Walkers Shortbread Inc.
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Best Seller Assortment Gift

Weight: 1.3oz

Bring smiles to the faces of family and friends with this assortment of Walkers’ best sellers.  Perfect for gift giving during the holidays or for any occasion.  Any person receiving this gift set will be delighted by its generous appeal.

Chocolate Chip, Shortbread Rounds, Shortbread Assortment, Shortbread Fingers, Vanilla Shortbread, Highlanders, Tote Bag

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1 Highlanders, Tote Bag Tote Bag Dimension 12.2″ x 6.1″ x 11.2″ Filled with:

Chocolate Chip (1 Box)
Rounds (1 Box)
Assortment (1 Box)
Fingers (1 Box)
Vanilla Shortbread (1 Box)

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Best Seller Assortment Gift

The recipient was very pleased with this assortment of Walker's products. Beautifully presented in a reusable bag
This wonderful multi-pack of goodness comes in a handy carrying bag so you can be Father/Mother Christmas when you visit and deliver treats. There are no better cookies/biscuits than Walkers and tea and cocoa beverages are lucky to get a dunk from a Walkers! CB
Candy Beal
This is a wonderful selection of Walker’s shortbreads. Fantastic gift to give or keep. We treated ourselves to these scrumptious, buttery cookies.
Walkers is the ONLY shortbread I purchase. I can bake my own but it won’t taste the same because I can’t use their best ingredients- the flour and butter they use make the difference. So I don’t make my own- I buy WALKERS.
Cynthia Williams DC

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