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Snack Pack Fingers 24 ct

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Classic pure-butter shortbread in traditional “fingers” shape offer a perfect, crumbly “melt-in-your-mouth” texture with a full butter flavor. Just the right amount of sweetness. 2 Shortbread Fingers cookies in each snack pack, great for lunch boxes, travel, party favors.

Box Dimensions 6.4″ x 6.8″ x 3.2″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size Serving Size: ½ pack (20g), Servings per Container 2.
Calories 100
Calories from Fat 50
Total Fat 5g (8%)
Saturated Fat 3g (16%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15mg (5% DV)
Sodium 60mg (3% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 13g (4% DV)
Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV)
Sugars 5g
Protein 1g,
Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (32%), sugar, salt


Wheat, milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Snack Pack Fingers 24 ct

The very best shortbread; period! Simple and wholesome ingredients that yield consistent results. Need I say any more?
Perfect for a lot of good eating; two pack, eat one or two; just on a children's gig, and had a pack in my cooler; what a great snack after two hours of playing! And I could share part of one, maybe!
James King
Great stuff.
Kenneth Grinspoon
Best cookies ever made.
Martina Koomson
These are so nice. I love the thickness of this biscuit. The flavor is always good with Walkers.
all you do is dope
These make a great addition to my grandsons lunch box. He loves them and they are a traditional snack in our family. If it’s not Scottish it’s crap!
Mary Patterson
I sent these to a friend to celebrate her birthday and Tartan Day. We both enjoy a good cookie!
Absolutely delicious
Michelle Morgan
Great cookies for gifts. I did not buy the cookies for myself but for my friend. She loved them - she said that they melt in your mouth and was thrilled to get them!
Kathryn Tanner
Years ago, I used to buy a huge tin of Walker’s Shortbreads before Christmas at COSTCO!!! Since I’m retired and no longer shopping there I was able to buy my FAVORITE cookies Online!!! I am concerned about portion control and these small packages are perfect for Tea time or to bring with me in my purse!!! I even share them with a dear neighbor who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland!!!
Jan Lawler-Savitske
We love Walkers shortbread & have been buying them for years. We were buying them from Amazon but Walkers had a better price. Good "best by" date too.
Great taste keeps you going back for more!
Huey Thomas
I can make a pretty good shortbread cookie but sometimes you just want one NOW...with a cup of tea. This is perfect to have in my pantry for those moments. Thanks Walker people!!
These 2-finger packets are perfect snacks for travel, after school, sports' treats, etc. So easy to slip in your pocket or purse! Kids love them
Kay W
Fed Ex Does not come to Wrangell Alaska except through the Post Office and they are very expensive and can take up to a month to get here and they DO NOT DELIVER. Please use USPS PRIORITY MAIL in the future. Product still not received. Thank You
Steve Prunella
These biscuits are the perfectly sized portion of yumminess to tuck in your pocket to enjoy with a cup of tea at work! They arrived within a day or two of ordering, and they stay fresh in the individual packages. I will definitely be buying more of these!
Connie M.
Send this to my hubby for Xmas. It's his favorite and he was a good boy this year. Taste good and great for the holidays.
Audrey Cendana
I just Love Walkers Snack Pack Shortbread Cookies..Two in pack..Perfect for a little snack & always nice & fresh.Wonderful tasting & Great in evening with a nice cup of Hot Tea. Pure Heaven....The Best..
Due to Covid-19, we were unable to travel to MD for Easter. So, I ordered an assortment of Walkers Shortbread cookies. My son loves them.
Catherine MacCurtain
Excellent product. I look forward to making regular purchases of the shortbread... Keep up the good work!
Richard Friend
As good as mom’s she use to make at Christmas.
Absolutely delicious. Two packs are perfect as small treats for my dad and other residents in Assisted Living.
Paula Johnson
What's not to like. I'm glad I bought the individual 2-packs, because I don't have to worry about losing any of the crunchiness and freshness you get from an open container. These are perfect for my all-time favorite cookie.
We have been buying these individual packs of Walkers shortbread "fingers" for years. They are so versatile to take with you or to share with family and friends, these are my favorite of all the cookies they have!
Best cookies ever!
Levelle Walker
