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Jute Tote Bag

Weight: 6400g

One Walkers Jute Tote Bag to build your own gift package.


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With its carry handles, Walker’s high-quality jute tote bag is perfect for everyday use. Made from eco-friendly jute, add to your order for your own use or to complement our product range for gift giving. Add Shortbread Rounds to Shortbread Fingers and it will be a hit.

Dimensions 12.2″ x 6.1″ x 11.2″

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Jute Tote Bag

I used to live in Scotland and have been eating ONLY Walkers shortbread for about 45 years! Yes! It's the best in the world and I tell everyone, so I'm delighted to finally own 2 of these jute totes and be able to advertise when I use them. I love jute totes, they are sturdy, environmentally friendly, and the best is that they are inexpensive. Thank you!
Grace Johnson
Very sturdy bag with nice thick rope handles. Good for carrying large items as well as small.
Cathy Bean
This bag is very strong and sturdy, I'm glad I bought 2 of them.
I really love this bag.... exceptional quality!
Myrna Huber
great bag and its large. really nice and a strong bag.
Lydia Johnson
LOVE IT....IT'S A WONDERFUL SIZE....NICE STRONG HANDLE. I haven't been out with it yet to show it off, but I'm sure friends will love it and comment on it! THANKS SO MUCH!!
Nancy Lewallen
Love this bag...this is the second one I have bought...once you feel the handle you will be sold.
Harry Lines
am extremely pleased with the excellent quality of your Jute bag. The bag is large enough for a multitude of items and yet very practical. The thickness and softness of the handles are an added plus.
Love the sturdy handles. Wish it had the tartan showing somewhere. Just in the name, maybe?
This bag is very crisp and good looking. It will be a handy sturdy tote bag for shopping. It arrived in perfect condition.
This handy well made tote came with the shortbread order for Mother’s Day. It’s a great size, well made, and very useful. My mom will be thrilled.
cherie i
This is truly a quality made bag...very solid. I managed to buy it at 40% off so it is a wonderful deal~!!
susan blake
This makes a gift of your product. The design of the bag is clean and straightforward. The quality is just fine for your products and can be reused at will. It is very appealing for a food presentation.
Mary Critikos
this tote bag is super strong. great material and handles are comfortable while carrying. big size! our new laws requires us to bring our own bags when shopping and this one covers all!
This bag was better then I expected it to be. Very strong. Hold a lot. I have used it when I went shopping. It is an awesome bag. Might have to buy more. lol
Lynda Stattman
This is a marvelous tote bag that can handle heavy bottles, etc. (I see that sturdy is a favorite word for other reviewers). It's much nicer than I expected. Thanks.
Elaine Howard
This is a great well made bag. I put in my car to use for shopping. Thank you!
Excellent tote bag. Don’t mind giving free advertising to our favorite cookies !
Nice sturdy bag - feels very old World Scotland to me - quite classy, thanks
Veronica McGowan
This was a very sturdy, well constructed bag.
Evelyn Tsuno
Great bag! Use it a lot for so many things!! Just great!
The tote bag was very high quality and I love it.
Margaret Dozier

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