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2 Pack Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds – 24 ct.

Weight: 24oz
Weight: 144oz

2 Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds (1.0 oz.) x 24

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Gluten free shortbread rounds in stay fresh, individually packaged snack packs are perfect to bring along for poolside snacking, beach outings and car or plane trips.  Keep a few at work for a special treat during the day.

Made with the same butter and sugar content as our regular shortbreads but the wheat flour is replaced by a blend of rice flour, maize flower and potato starch.

Box Dimensions 10″ x 5.5″ x 4.5″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Flour blend (rice, potato starch, maize stabilizer: xanthan gum), butter (milk) (29%), sugar, salt


Milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for 2 Pack Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds – 24 ct.

These cookies are so delicious! I like that they are packaged in individual servings - 2 cookies to a pack. I am thinking of ordering a semi truckful!
greatly enjoyed by Great Grandma!
Cyrus C. Lauriat
I love Walkers products. They never disappoint. One of the advantages to buy directly from their website is that you know they are going to be fresh and tasty as always!
Jessica Jimenez
This is the best gluten free cookie I've ever tried. Glad I found these.
Delivered on time and in great condition - well packaged. Taste is delicious and just as good as non-gluten free cookies. Would definitely order again.
Sandra Peavey
These are the best GF cookies around!!
Shannon H
Perfect treat size. Easy to take with, which is important for those of us who have to be gluten free. Excellent shortbread that doesn’t taste gluten free at all.
Caroline Gort
I was pleasantly surprised at how good your gluten free cookies tasted. However, almost every cookie was in several pieces. I have not opened every package in the shipment yet, but the chocolate chip shortbread cookies escaped unharmed! lol. Thanks!
Beth Spurr
These are the best gluten free cookies out there! I have 2 each morning with my coffee..They are not too sweet like some gluten free products are... but they’re just perfect!
Cookies were not what I expected. This is the second time I order and they did not taste like the first order. I would not order them again, they are tasteless.
Sylvia Bedoya
Thank you very much for having this option of gluten free cookies. I very much appreciate that Companies have the choice for patients like me, who cannot eat common foods. Grateful for the perfect served from the online purchase, the delivery service and the great product.
We love these with coffee or tea as an evening snack!! Not too sweet, just right.
Mary Longoria
I feel these are not as rich and buttery as the original, but my 90 year old mother who must eat gluten-free loves them. She says they are very good and quite tasty. I am grateful to be able to get them for her in gluten-free.
Stephanie Brake
I absolutely loved getting the shortbread cookies in the 2 pack style. I can throw one in my bag or give them to guests with tea and I don't have to worry that my whole container of cookies will get stale if I don't have one for awhile. I can decide when I want a treat. They arrived unbroken. Thanks! I'll have one now
The taste of gluten free shortbread is not as good as the regular cookies. I did not know it's gluten free, cause I bought @ Costco warehouse is regular shortbread cookies .
These cookies are so delicious. They have a great crunchy texture and just the right amount of sweet. I’m so glad I came across them in my local supermarket. I often can’t eat gluten free snacks and desserts because of other ingredients put in flour blends, but these cookies have few ingredients and best of all, no ingredients that disagree with my digestive system!
Nobody really enjoys having to be gluten-free, but if you have to be, then Walker Shortbreads make it almost seem normal
Keith Anderson
Not a gluten free person, donating the package to the local "Bread Basket". Your correction of the shipment/order was much appreciated and enjoyed,and would get a 5 star rating.
I discovered your cookies on our first trip to Scotland in 2003, I thought they were wonderful. When I developed Celiac I was sad that I couldn't eat your cookies. We were recently in Scotland and I saw the GF packs. I tried them and was thrilled because they taste wonderful!
These were purchased as a gift for a Scottish friend who is gluten free living in France. I have eaten these cookies and they were very good. My Scottish friend said they were excellent.
I have Celiac Disease and miss pastries and cookies so much... these are the most authentic GF cookies I’ve ever had. Thank you Walkers for giving me back my sanity!
Christina van der Linden
These were purchased as a gift for a Scottish friend who is gluten free living in France. I have eaten these cookies and they were very good. My Scottish friend said they were excellent.
My family loves the Walkers shortbread and asked for some for Christmas. When I shopped online I discovered this gluten-free product. It is absolutely spectacular, mouthwatering. I have not had shortbread in 23 years. My daughter tried ONE of my gluten-free pieces (that's all I would share) and said it is a scrumptious as the "regular" shortbread. Thanks for making it!
Jinx McAllister
They are wonderful.....flavor is great...very crisp and tender. You would never know they are gluten free....very addictive.....you can't eat just one!!!!
Wonderful product. Thank you so much!
Susan M.
These are the best GF cookies around!!
Shannon H
Love these! They are just sweet enough without being too sweet, unlike other GF products I’ve tried which were so rich & so sweet I couldn’t eat.
Judy Ellard
Delicious, so buttery they melt in your mouth, can't tell is gluten free.
Lilliam F Barge
These are the best Gluten Free cookies, there is little or no difference in taste with these than the original shortbread. Would like for the packaging to be more substantial. The box is very light weight and it is easy to damage in shipment with tins.

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