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Scottie Dog Shortbread Gift Bag

Weight: 1.1oz

Mini Scottie Dog Shortbread, Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs, Shortbread Scottie Dogs, Chocolate Chip Dottie Scotties Shortbread, Tote Bag

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Delight dog lovers with this Scottie Dog Shortbread assortment.  Scottie Dogs are ‘paws down’ the most fun way to eat shortbread! For a little fun. Adorable Scottie Dog shapes in our traditional butter shortbread recipe. Especially this set because it not only includes different flavors of regular shortbread, chocolate shortbread and chocolate chip shortbread but also the cookies in mini and full sizes.

Each one of these gifts can be made into a more personalized holiday gift when paired with the right accessories. For example, a decorative mug with the recipient’s favorite brand of tea or coffee with a vintage spoon is unique enough to be memorable.

Tote Bag Dimensions 12.2″ x 6.1″ x 11.2″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Scottie Dog Shortbread Gift Bag

Thought we would get this and see if this was an item we wanted to send to some folks in December. It most definitely is an appropriate gift for a wide array of people. The bag is well made for those who are traveling. It is one of those few instances in life where the value seems greater than the financial cost. Of course the best reward is Walker's cookies!
Genevieve Dardeau
I sent this as a gift and it was just the right selection of product that was received. The shipment was quick and exact. Did I tell you it was warmly received and placed a smile on my Mom!
William Englert
I love Walkers shortbread cookies, and the chocolate Scotties are the best! I've sent them as gifts on several occasions and they are always enthusiastically received.
So, I was slightly tipsy during a Zoom Happy Hour when I decided I REALLY wanted some shortbread. Apparently, my resolution to this "problem" was ordering every animal-themed item on Walkers website if the box that arrived on my doorstep a few days later was any indication. The box included a variety of items, including the Scottie Dog Shortbread Gift Bag. I've already sampled some of the contents and have discovered that I don't just love the regular shortbread but also the chocolate and chocolate chip versions! In all seriousness, Walkers is a longtime favorite of mine and this order did not disappoint.
Kristin E
While the shortbread is as wonderful as always, I was rather disappointed with the size of the bag. I was expecting something bigger. I guess I should have paid more attention to the words GIFT BAG, as I was expecting something more along the lines of a tote bag, or reusable shopping bag.
Sent this to a friend who has Scottie dogs. She loved it and is a shortbread fan!
Linda Spencer
The cookies were very good. I mean very good. The issue I had was the size of the gift bag. It is very small . On the website, it seemed much bigger.
When I received my order of Scottie Dog shortbread holiday stars, I was so pleasantly surprised to receive the fantastic gift bag. Thank-you so much for your generosity. Also, I was overwhelmed with the new flavor of chocolate chip scottie dog cookies. They were delicious. Happy New Year.
Mrs. Hanna

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