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Assorted Shortbread

Weight: 35.3oz
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32 Triangles, 16 Ovals, 8 Rounds, 8 Fingers

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Made in the Highlands of Scotland and baked to the Walker family’s traditional shortbread recipe, the Assorted Shortbread with a slight dusting of sugar on top is a dream come true for shortbread connoisseurs.

Impeccably packaged in our distinctive tartan and featuring images of iconic Scottish castles, this assortment box is the ideal size for gift giving for all occasions.  Feel good sharing Walkers Shortbread cookies with family and friends knowing that Walkers Shortbread is the highest quality made with just four ingredients: wheat flour, butter, sugar and salt.

Box Dimensions 13.3″ x 9.4″ x 2.2″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 2 pieces (31g). Servings per Container: 32
Calories 160
Calories from Fat 80
Total Fat 9g (14%)
Saturated Fat 6g (28%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg (9%)
Sodium 95mg (4%)
Total Carbohydrate 18g (6%)
Dietary Fiber Less than 1g (2%)
Sugars 5g
Protein 2g,
Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt


Milk, Wheat, Gluten. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Assorted Shortbread

I sent this Assorted Shortbread to my daughter for the ladies in her school office. She gave it to them yesterday morning, and it was gone by the end of the day. There is no one who can resist Walker's Shortbread. Thank you for having such great products.
These are the best cookies. Am not a cookie or cake eater but these I could eat the whole box. Any coupons would be greatly appreciated. If you eat butter cookies Walker is a must try
Love this product and company. Excellent quality and fast shipping.
Excellent buttery shortbread cookies. Customer service and delivery are excellent, too. We’re loyal customers!
I have always loved the Walker's Shortbread. I actually bake my own and they are delicious but Walker's beats mine.
My wife buys a large tin of Walker's Shortbread for me each Christmas. It is like a bit of Heaven when I savor each bite of your product. My friend's Scottish mom used to make home-made shortbread which rivels your product, but sadly, she returned to Heaven, so your Walker's is the best I have had since!
Don Merritt
Very good cookies. Nothing out there is better.
Buttery, crispy, melt in your mouth goodness. I have them exclusively with afternoon tea as to limit my intake. They are that good.
Nothing is better than Walkers Shortbread, unless it's a whole box. I like to use these as a special touch with ice cream. Everyone has the same response. Can we have more?
Tracey McIntyre
Your Shortbread Cookies are the best. So buttery and delicious, it's like a peek into Heaven. Not much else to say, but I am so happy I found you online!
Judi Komorski
I ordered two boxes for a friend who has been very kind to me as I recuperate from recent surgery. Shortbread is a favorite of his, and mine, and he has mentioned so often that grocery store cookies advertised to be shortbread, no longer taste good. He surmises the reason being that manufacturers do not use real butter anymore. When he tasted a Walkers shortbread for the first time, he called and said it was the best cookie he had ever eaten. (And I agree!) It made his day. My friend and I are in our 70's, so we've both eaten a lot of cookies in our lives! Food is a nice gift, especially for us oldsters. Please don't change your cookie recipes.
I purchased a large tin of these morsels lady year fir Christmas because my family wanted some more variety’s and boy what a delicious treat. Try cold, with milk or coffee there is no end to what can be done. So we finished those and I saw that I could order them right now just around Christmas time so we did. Beautiful package, it was damaged but cookies were still in tact. My family is still enjoying these butter treats. Glad you kept the original recipe and updated it along the way but keep doing what you do. I will share as gifts this year through the holidays.
Great assortment packed carefully in two sections. Best shortbread cookies around!
Love these because they are just sweet enough, have a nice crumb, and a buttery flavor that is to die for. Very satisfying!
Lorraine B Fink
Have always enjoyed Walkers Short Bread Cookies and need them every so often. Thanks for being there when in need. They arrived safely and in good shape, no broken ones and even if they are broken, they are still so good!
Joseph Knobel
