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Shortbread Fingers

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Walkers classic pure butter Scottish shortbread recipe traditionally baked and cut into a “fingers” shape has a perfect, crumbly “melt-in-the-mouth” texture, full butter flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect accompaniment to hot or iced tea, coffee, ice cream.

Box Dimensions 8.7″ x 3.2″ x 0.8″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 1 piece (19g), Servings per Container: 8.
Calories 100
Calories from Fat 50
Total Fat 6g (9% DV)
Saturated Fat 3g (17% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15 mg (6% DV)
Sodium 65 mg (3% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 11g (4% DV)
Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV)
Sugars 3g
Protein 1g,
Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (32%), sugar, salt


Wheat, milk.

May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for Shortbread Fingers

Find my new love, usually not a cookie fan, but this one smells and tastes so nice, although the color is a bit off compared to those on the packaging. Love it still.
I do not eat any other shortbread. It's Walker's or nothing.
I don't usually eat sweets but when I do it must be Walkers Shortbread Cookies. Really. I'm not a sweets craver. Give me bread. Give me potatoes. But the sweet, buttery crunch of these cookies are to die for. I have to discipline myself when I open a box. "Make it last at least 3 days" i tell myself.
Corrine Settle
I like the sticks best because I like to dip them in my tea! Only takes a few seconds for them to get soft. The list of ingredients is why these are the best, there are only a few items and each real food that you can pronounce! (like flour, butter, sugar, salt. Can't say that for many other cookies on the market (or "food" at the grocery store in general, sadly). Plus, they are buttery and flaky. The best!
The best cookie ever so buttery and yes they truly do melt in your mouth definitely my favorite
I absolutely love Walkers Shortbread. It reminds me of my great grandmother and the cookies she made using the traditional family recipe she had learned from her mother. Especially in these times of high anxiety and stress, shortbread is truly a comfort food for me. And Walkers has exceptional customer service. I am never disappointed.
Bobbe Crapo
I loved almost all the cookies in my order. I am used to Walkers excellent quality. I experimented with the Chocolate Scottie dogs, and found out I do not like chocolate shortbread. Everything else I love as usual. Thank you for the cyber order so I could order more and save money!
Jayne Harbour
WaLkers Shortbread products are the absolute best of their kind. I have never been disappointed by their taste and quality. I highly recommend them. I take advantage of times when there is free shipping. Such a great deal!
Great to use to dip in ice cream. I also make homemade "twix" bars with them. Also great for pie crust. 😁
I prefer home-baked biscuits but buy these nearly weekly! NO preservatives are a huge reason. Simple ingredients and oh so delicious.
I grew up enjoying Walkers Shortbread while drinking tea( make with loose tea leaves)! It’s has just the right amount of butter and sugar! My dad and his mother were from Scotland, County Lanarkshire. It was always a special treat to have on particular occasions. My children and grandchildren continue to enjoy this delicious shortbread. My granddaughter would make her own in a cast iron skillet but as she aged, she substituted Walkers for hers!
Janet Watson
Walkers are simply the BEST there is. ❤🏆🥇 Nothing else compares.
Walkers Shortbread Fingers are my absolute favorite cookie. Their distinctive flavor and texture are perfect for my pallet.
These are some of the tastiest cookies on the planet!!!
I love these and so does my son. When I found out I could get them directly from the co. I smiled hard! Caution though: they are addictive so be mindful. I will buy again!
Wanda Grant
They are very light, fresh & a sweet treat that isn’t to SWEET! Perfect w/ My Coffee☕️!😉
The best shortbread I have ever tasted. Just a buttery delight.
Cathy Bean
Walker's shortbread items are delicious treats. I particularly like the "Shortbread Fingers," as they are can be eaten with no crumbs to worry about. I intend to send packages of Walker's Shortbread Fingers to friends as Christmas gifts.
Bryce Babcock
A friend of mine brought me back some cookies after a trip to Scotland, and I am so happy she did. My happiness increased when I saw I can get them shipped to me here in the states. My new favorite cookie.
