delicious, the ginger aids in digestion.
The ginger in these cookies is delicious! Some grocery stores carry these but not our local stores. Well worth the wait when ordering!
Great cookie to have with a cup of tea with lemon. I really like them
Margaret Dozier
The pieces of ginger tucked delicately into the cookie are to die for delicious! This has been a long time favorite. Also works well crumbled over custards, ice cream...great for a lightly different type of ice cream sandwich! And oh so dunkable!
I love these cookies after my wife and I visited the Walker Factory Outlet in Scotland this last June. My only issue is the availability in the US. Friday, they were already sold out of the Ginger Cookie and I could not get the Glenfiddich cake in the box, only this tin.
Mike Boyer
The biscuit is crispy and melts in your mouth, then you get the bit of chewiness from the stem ginger, then you get the bit of warmth from the ginger. Perfect and delicious!
LuAnn Williams
I would only give these to a mature adult who loves real ginger. They actually slightly burned me for a few minutes.
I couldn't stop eating them they were so good. I only wish there had been more in the package.
Justin Clark
The best “different” cookies I’ve ever had !! This is my 3rd order & the orders keep getting bigger & bigger 😊
These are the most delicious ginger cookies. I haven't been able to find them in stores here that use to carry them so I ordered them from the East coast.
Linda Davis
I ordered the stem ginger biscuits instead of the stem ginger shortbreads but found these delish also. I'll order the others closer to the holidays.
Dorothy Zinich
Ever since our trip in 2013 to Scotland, I've been obsessed with these cookies! I've been on the search for them and each time I find a supplier in the U.S., I must buy all that they have because I never an reorder due to insufficient stock! If I can't be in Scotland, then this is the next best thing!
High quality, great ginger flavor. Had purchased before and preferred to other brands.
Peter Rosen
The warm, chewy little bits of ginger are phenomenal! I'm just more of a shortbread texture person, so for me a 4-star. However, if you are more of a cookie texture person, you will love these. I just happen to more enjoy the crumbly nature of shortbread.
Ginger stem biscuits were crumbly and grainy in texture. Missed the buttery taste that walkers biscuits are renown for.
Lots of delicious chewy bits of ginger in this cookie...as I said one of my faves!
Bought these as a gift and for myself. The lovely warmth of ginger in these delectable cookies makes them unique and irresistible! It's a nice cookie with its crunchiness and wonderful little chunks of ginger. I also like the butter shortbread stem ginger cookie.
I love, love, love these yummy in my tummy cookies!
Amazing and delish.
Scotty Thompson
Truly ginger-y. The ideal texture-balanced, is crisp but not dry/hard; is flaky but not crumbly.
Deidra Egan
The Stem Ginger Cookies are very good with tea in the afternoon. I thought, however, that I was ordering the "Stem Ginger Shortbread" cookies - that I would have preferred- and did not realize the difference until I reviewed the catalogue that arrived with my order. Next time I'll know the difference!
Nancy Porter
Great coffee or evening snack. Not too gingery and has a great taste. Highly recommend.
I first tried this cookie on a recent visit to Dublin Ireland where they where offered at the North Star Hotel. My daughter an I enjoyed them so much that I ordered them as soon as I got back to the states. great ginger cookie.
Marilee Paros
The ginger cookies are the best and ginger is good for your tummy. Sounds like I am looking for more reasons to indulge. I confess I am bad.
We love these cookies. The ginger is a wonderful addition to this product.
I highly recommend this site. I wanted Walker's Ginger Stem Biscuits and couldn't find them anywhere on my usual online stores. Did a Google search and this site came up. They were easy to find through the search feature on the site. The product arrived within the specified time and was packed in large bubble wrap, so no smashed biscuits. I'm definitely ordering again! Thank you!
Lisa Rivera
I love these cookies I order them by the case they are fabulous with tea. I wish they sold them in stores so it would be easier to get but its fine I will continue to order them.
I love these cookies and I have bought out both places in 100 miles radius from me LOL ...I am ordering a case of them
I love the combined sensations of crunchiness from the cookies, and chewiness from the ginger! It is one of my favorite in Walkers family.
My life was an empty shell until I found these cookies.!! I love them!!
Delicious and wholesome cookies. Great product!
These cookies are simply out of this world. They are crunchy, healthy, tasty and wonderful. I often have them with tea as a meal in and of themselves and they are very filling. The packaging keeps them totally fresh. I would share them with friends but, well, I do want them all to myself. Sorry, friends!
Suzanne Synnestvedt
Ginger cookies can be either too spicy or too bland. Walker's Stem Ginger Cookies are just right! Now that I'm working at home, taking an afternoon break for a cup of Lady Grey tea and one or two Stem Ginger Cookies is a special treat. These cookies complement many other flavors, but they also are delicious on their own.
Delicious and not to hard like ginger snaps but with that heat ginger taste.
Richard Jarrell
I didn't know what to expect with these cookies, but the ginger bits are delightful. An unusual offering that I wish was more readily available.
Teri Grimes
Delectable with tea!
Elna Mavromatis
If you like ginger, you'll love these. Big chunks of chewy ginger throughout the cookie. Very tasty.
I've finally found the best ginger cookie after years of trying. My search is over!
These are great, chewy cookies. Love the little bits of ginger. Not an over-powering flavor and not too sweet.
I already enjoyed other products of yours and was looking for a ginger cookie with ginger pieces in them. These are delightful.
I really enjoy ginger in my tea so I thought I would try these ginger shortbread cookies. I was pleasantly surprised at the subtlety of the ginger taste.
Love the ginger and the texture of the cookie. My sister ate 10 of them at one sitting!
These ginger cookies are very good. Just a hint of really nice ginger. We love them and will keep ordering.
From the first order it is obvious that this is a very high quality company.
After my mom lived in England,she fell in love with these. She now has dementia and lives in Texas. I bought these for her as a memory ..her care taker told me she smiled a lot when she received them ..thank you for the memories that gave her a spark for a moment.
My first taste of Walker's was in the 80's, and it was Love at first bite! All of their products are a taste of Heaven, but my Favorite is the Stem Ginger cookies. One box is never enough for me, the taste and Quality are never too sweet but Oh So Delicious. Walker's will always have a fan in me.
I was brought up on Walker's Shortbread and continue to love them to this day. I had never heard of Walker's Stem Ginger Cookies until a friend visiting from Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) brought me a box (along with several boxes of W's Shortbread!). Wow! The Stem Ginger cookies are delightfully crunchy, love the bits of "succulent" (they are!) stem ginger, and the overall ginger flavour of the cookies. Fabulous! Definitely meet Walker's high standards.
Love these cookies. They are so good. Taste of ginger is so good. Not gingerbread but real pieces of ginger. I will keep ordering them. One more important note for this company, Walkers customer service is great. Thank you

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