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Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs

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9 Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs

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Made with chocolate dough and added chocolate chips, this chocoholic version of our ever-popular Scottie Dogs Shortbread is made with only the finest ingredients.

Box Dimensions 8.9″ x 3.1″ x 1.5″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 2 pieces (24g), Servings per Container: About 5
Calories 130
Total Fat 7g (9% DV)
Saturated Fat 4g (21%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15mg (6% DV)
Sodium 65mg (3% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 15g (6% DV)
Dietary Fiber Less than 1g (2% DV)
Sugars 6g, Includes 6g of Added Sugars (12%)
Protein 1g,
Vitamin D 0%
Calcium 0% DV
Iron 2%
Potassium 0%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour, butter, sugar, sweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural flavoring), cocoa solids, natural flavor


Milk, Wheat, Gluten, Soy. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs

Koolist Scottish Terrier cookies
These are great especially if you need something to quench your chocolate craving! You can taste the choco...sooo good...like eating a brownie! Hope they never stop making these. I've given them as gifts and everyone loves them!! :-)
Kathryn Eucce
Buy these. Yummy
Tracey Buhinicek
I was looking forward to some chocolate cookies. I was not impressed with these. They didn't have any flavor to them. I won't be purchasing chocolate cookies from Walkers again.
Andrea Woodard
Fresh and unbroken as always, they arrived quickly. Buttery yet pretty light, with a good chocolate flavor. Now, if I could only make them last until the holidays...
Elizabeth M Gregowitz
It was with great delight that I first discovered the popular shortbread Scottie Dogs cookies from Walkers; but upon finding that there was a chocolate version this past year really ramped it up a notch! I love these things and typically buy a bunch of them to give out to friends as gifts. Of course, with my nickname being "ScottieDog", it was a natural.
I thought your original butter cookie was the best cookie ever but now that I have had the chocolate one I changed my mind, it is the best ever. You guys have hit two home runs out of the ballpark (I haven't tried any of the other flavors yet.) My only complaint is the serving size it needs to be much larger. Hope to see that change soon. Keep up the good work!
Great chocolate taste. Love these cookies.
These cookies were excellent! Not too sweet but just the right amount of chocolate. I will definitely order some more!
Margaret Cohn
These cute, choco scotties are delicious. My order arrived very quickly! They are cute to set out for any after dinner treat. Or, to create a dessert to wow your grandkids with. A+
These scrumptious cookies are addictive! If you like shortbread and chocolate, these are the perfect combination.
Being a fan of the regular shortbread scotties, I just had to try their chocolate counterpart. The chocolate version is delectable and the cookies practically melt in your mouth. I have several illustrations and objects representing Scotties and Westies in my home, so it's fun to enjoy them in cookie form, too.
I used to buy these ay air force base commissary but they stopped carrying them. I looked everywhere. never thought to see if there was a website. now I will always have them. they are great dunking in coffee
These are SO delicious, I gift them every year.
We tried these little dogs for the first time, and we loved the. We have been eating Walkers Shortbread for as long as I can remember. My husbands mom was from Scotland, and they got goodie boxes during the holidays, and the Shortbread fingers were their favorites. We give them as gifts also during the holidays, makes my husband so happy.
Loved these cookies, great for gifting
So delicious you just can't eat only one! A great gift for anyone! :-D
Kathryn A Eucce
They are so good that you just can't eat one! You can taste the richness and pure cocoa...a real delight especially when you have that chocolate craving! I give these as special thank you gifts and everyone loves them! :-D
Kathryn Eucce
The cookies tasted great and look appealing. Will order more in the future.
Bob Stover
THESE ARE SO GOOD. I ate the entire pack in like an hour. I am the biggest chocolate fan I know so trust me when I say these are amazing!
These will be cute for teatime with my Granddaughters not to mention very yummy.
R & S Morris
This is quite possibly my single favorite Walkers' Shortbread product. Always great to have a couple of extra boxes for those time friends stop by for coffee- or for a personal treat as well!
Scottie Snyder