My son-in-law is blind and it is hard to find gifts for him. He loves shortbread cookies so I decided to give him some of your awesome shortbread cookies He had a great time trying to figure out what it was and finally did. He was excited. I used to travel to London all the time and brought back Walker cookies, until I realized that they are sold in the US as well. LOL Happy Holidays to you. Oh and by the way, I ordered myself a box as well.
Margaret Sinde
I love these two pack fingers because it helps me ration my intake of your fabulous shortbread.I try to just have one pack a day, but sometimes I can't resist a second!
Dan Finnegan
In Zone 5 here and LOVE Walkers shortbread cookies with hot chocolate in the winter. And in the Spring. And in the Summer. AND the Fall. I am rather famous at my Post Office for leaving this 2-pk treat in my mailbox for my wonderful USPS delivery persons during our many inclement days.
Maureen Majerus
My order arrived quickly and intact! We love Walker’s shortbread fingers. We used to work in s specialty shop and mail order business that sold products from the British Isles. This is where we discovered that Walker’s is the best shortbread in the world!
Excellent…. Carry them in my purse and give them to friends and strangers I meet during the day….it’s a wonderful way to make acquaintances…
Michelle Morgan
My whole family loves these. The two pack is perfect to take with you and they are delicious.
Dianna Miller
Delivery was on time and the cookies arrived in excellent condition. I'm sure they are delicious but I can't try them because I am gluten-free.
Sandra Peavey
I love the 2 pack fingers, because they stay fresh until used. Two cookies are just the right sized portion. If you like these, try the mince tarts. They are excellent, too.
This is the best cookie in the world. Great with coffee! Love them!!
Levelle Walker
I first experienced these biscuits in England while on vacation. I could not get them off of my mind when I returned to the States. I am so glad that I kept the empty package and found the website. These are the best biscuits hand down. I have found nothing stateside that compares.
Very best shortbread cookies, a must for all tea lovers.
Grandma M
There great, very fresh, handy for lunches
Bernie Banovsk
This is definitely my trustworthy go to, (though I love the Highlanders as well), and they're great with tea/coffee! I get them in 2-packs as it doesn't tempt me to grab more at a time, and I like that I get to keep the rest fresh/unopened. Also, the packing was really great, I could tell they put care into packing, and as a result not one biscuit was harmed in the shipping. Last, I'm really happy that the customer service took care of a hiccup involving my order promptly. Tl;dr: Definitely recommend to order from website!
Just like grandma used to make! Will definitely buy again. Arrived in perfect condition.
Eric Johnson
These are the perfect "extra" gifts for friends and family! Love the separate packaging; makes it easy to pop into bags and boxes.
Patricia Riha
The best shortbread out there. I recently was in Scotland and couldn't help noticing Walkers was for sale in all the shops. I tried some other brands available. Walkers was best by far.
Janice Young
My family went nuts for these!!!! They are so delicious, I have no words to express how happy I am with these cookies. The packs word great and they are super convenient when in a rush. They are addicting one you start you cannot stop :):):)
These are a favorite of our clients. We leave snacks in the waiting room when they come in for appointments. Everyone comments how they can't leave without taking one or two packets.
WOW, I love these! I make my own shortbread, (an old family recipe), and I can honestly say these are just as delicious and much easier! So, so yummy! It's my quick and easy shortcut when having a friend over for tea or a coffee break.
The fingers are another superior product from Walker's. I look forward to opening a pack every day. Also, there was a question on the order and Walker's customer service was terrifically helpful. Thank you.
Thomas Dailey
I learned to love Walker's Shortbread in the 1970's the first time I went to Scotland and have been may times to enjoy the shortbread there. Thank you for making the gift packages available at Sam's Club where I buy 12-15 for gifts for my friends at Christmas.
I just really enjoy these cookies. Haven’t tasted any that was better. I don’t normally order stuff like this and I never pay for shipping but in this case, I did both!
K Phillips
These Walker's shortbread are the best shortbread anywhere! We first tried them in Scotland and have been ordering them ever since. The fingers are a great snack. The Walker's shortbread are always so fresh and buttery. Nothing compares!!
