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Highland Oat Crackers

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24 Highland Oat Crackers

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Iconic oat cake crackers packed with the finest oats and baked just right. Filling, nutritious and not too sweet. Delicious with an assortment of toppings or just straight from the pack.

Baked in the Scottish Highlanders, they contain no artificial colors, flavors or GM ingredients. Great source of wholesome fiber and suitable for vegetarians.

Box Dimensions 2.9″ x 2.9″ x 6.4″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size Serving Size: 3 pieces (35g), Servings per Container 8
Calories 160
Calories from Fat 60
Total Fat 7g (11% DV)
Saturated Fat 2g (11%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV)
Sodium 200mg (8% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 20g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber 3g (12% DV)
Sugars 1g
Protein 4g,
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 6%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Oatmeal (76%), vegetable oils (rapeseed, palm), wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), sugar, salt, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), skimmed milk powder


Oatmeal, wheat, milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and Kosher OUD certified. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for Highland Oat Crackers

These are very crisp and neutral. Perfect for cheese or smoked salmon
Bought these to get free shipping. -- They are delicious with nutbutter or jelly. Wish I had bought more. :)
Diane Moody
I spread my Highland Oat Crackers with a generous dollop of cream cheese and top it with a dab of my favorite red plum jam. Served with a steaming pot of my favorite hot tea, I feel like I have had a healthy, filling meal to start my day off on the right foot.
Mary E. Walker
I was looking for the same taste of decades ago now that sugar has become such an addiction. Best as I can guess these oat cakes have a low glycemic index compared to other "crackers" and cookies.
William H Sterner
Great Oat Crackers, go very hard to find anywhere else. Arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely buy again.
Eric Johnson
These oat crackers are a perfect solution when you have to watch blood sugar and eat low carb! Great with soups, stews, salads, or on their own as a snack! When you can no longer eat the shortbread cookies, you can still partake in Walker's delish with their oat crackers!
I absolutely love these oat crackers! They are filling, nutritious and pair perfectly with both sweet and savory toppings.
Kimberly C.
another item i have never seen in stores. they tasted as described. they are very subtle, but so different than anything like it. I really enjoyed them, they "grow on you" so to speak. they actually fill you up, which is nice.
I tried these crackers last year and was addicted. I have a recipe for them and they look rather easy however I rather get these since they are not only delicious but come in packets of 6 so I know when I should stop munching...they are filling and tasty...a really great cracker...I rather have quality than quantity!
Nora Qudus
After visiting Scotland and bringing home several boxes of oat crackers, I finally exhausted my supply. I attempted to make some but let's just say that my dog loves the one I made. I looked online and was surprised to see that Walker's had oat crackers as part of their product line. I ordered the Highland variety and the Three Seed variety. Both are delicious and a great value for the price. I plan on reordering once my "stash" is depleted. I've also seen that there is even a coarser and thicker oat cracker sold in the UK but Walker's doesn't carry that for the US market. I would love to have that available.
Having relocated to the Island from the UK, I missed getting my supply from shops so it with a lil bit of happiness when I discovered Walkers online. The order arrived quickly and product was in great shape (shipping is high). The catalogue was a nice touch.
We have enjoyed being able to order Highland Oat Crackers here in the U.S. My husband is fond of them. The orders are delivered quickly and are well packed so that the crackers are in good shape. Thanks for making them available.
Mary Taylor
These oat crackers are delicious and different. I sent some to a friend paired with a box of shortbread, then bought some for myself. They're not sweet but butter, jelly or lemon curd would be great toppings. Cream cheese, olives or other savory toppings would be good too.
Nancy Protzman
LOVE OAT CRACKERS. Lived on these in Scotland. Great product, good price & speedy delivery!!
I bought these to go with a meat and cheese tray. The texture of the oats comes through, and the flavor is mild. I believe that taste is subjective, and I didn't really enjoy these as much as I had hoped.
The perfect cracker plain or with sweet or savory spread. Excellent texture and light sweetness.
I thought I would try these based on the reviews. However, I wasn't thrilled. I tried them with tea, but perhaps I will try them some other ways and maybe I will like them better.
Carrie Garneau
I've been buying Highland Oatcakes for a quarter century. They are superb with just about anything.