I fell in love with Walker's cookies when in Scotland. My husband and I were there for the first time and driving south to north across the country. We bought several boxes in Edinburgh as souvenirs. Sadly, they never made it to the U.S. cause we ate them during our two week trip. We decided to order directly from Walkers, and I do so on a regular basis, cause now the whole family loves them! The chocolate Scottie Dogs are my favorite. The chocolate shortbread is delectable!! I hide these from the family as soon as they arrive, lol. The chocolate Scotties are for Mom!
Initially, this cookie is subtle in its chocolate taste, which is good because it's not overpowering sweet. The chocolate taste is more pronounced the next time you eat this cookie. Scrumptious and a new favorite!
I don't know where Walker's gets their chocolate for their cookies but combined with the decadent butter in these cookies I have never tasted a cookie as wonderful.
Edith Kurie
These are good but I prefer the regular shortbread the chocolate taste good be more chocolatey
Velina Ussery
These are delicious!!
Yum! I was surprised at how delicious they are.
I ordered these for my 90-year-old mom and she loves them. She loves the flavor. They aren't too chocolatey and they go great with her tea.
I received a box of your Chocolate Scottie Dogs last Christmas in a gift basket and have yearned for them ever since. So glad I found you online. With a great deal of discipline, I'm rationing my supply. They are irresistible!
This is my first time purchasing these yummy treats - they are absolutely perfect - not too sweet, just the right amount and density of chocolate. I have found a new favorite. While we can purchase Walker's shortbread in my town, we don't have much of a variety. I am delighted to be expanding my shortbread horizons!
Purchased several cases. Boxes will be presented to area vet practices as a Thank You for mentioning our pet resort to clients. Everything was packed well and arrived promptly--no issues. Quality product with attractive packaging at a great price point.
Jennifer Ashenfelter
This cookie is absolutely Devine it’s like a party in my mouth!!!
Bought these as a gift for a friend who has a new Scottie puppy and thought I'd treat myself to a box as well I absolutely love these and will definitely be ordering again. It's a toss up now as to which is my favorite -- the buttery original shortbread or these yummy chocolate ones. Either way, you can't go wrong!
Was going to save these for the holidays, ho ho ho! They are delicious with little bits of chocolate in the chocolate cookie. Now I will have to buy more?! Poor me . . .
12/6/2021 We love them! I've been buying them directly from you because no retailer nearby sells the Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs any longer. I wanted to order 4 boxes tonight, but it says they are out of stock. I hope you are not discontinuing them.
Lorraine Willard
The best! These have got to be one of the best tasting chocolate shortbreads I’ve ever haf♥️
Pat Kotas
These cookies are sooo good, you'll love them! Very smooth, chocolatey taste and just the right size.
J Ramirez
love the chocolate shortbread scotties. wish they came in a smaller size the way your vanilla scotties do!
Janet Marting
I sent the dawgs to a vet clinic who had saved the life of a 12 y.o. golden retriever, when an elderly man brought her in to be killed, bcuz he had to move into assisted living that didn't allow dogs and none of his family would take his beloved dog, who he'd lived with all her life. I am a volunteer for golden retriever rescue in OR. I couldn't send them golden retriever-shaped cookies, so scotties were the next best thing. They love them. Woof!
kim wilbur
We thought Scottie's could not be more Delicious but these little guys proved us wrong. CHOCOLATE !! Crazy good Buttery Goodness and Chocolate a combination that can't be beat.
Joe Sullivan
The tastiest chocolate cookie ever. I gave some to my daughter for Christmas and she wanted to order more right away! So I am ordering a case for Mother’s Day. I hope they can get here in a week!
Nancy Morgan
My favorite cookie. I order them by the case
Andi Dean
They're cute. They're delicious. They're chocolate! Just right for a quiet moment with a cup of hot tea. My only problem, keeping the grandchildren away from them.
Quite good! My grandchildren love them with tea. They remind my grands that Nana loves them even when she cannot be with them!❤
Elizabeth B
Best chocolate cookie I ever ate.
Love, love, love the chocolate Scotty dogs Both my husband and I love the. We ate a whole box the first night. He always pouts when we run out. Don't change a thing.
Great combination of chocolate and shortbread. Ate ours up in one day. Can't wait to reorder along with the chocolate chip and ginger stem cookies. They are all so delicious.
Michele Weiss
These babies are habit forming! The chocolate is not cloying, but smooth and very light! Perfect w/ a little sorbet!
