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Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds

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9 Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds

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Our pure butter Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds are here to satisfy your needs with a crumbly “melt-in-your-mouth” texture and all-butter flavor. Walker’s Shortbread can now be enjoyed by all with our Certified Gluten Free Shortbread. The same butter and sugar content as our regular shortbreads but the wheat flour is replaced by a blend of rice flour, maize flour and potato starch. All Walker’s products are still baked in the village of Aberlour, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, using only the finest ingredients possible to obtain, guaranteed to be free from artificial flavorings and colorings. Suitable for vegetarians, and certified Kosher (OUD).

Carton Dimensions 9.4″ x 3.2″ x 1.5″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 2 pieces (31g), Servings per Container: About 5.
Calories 160
Calories from Fat 80
Total Fat 9g (13% DV)
Saturated Fat 5g (26% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg (8% DV)
Sodium 80mg (3% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 20g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV)
Sugars 7g
Protein 1g,
Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 2%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Flour blend (rice, potato starch, maize stabilizer: xanthan gum), butter (milk) (29%), sugar, salt.


Milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and Kosher OUD certified. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds

These are great - as far as I can remember they taste like the ones I used to eat before I became gluten intolerant. My husband (who still eats gluten) also says they're good. Mine were packed in tons of bubble wrap and air pillows and the one package I opened had no broken cookies in it! I will definitely buy these again. :)
I bought this for a friend who loves Walkers Shortbread products, but can no longer eat them because she's now gluten free. Or should I say, she doesn't know yet Walkers has gluten free products. This is for her Christmas stocking, but I gave the cookies 5 stars because I love Walker products.
Excellent gluten free shortbread!
When you have to follow a diet without gluten, it is usually difficult to find something that doesn't taste like it's gluten free. These shortbread cookies are fantastic!
Shortbread is my favorite cookie and I have loved Walker’s for decades. When I had to go gluten free I tried many varieties and was always disappointed with the texture and taste. Walker’s has produced a satisfying and superior product. I couldn’t be happier!
Although a bit spendy, it is nice to splurge on a gluten free cookie! I have a back history with this brand. My maiden name is Walker and my Dad use to purchase these for every family occasion. He passed this February, so I was super excited to see there were gluten free for me. I can keep the tradition going!!
Good as I remember when I wasn't GF!!! Any chance you are going to make any other shapes GF? I do like the bricks shape.
Mary Labrecque
CANNOT tell these are gluten free! They are wonderful!
Walkers has outdone themselves with regards to their new GF shortbread cookies! Even friends/family who are not GF couldn't tell the difference. I can't recommend them enough!!
These are really good GF cookies. Unfortunately, the stores near me quit carrying them. :(
Excellent - light sugar crust on sides. Used to be a favorite @ Starbucks.
Terry Glancy
Delicious melt in your mouth fabulousness!!
Michelle Wood
tastes quite cardboard like doesnt taste anything like normal shortbread no flavor
Almost as good as the original
Sandra Vinnedge
One of the things I have missed being gluten free is rich, buttery treats. Shortbread had always been one of my favorites and these are wonderful! Not quite the same as the gluten version, but still very good! There are lots of chocolate gluten free products, but for those of us that are not big fans of chocolate, this is such a tasty treat,
Came in timely fashion despite viral pandemic. Extremely expensive for what you actually get which is 9 cookies for ~$1.50 each. Nice to try but probably won’t purchase again or recommend because it is way too expensive.
I am never disappointed with Walkers, these gluten-free cookies are AMAZING. I will be ordering again!
Tammy Diehl
Loved them. You cannot tell the difference
WOW these were great
I ordered 4 boxes and loved them. Now I’m ordering more. The classic cookie is better than the lemon ginger imho. The only issue I experienced was that nearly every cookie was broken, but the taste is still amazing.
These and the gluten free lemon/ ginger shortbread cookies are wonderful!!!!
Loved them, but important that they are fresh. Purchased them from store when new, they were great. Believe they still had some of same shipment a few weeks later, not as great. So they need to ensure the stores rotate stock.
Sooo good !! Best gf cookies I’ve found!
I was thrilled to find out Walkers would be making their shortbread rounds gluten free. I missed those perfect buttery, sweet cookies terribly. One bite and I was in heaven. I wasn't disappointed. The cookies are amazing and yes, I will order them again. I do hope in the future you'll make the gluten free cookies in the terrier shape. I have a Cairn terrier and am now collecting Cairn (and some Westie items). Thank you, Walkers for making such an outstanding product. Sincerely, Tambra
Walker's was my favorite cookie...then I was diagnosed with celiac in 2005. 10 YEARS WITHOUT WALKER'S SHORTBREAD!! No more!!! These are every bit as good as I remember - and yet are gluten-free!! And...wait for it...I bring them to work once a week and people will make it a point to stop by and say hello in hopes of me offering them one! (Needless to say, the cookies don't last more than a day in my office!) They can't tell they are are gluten-free, and they LOVE them almost as much as I do!!
So delicious! Ever since finding out about food allergies (soy & gluten), I've done without things I've loved for the sake of feeling better. These shortbread cookies allow me to feel like I get to indulge without the suffering... No flavor or texture is missing (tested by my anti-no soy no gluten teenager