Excellent product,fast shipping,well packaged
Harry Mitchell
Bought this for my mom for Mother’s Day. It’s her absolute favorite. Walkers is the best shortbread.
cherie i
I buy these every year for the holidays. This time I bought them on line. They came very quickly. Now I am prepared. Everyone would be very disappointed if we did not have them. They are the best tasting shortbread you can buy.
Dianna Miller
Walkers shortbread is always delicious. My favorite way to indulge is to have one or two cookies with tea, after dinner, as a satisfying treat. This mega-assortment will last for several weeks as we shelter in place, and makes the home confinement just a bit less depressing. Thank you, Walkers!
Everyone in our household loves these cookies. I like that the cookies are packaged within the big box in smaller units,
Therese Wiese
No ingredients but the basics: Sugar, Butter and Flour. Who could ask for anything more? Yum!
John Lefcourte
I gave these to my 89-year-old mom for Christmas and they are almost gone. She loves them and has them with her tea at breakfast and after dinner. I definitely recommend everyone to purchase them.
I sent a box of shortbread to my sisters house for our family Christmas. Walkers Shortbread is her favorite treat. I sent a second tin just so she had some to herself during the weeks before Christmas.
I ordered this to surprise my Mom while she is home during our state's Stay At Home order. Thought it would be a nice surprise. It's a big package full of Walkers' yummy goodness. It was also delivered on the day promised. i have a feeling I'll be sending more of these.
I first tasted Walker's shortbread this past Christmas at a friend's house, and I was blown away by the delicious flavor. I was so impressed with them, I bought a giant box for guests in my new home (moved in over Christmas, box arrived early in the new year). Unfortunately, this girl really loves her new all-butter Walker's Shortbreads, and now there are none left for guests. Those cookies are convenient for breakfast when you've just moved in and have no groceries yet in your new home! Thanks, Walker's
This shortbread is always delicious. The pure butter is the magic ingredient. I used this order for a Father's Day present and it was very well received.
This is the best assortment. Many different shapes of shortbread cookies. There's plenty to share, but I don't share them.
Marie Elena Monaco
The Walker's shortbread are a favorite in my family. We buy them every year and thoroughly enjoy having them. This box is a nice large box which is perfect for your own family, but would also make a great gift box. You can't go wrong with Walker's Shortbread!
You can't go wrong with Walkers Shortbread cookies! I sent a gift box to my Mom for Mother's Day. She doesn't like chocolate so that really limits my online gift choices. Walker's Shortbread cookies were perfect!!!! My Mom said they were boxed and presented so nice and pretty. She loves them.
my order came on time and not damaged whatsoever. The cookies tasted very very good. I wish I had enough to buy more
Persis Adonteng
Walkers Shortbread is as close to an addiction as I am likely to get. It is delicious and of great comfort any time of day or night.
Ann Mack
Seriously, only 4 ingredients, exactly like I make it. Amazingly addictive!
Best shortbread cookie ever!!!!
Janette Minch
These are the best cookies around. . They are real butter and all the cs people are the best. All around awesome
The value is great and the shortbread is fresh. We usually purchase the tins from Costco during the holidays because of the value. We can only purchase retail sizes in the grocery store and this is a much better deal. The are a perfect treat to enjoy with coffee or tea.
Love these cookies! 1st time user on the website - easy to negotiate. Easy to order. I love it. So many more products and better prices even w/ shipping!
Best shortbread ever! One bite and I’m reminded of my time living in England.
David Gamble
The best shortbread cookie ever made.
Carole Melanson
Just what's needed to enjoy a taste of Scotland.
Janice Young
All our favorite cookies in one box, and then, when they were all eaten, the darling box became a gift box! Happy eaters and happy gift recipients!
Perii Owen
What's not to love? This assortment satisfies any sweet tooth and then some. Buttery rich taste can't be duplicated. There's only one Walker Shortbread.
Kay W
As always Walkers shortbread is the best ever! Simple delicious ingredients, reasonable price. When I don't have time or want to bake cookies myself :), these are just right. Whether for a special occasion or for drop in guests, a real treat!