Susan Barton
This is a good cookie. As a chocolate lover I expected a bit more chocolate flavor
Patricia Wilson
These fabulous shortbread treats were a birthday gift for a friend who is a dog lover and owns two pooches. He loved his gift although he did comment that the chocolate biscuits could have been more "chocolate-ier!" Outside of that, he was thrilled. I got a kick out of telling him, "You're only 21 in Dog Years!"
I bought these for my grandchildren and they love these!
I had my first taste of chocolate scotti from a box I ordered from a company that sent me veggies. They were yummy. Wish they had a bigger bag of them but this will satisfy my palate.
Judy Fishback
This is the BEST chocolate shortbread that I have ever had. It melts in the mouth and is simply delicious!
Brenda D
These are the best chocolate cookies. Everyone raves about them! They might even be addictive! Sometimes I just have to have one!
Nancy Ellen Morgan
Nothing better than chocolate and chocolate and shortbread.
Mark Pasquini
Yumm. Love them
Chocolate adds a bit of a different flavor to the shortbread. Really good!
Margaret Peterson
These are my favorite Walkers treat. Delicious shortbread shaped like my favorite dogs! Excellent in either regular shortbread or chocolate shortbread!! Mini or regular shaped they addictive!!! Highly recommend!!!
Good, but not my favorite. Nice chocolate and shortbread combo.
Marlene Smithers
This is the second time I've ordered the Chocolate Scottie Dogs and I have already finished the 2nd box in a short time --- very, very addictive. If you love chocolate and shortbread, this is THE cookie to have.
Loved these chocolate flavored shortbread in shape of Scottie Dogs. Not only that it is delicious, it was so cute. Bought 4 boxes, thinking to give as gifts, but I think I will keep them. They have just the right chocolate flavor!
These are my favorite cookies and I am so glad I found them. They have capped off each night with a cup of tea. Perfectly balanced in sweetness, as well as scottie shaped, they make a happy finish to a busy day.
Diane R
I haven't tried these yet, however - my 10 year old daughter has claimed that they are truly the Best Things Ever. She's a chocolate nut, and said the flavor is amazing and that she's found little chocolate chips in the cookies too. She's become quite a food connoisseur in her short young life, so I trust her review and can't wait to to try them myself (if there any any left).
These chocolate shortbread cookies are simply wonderful. Mind you, they're not a cloyingly sweet cookie, but they have a definite chocolate taste in addition to the rich, buttery taste of regular Walker's shortbread. I wish they came in a variety of package sizes or, even better, individually wrapped packets. Also, they came well wrapped ,so no broken cookies & they were super fresh! Bravo, Walkers!!
Great taste and size!
These Chocolate Scotties are my favorite! I ordered during Covid19 quarantine and they contacted me immediately and advised it may take a little longer than normal to receive my order due to their employees are highly valued and they were taking extra care to keep them safe. I love that they care for their employees as well as their customers. I got my order in about 10 days! What a great surprise! They are so seriously delicious!
Jan K
liked very much. chocolate was not too sweet. putting chocolate chips in gave it extra chocolate flavor and texture.
pamela smith
Walkers Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs delicious chocolate texture melts in your mouth. Best after meal dessert ever!
Susie Janiere
Have just tried the new chocolate scotty dogs...you have yet another winner on your hands. You always know that you will receive a quality product & excellent customer service, each and every time. The value is exceptional for Walkers Shortbread cookies, tins, and every item they offer.
This chocoholic has found her favorite chocolate cookie. Whether eaten plain or dunked in tea/coffee, these cookies are excellent. Just the right amount of chocolate- unfortunately, I can’t eat just 9.
Mrs Mac
I am in love with a Scottie dog...but it's the eating kind. Light chocolate flavor in a shortbread cookie. What a great idea. Love these very much.
Love love love
Rhonda Taylor
My husband keeps Walkers Chocolate Scottie Dogs on his nightstand, he loves them that much! He says they are rich, comforting, not too sweet, and "perfect!" The entire case arrived safe and sound, double-boxed (thank you Walkers!) and very fresh with a far-off sell-by date. He will have eaten them long before then however -- with a little help from my sneaking some of his stash! I'll be back for more! Thank you for offering these online. They are very hard to find in stores. Signed, Two Loyal Walkers Customers

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