I ordered all flavors of GF Shortbreads, which are wonderful but hard to find in stores. I love them. Thank you for making a GF version of your delicious cookies. You’ve nailed it as they taste as good as the regular ones. I’m also happy that I can order directly from Walkers.
My son has celiac and can no longer have "regular" cookies. It has been a long road to find ones that he likes - these are by far the best gluten-free cookies. He really wants to try the lemon-ginger - we just have to find them in a store.
Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable! I was hoping the gluten free shortbread would taste something like original Walker's shortbread...and let me tell you it tastes EXACTLY like it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine back into this gluten free girl's world! Such a treat to sit down again with a cup of tea and shortbread. Try it - you won't be disappointed!!
Love the product, but needs to be better handled and shipped. Half of the cookies arrived broken in pieces.
Agustin Yasells
I bought some of these at a world market and they are so good!
Takes me back to when I was a young lad
Lawrence Hirt
I am very pleased, as always, with this product.
Susan West
Eat them every morning with tea or with coffee! The best gluten free available!
They are delicious by themselves - you would never guess they are gluten free. You just taste butter as you should in any good shortbread! I also recently used them as a gluten free substitute layer for pound cake in a Berry Trifle and they were really scrumptious when surrounded by whipped ream and fresh berries. As soon as I finish this order I'll be back for more.
I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the order being sent out. The shortbread rounds were less crushed than those bought at our local stores (when they have them). Thankyou
Gluten free cookies are the only cookies my daughter can have. The cookies taste wonderful!
Deborah Baker
Finally, real Scottish shortbread! Some of the original recipes didn't use gluten as it was hard to come around, and a lot of the Scottish and Irish populations have celiac disease.
John Coates
Outstanding! Taste, texture like I remember Walkers shortbread. Thank you!!
Rave reviews from a recipient who has serious gluten issues. Delicious taste and texture.
Bought these for my Mom- she’s begging for more!
How nice to have gluten free shortbread to serve to friends & loved ones who need gluten free. Same great taste as the regular Walker shortbread! One of the smaller boxes received via the mail had a number of broken cookies, but luckily not both boxes. Cookies still tasted good though!
Christina Martin
Our church used the gluten free shortbread for communion on Easter Sunday. Other gluten free bread was also available but the shortbread ran out before the trays made it all the way to the back. (I think we have found a new way to get folks to sit nearer to the front of the sanctuary.) Now we have folks that would like to use these every time we celebrate communion. They were great!
Walker's Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds are as tasty as the gluten filled shortbread. Delicious with tea or when you just want to bite into something scrumptious. The cookies came quickly and well packed to prevent biscuit breakage!
Your gluten free short breads are the best. I've never had any short bread cookies that came even close to the ones my mom used to make. These are tops and since we bought them direct, they were fresher than the ones we were getting in the store. Thank you, thank you!
Keith Burton
These are delicious. I can’t tell the difference from the regular shortbread. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make them since I am now Gluten intolerant.
Yummy in my tummy!
My mother is gluten intolerant, and struggles to find truly great snacks. This product she loves, and is truly amazing!
Matthew P
These GF shortbread cookies taste every bit as good as the originals…love them!
Very tasty gluten free cookie
Phyllis Seidenberg
Delicious. I could eat 9 cookies a day if I didn’t control myself.
Expected these to be like regular shortbread cookies but certainly did not taste like them. Will not be ordering these again.
Bonnie L. Turner
Gluten-free cookies can be subpar but these were excellent: flavors were good and the texture was surprisingly wonderful. Perfect with tea.
The best you can find for gluten free shortbread.
Very little difference between these gluten free shortbreads and the regular ones. I have ordered them several times and they are always consistent in taste and packaging.
Gillian Spencer
Outstanding gluten free shortbread! Well done! I'm purchasing their gluten-free shortbread for all of my wedding guest baskets.
The whole family enjoys these. Gluten free but taste like shortbread. I lobe that the ingredients is not complicated too.
I have gluten sensitivity and was so happy to see that Walkers cared enough about their celiac and gluten-sensitive fans to create a cookie as good as this. I order a box for myself at Christmas time along with other items that I was gifting to friends. I was so happy with the flavor and the texture of these shortbreads. I will echo the comment from Tambra. The only thing that would make these cookies "better" is if they could be pressed as Scotties. Thank you, Walkers. You've really done a Mitzvah!
My mother in-law has been treating herself every night for years with Walkers Shortbread cookies however, recently she mistakenly purchased a box of the Gluten Free cookies and was so impressed with their taste and texture that she had me order some for her when she couldn't find them from her last place of purchase. I just so happens I have Celiacs so happily enjoyed them as well.
They were good but everyone of them were broke.
Angela Pica
Sooo good !! Best gf cookies I’ve found!
Never thought my husband could have cookies again. He loves these!
Ellen Small
My husband is gluten-free but we have both enjoyed the gluten-free shortbread rounds. Very tasty.
Lorraine S Cameron
These are Awesome, have that one of a kind Walkers Butter Flavor! So glad you can order these. I will be ordering more for the holidays!
The gluten-free cookies are great! Wish I had known about them sooner. These cookies are delicious, without having to deal with wheat.
L North

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