Christina Martin
Best bang for the buck available. When we sit to read with our tea this package offers a wide variety and lasts along time.
We always say we’re going to save some of them for company. That’s a big lie we tell ourselves.
I love these delicious shortbread cookies for so many different occasions. I save to serve for guests who come for coffee and they rave about them too. Once I open a package it doesn't last very long. Thank you Walkers
Rita Watkins
Mary Sinibaldi
Beautiful package. Nothing was broken. And of course the cookies are so delicious 😋
Maria Miller
There are no other cookies like them they are so buttery
Joan Pipia
I ordered the shortbread assortment and I couldn't be more pleased. They are absolutely delicious and exceeded my expectations.
Marianne Wallace
Excellent!!! Have loved this shortbread for many years. I visited Scotland back in the late '80's and fell in love with the shortbread. It is a special part of the holiday season at my house for many years.
Patsy Parrish
I absolutely love your Shortbread Cookies. I can't tell you how many I have gone thru since last December. They are the best. I bought the huge cans from Kirkland (Costco) and when I couldn't find them anymore I turned to you!!
They are wonderful and I Will be ordering some more in a month or so and now i have another neighbor who wants some. Love them. So fresh.
This was a birthday gift for my sister. Customer Service made sure it was delivered on time. My sister and her guests really enjoyed having Walkers Shortbreads as a finish for the birthday dinner. These shortbreads are also my favorite after dinner treat.
Walkers makes the best shortbread. They don’t have any competition.
Shortbread by any other name is not SHORTBREAD!
Thomas White
Diane Jamin
These are amazing shortbread cookies! I love all the different sizes in this assortment to. Really are great cookies! Love them..and with this large assortment we still have a some left for now...
Heather Bridson
How can you not love Walkers shortbreads? - My review is to state that they arrive quickly, are packaged in trays that prevent breakage (I have never found a broken shortbread in multiple orders) and that with the larger boxes they are packed in two separate and sealed trays so that they stay fresh once one pack is opened. The price value is also great and we purchase once to twice a year.
These are my Mom's favorite so I sent her a box for Mother's Day. Shipping was quick and all went well. She was happy.
Michelle Sague
I have been buying Walker's for years at specialty stores or during Christmas season at Sam's and BJ's. A great product which now I can order from my home. Very Convienent
Alphonse Carbonara
Best shortbread cookie bar none! Hubbies and I have them with our midmorning tea!
Luann Smith
Been eating Walkers since a boy and it is consistently as delicious every time. No reed to change or fiddle with a classic. No shortbread compares to Walkers and I've tried many. Im convinced its the soil from Scotland that makes the difference in the baking.
Richard D
Shipped fast, packaged safely, arrived unbroken. I will have delicious shortbread for a very long time.
Therese-Heather Belen
I purchased 2 items online as a gift for relatives. It was delivered in a timely fashion, and this authentically Scottish shortbread was much appreciated!
The Assorted Shortbread are a gift for myself and my wife. Most days, we stop what we are doing around 2PM and make a cup of tea and have a shortbread (Walker's OF COURSE!). With about (64) shortbread cookies in the assortment, we'll have a good month or more of enjoyment.
I have always loved Walker’s Shortbread and have actually visited the plant in Speyside back in 2016. The Walker name means quality from Shortbread to Scotch Whisky and I was happy to renew my love of butter and shortbread with this purchase!!
BJ Reed
Always buy a big tin of Walker's Shortbread cookies for Christmas every year. Couldn't wait until Christmas to get some more!!! I love that they are made with only a few simple but delicious ingredients - and with REAL butter!!!!! Keep making these wonderful cookies!
I’ve enjoyed Walkers shortbread all my life. It’s so nice to have it shipped right to my door. I also like that there is a variety to choose from.
Delicious. Reminds me of tea at grandmothers house.
Stephen Bobin
Absolutely love this shortbread, I grew up eating-my momma was from Glasgow! The shortbread never disappoints! Came in a timely manner, as well! Thank you.

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