Melissa B.
My wife and I really enjoy these shortbread fingers in the morning or evening with a cup of tea or coffee. Her father was a Scotsman and introduced us to them.
William F. Holter
Absolutely love this product! Best shortbread you can buy!! I could seriously eat it all day, every day!
I love these fingers! In the past I have ordered them thru Walmart & the way they handled them they would arrive broken....every single one of them! Walkers ships them so well that NONE of them arrived broken. This is a big deal with me. The fingers themselves are so melt in your mouth good that I can't go long without them!
Ruby Fisher
I really really like this cookie, not only is it delicious for snacking on but it is also a great cookie to use in puddings, or sides with fruit, or layers for a trifle. Love it.
Tammy Fox
These are ideal accompaniment with a cup of hot tea or even iced tea in the afternoon or after dinner. They are very nice for dunking too.
Frances Michaels
Walkers has made a shortbread addict of me. Had this shortbread first at Disney World, now it is the only cookie I eat. These shortbread fingers are, like all the other Walkers Shortbread cookies, delicious. Unfortunately, once I start eating them, it is hard to stop.
Gail Ruber
As always, the best shortbread cookies ever. My whole family loves them!
Nadine Korhonen
I absolutely love these Shortbread cookies. When the grocery store has them, I always have them in my cupboard. Trouble is they run out!! So when I can I buy them through your web site or my daughter will order them for me. Love them!
Linda McLellan
Thanks for still making them exactly as they've always been.
I have often compared Walkers Shortbread to other brands of Shortbread available in the US. There is no other shortbread that has this delicious buttery taste, it is the best. Any rumors of their addictive quality are true. The thing that also impresses me is when I compare the ingredients. Other brands of shortbread available in the US contain many, many additives.
My friend bought a couple of me and she shared with me so i could try it, and may i say these are the best cookies i ever taste it. There are so delicious i can't stop eating them you wont know how delicious it is unless you try them.
I enjoy these when I wish to dunk a cookie in my afternoon coffee.
To describe these cookies are like trying to describe how you feel snuggling next to your favorite afghan or blanket. This is the cookie I was introduced to as a boy and 50 yrs later my affection for them has never waited. There are other shortbreads from Scotland I have tried but none can compare to Walkers.
This shortbread is my favorite for a breakfast treat or afternoon pick-me-up. The buttery flavor is satisfying and, well, just plain yummy!
Just as remembered from childhood... and only in the UK!! Heaven in a buttery bite.
Toni C Haas-Williams
Love it Wish I could get it in South Aftica
These little bars of buttery shortbread are absolutely the best in the entire world! I'm so addicted to them! I get a case of 12 boxes delivered every 3 months, but they are devoured completely within a week; that's how great they are. Four times a year I'm in shortbread heaven.
Got this for my son (we all know he will share) as one of his Christmas presents. We just love Walkers Shortbread products because taste good and always fresh.
Couponista Girl
Walkers is the best ever!! I never buy any other brand of shortbread. These are the freshest, buttery-est there are. The service is exceptional and everyone is there to help you have a great shopping experience. Love Walker's!!!!
These are, without a doubt the best shortbread cookies that I've ever tasted. They are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.
Steven Taylor
My brother brought these home during a recent trip to England. Well, once I bit into the first one...I was hooked. They are by far the best tasting shortbread cookies I have ever experienced. I will not only serve Walker's to my guests and for my pleasure. There comes a time in life, where you just have to have the best and a substitute will not be acceptable. This is an affordable cookie (love your sales) and worth every dime. The quality ingredients, no added junk...and you can taste the quality. So happy my brother introduced me to these cookies. Now all my friends are wanting them...go figure!
I ordered these for my 90-year-old mom and she loves them. She loves the flavor and they go great with her tea.
Don't ever change the recipe...delicious as usual.

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