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2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Weight: 62.4oz
Weight: 10.4oz

One Advent Calendar featuring 8 Thin Shortbread Fingers, 4 Mini Chocolate Chip Shortbread, 4 Shortbread Hearts, 3 Shortbread Rounds, 4
Salted Caramel Squares, 1 shortbread Star

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Countdown to Christmas with the delicious delight of our 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar. Within the calendar, is a delightful assortment of 6 exquisite shortbread cookie varieties, including our iconic all-butter shortbread finger as well as rounds, stars, hearts, chocolate chip and our irresistible salted caramel squares. Each shortbread cookie will bring warmth to your heart and pleasure to your palate. Inside the calendar, a charming Aberlour scene awaits, featuring the iconic Walker’s Shortbread bakery and shop. It’s a tribute to our heritage. This calendar makes a wonderful gift or is perfect for counting down with your own family. Order early as quantities are limited!

Aberlour Festive Scene: 1. Craigellachie Bridge 2. River Spey 3. Walker’s Shortbread Factory 4. Aberlour Village High Street 5. Aberlour Railway Station Sign 6. Highland Cow 7. Old Walker’s van 8. Walker’s Shortbread Shop.

Calendar Dimensions 11.1″ x 1.4″ x 12.9″

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Awesome gift!
Sheri Mosholder
Fabulous gift for local people. They won’t ship in November for Dec 1 arrival and it was 15.00 each to sending them again.
The content is sooo delicious it's beyond compare...
Anaclito Ong
I sent this to my m-i-l as a little pre-Christmas surprise. She confessed she ate all the treats way before Christmas. I wish there was a way to have it shipped out on a particular date to avoid the early rush to nibble.
A fun treat to look forward to every morning ! And sooo delicious!
Great product family favourite
shabbir shaikh
My sister loved it! I sent it to her last advent and am going to again 😊
Gave one of these to each of my children's families. My daughter's 3 year-old really got into it, and wanted to open multiple windows a day so he could eat cookies! She finally had to put it up high, but I'd say it was overall successful!
Excellent value and loved by all

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