Only ones who make shortbread like my grandfather used to make. He came from Scotland as a young man. Growing up all his friends and family were always waiting for his shortbread.
Cheryl Romano
Gone already....how's that for a review
Narvis Thompson
The packaging is just perfect. Two delightfully dense shortbread fingers is the just right amount for afternoon break. Wonderful !
Catherine Bliss
Excellent shortbread to enjoy with my tea. Got hooked when I visited the UK. Like the wrapped 2 packs as they stays fresh for a long time...
Walker’s has produced the best tasting shortbread products known to mankind! Their popularity is spreading through our country especially during the Christmas season. Thank you to all those Walker people who make the wonderful shortbread.
Ann Gregory
Classic shortbread. Handy to have this snack in small packages for lunches, etc.
Sharon Huffman
Walker's Shortbread is the best cookie in the cookie is isle. The two pack is great for lunch bag.
Herb Bryce
Great product
These shortbread fingers are the BEST food I have ever put in my mouth! Oh so buttery and perfect with a good cup of coffee or tea!
Martin H
Soooo melt-in-your-mourh delicious shortbread flavor. Perfect nosh with your afternoon tea.
Scotland's Treasure! I have loved Walker's Shortbread since the '80's when I first tasted it in Scotland. Love the US/online availability to buy and share with friends.
Good flavor and creamy savor. These are very thick, so maybe we are getting more for the money. i would prefer a thinner more delicate portion. Perhaps 4 per pack instead of 2?
Dr. Mitchell Gurk
These make a great addition to my grandsons lunch box. He loves them and they are a traditional snack in our family. If it’s not Scottish it’s crap!
Mary Patterson
The 2 finger shortbread are the best I have found. They are made with real butter and taste like the "real deal." Now that I found I can buy them in 2 packs is terrific as they stay fresh longer.
Everyone loves the shortbread fingers. They are a perfect snack and of course they are made with the quality one expects from Walker's. We keep boxes of them on hand in our office.
Lori Cooper
The only brand to buy for real shortbread cookies. My very favorite.
Linda Raiser
What more can be said about the world's absolutely best shortbread? You have no peers. You're the leader of the pack.
Love, Love, Love these cookies!!!!!!!
When we saw in the email that we would get the free Scottie dogs I couldn't resist! They came quickly and we have already eaten like six 2 packs and several Scottie dogs 😊
Kimberly Sturms
Don’t worry about the rest getting stale. Glad you have web site - saves gas and wasted trip. Thanks
Love these shortbread. No other brand is as good!
I have not opened the packages yet because these are supposed to be Christmas presents. The minor delivery issue was resolved efficiently, and the product arrived in good condition. I have no doubt that it will be delicious.
Bought these for my Grandkids for school lunches, I don't think one package made it to school. Two boxes just seemed to evaporate, and for a change no waste, they ate every crumb, and for these kids that's saying a lot.
THE best cookie anywhere!!
Levelle Walker
These are wonderful! So many uses (beyond my own snacking). It is nice to have something so lovely to offer to drop in guests. It is portion control (I limit myself to one package a day). I think I am going to start putting them in gift bags, boxes,etc. As a snack, it is a good food option. no chemicals, no junk, the ingredients are all straight-forward and can be pronounced. Fast shipping right to my front door. Awesome!
Rose Stuber
My grandchildren love these cookies. Since I live a distance from them I use Walkers to stay in touch, knowing the 2-pack fingers are packed in their lunch. Their parents eat a few too. Great taste, great service.
These cookies are the great and so delicious,and taste so good.
LeeAnn Coultrip
We hand out a packet to each kilted cross country skier participating in our Tay Valley Loppet in Perth, Ontario. They are very popular. Thank you for a great product. Do you want a photo?
Nancy Gaudreau
Just the ticket for my morning & afternoon coffee breaks! Thank you!
Kathryn Mattes
This shortbread is sublime. My ancestors are from Oban and this shortbread is very near to homemade from our family recipe. That is an amazing thing to say for something you can pick up at the grocery store!
Since discovering the Fingers, I do not like to be without them. Fingers and a cup of tea should make excellent partners.
Lalla Overby
Great taste; great value. Easy to order. I highly recommend this product!

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