These are my favorite go to snack! I eat them with my favorite jam with my breakfast. When I want an afternoon/evening snack I slice up some cheese and pour a glass of wine. Absolutely love these crackers!
Phyllis Lamb
Fell in love with these on a recent trip to Scotland! Love them!
Love these oatcakes. Perfect for breakfast.
Freyja Clarkson
These are clearly the best Oatcakes available in the United States. I was impressed with the quickness of delivery as well as the price.
Peter Cormack
Nice texture, with just a bit of graininess. Could use a touch more oat flavor, but what's there is good. I usually eat these with lemon curd - a terrific combination.
I had the pleasure of discovering walkers highland oat crackers back in 2001, and have loved them ever since. They're so good I hadn't thought of putting jam or cheese on them until I read the serving suggestions!
I fell in love with Oat cakes while living in the UK in the early '70s. Occasionally I could find them at World Mkt, but eventually not and nowhere else. I am delighted that they are available from Walker's. Their shortbread cookies are available many places and they are very good, but I am a savory person rather than a sweet, so it's the Oat Cakes for me. Incidentally they were packed for possible earthquake or hurricane, not a crumble do I find. Thank you Walker's.
Donna Wilcox
My family loves these crackers and I love the ingredients, real food no artificial anything. I am very pleased that I found the Walkers website.
This is a nice crispy oatmeal cracker; ideal for enjoying an afternoon tea.
You can have these crackers with jam and cheese. I like a cream or goat cheese and a strawberry jam or jalapeno jelly! Dee-luscious.
Elizabeth B
Love these crackers with some cherry preserves. So very good!
Not too sweet, not too salty, but a little of both. Great source of fiber!
Janet Benn
These are different from the average cracker, in that they have a mild oat taste with just a hint of sweetness. I love them with goat cheese and a bit of marmalade, or just plain.
Deborah Dunstedter
I so happy to be able to get these again online. For these, there is no substitute. For me this is the killer combo: Stilton blue on Walker's Highland Oat Cracker's with walnuts. (Yes, it must be walnuts. Not pecans, not almonds. Walnuts.) (It doesn't hurt to have a nice wine on hand.)
Marshall Clyburn
Love these with cheese
A satisfying and filling snack with low glycemic index, great when watching your carb intake. Tasty when dressed with a bit of lard or manteca seasoned with Tabasco or Chulula, or alternately sea salt and a splash of vinegar with cayenne pepper. Me Sainted Mother favored chutney or Marmite. MOST filling when washed down with a pint of hot black tea. Makes a satisfying and hot soup crumbled into boiling water with a dash of curry powder and chicken base. Essential emergency rations for the travel bag!
The right one for toppings for a light snack.
Lynn Anderson-Simon
I discovered these Oat Crackers in the 1970's and thought they were unbelievably earthy. In recent times I've found that they have a low glycemic index, they are slow to be digested. That is helping me with sugar control a great deal. The facts are that these crackers are real food with a real history of deep nourishment. They are not sugary, don't give an immediate high, and don't cater to taste buds looking for something fancy. But their taste resonates and one's body acquires an anticipation of satisfaction that is steady and long lasting. Great with milk or tea.
William H Sterner
The texture is wonderful and enjoy that they are not super sweet. Delicious with preserves on them.
I have Type 2 Diabetes and am, unfortunately, allergic to almost all diabetes medications designed to control blood sugar levels. I am now, successfully controlling my blood sugar with high dietary fiber products which act as an offset to carbohydrates. Your oat crackers fill the bill perfectly they are delicious and completely addictive when paired with a cream cheese, a flavored Ali Aoli or Taramsolata. Thank you for giving me a "total pleasure experience" in what is an otherwise colorless world of being on an otherwise very limited diet.
Grrreatt product consistently good.
Veronica McGowan
These are a great reminder of being in Scotland
Loved these Oat crackers! Will be ordering more for sure! They are the perfect size and thickness. So happy I tried them!
Many thanks for such a good product. Haven't had one like this since Grandma passed away.
Another yummy product would not expect any thing less from a great company. Raspberry jam to go on crackers but I also put cream cheese on these crackers and was delicious! Really nice treat watching reruns of outlander.
Karen A
Wasn't sure what these would be like. Found them quite good and great with morning coffee or tea. Will order these again , maybe even on a monthly basis.
Roxanne Franklin
Love these crackers!
I have not opened my new oatcakes, but I have purchased them before and they are sublime. A bit of cheese on top and it is a feast fit for a king.
Leonard Cohen
Wonderful with or without cheese or a spread. Can be eaten at various times with a meal.
Roberta Sharpe Martin

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