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Snack Pack Fingers 150 ct.

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Packed for convenience and freshness, Walker’s individually wrapped Shortbread Fingers are ideal open-and-serve packs for large functions. Everyone attending your event will be happy to find Walker’s Shortbread in their goody bag, ideal wedding favors.

Twin Pack Dimensions 3.3″ x 2″ x 0.4″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size Serving Size: 1 pack (28.4g), Servings: 1
Calories 150
Calories from Fat 80
Total Fat 8g (13% DV)
Saturated Fat 5g (26%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg (8% DV)
Sodium 100mg (4% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 17g (6% DV)
Dietary Fiber Less than 1g (2% DV)
Sugars 4g
Protein 2g,
Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2% DV
Iron 2% DV
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (32%), sugar, salt


Wheat, milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Snack Pack Fingers 150 ct.

So so cookie. For the first time, I am saying that they are not sweet enough! Also, they have a greasy aftertaste. I have no complaints with all of your other products. They are heavenly.
Nancy Goldheimer
I love these cookies. They are healthy, taste better than any other cookies I have ever had and last a long time.
Rosemarie Firl
I like to leave goodie packages for my delivery people. It is also nice to have something on hand to offer drop-in guests or repair people. I carried a plastic sandwich bag of them to my hair dresser when we got our hair cut. We also personally LOVE these cookies. 99% of commercially available cookies are nothing more than trash. These make great little snacks or sweet somethings after a meal. I love the individual packaging. I appreciate the Fed-Ex delivery of this item. They arrived in perfect shape; I have not found a broken one yet. I think I will be giving them out for Halloween instead of chocolate. Highly recommend!
Rose Stuber
Walker's Shortbread never disappoints. Two cookies. Two hundred calories. The perfect, delicious snack...at home with a cup of coffee or tea.
The best cooking around, that’s very few ingredients. The first time I had one of these more than 40 years ago in Edinburgh Scotland, I immediately fell in love with them, And they have been my favorite cookie ever since!
The best shortbread cookies available. The fingers packs are perfect for snacks or at any time of day.
This is actually the better way to purchase because it helps with storage.. I love this ones because they don't have the sugar coating on top, I normally would buy a pack for 4.99 at home goods so this is much more economical. Also, it's that buttery taste that does it for my husband and I!!! And with two pieces in a packet, one doesn't feel to guilty 🥰.
Wasn't aware I was ordering so many but now that I have them, I can't wait to give them as gifts. They are perfect for a simple thank you and/or I care. Yum!!
Nancy Maggio
These have been my favorite for years. the aroma of the butter makes you want to eat these cookies.
I love providing my customers with optimal service and these cookies are an outstanding addition. We serve each individual delightful coffee beverages and they get so excited to see Walkers accompanied on their tray.
My second purchase of a large shipment. I share Walker's with my community. As soon as I get close to running out, there will be a third purchase! Walker's is superb!
William Kemp
Nice quantity - Great Price - Always tasty!
Perfect size for Halloween!
Ordering straight from Walkers is the way to go. Usually you get the best price (although sale prices elsewhere can be good, too), and the product is very fresh. They have terrific sales, and the shipping is fast.
Pam K.
I have eaten these shortbread cookies for years however our local grocery store no longer sells them. So I looked up the company, next best thing! I absolutely love them and will go anywhere to find them.
Linda McLellan
Like the 2 pack, promotes freshness.
I love having these on hand. Great for afternoon tea, but also convenient and nice to put in thank you gifts.
Lynn J Derting
I distributed the shortbread cookies in baggies to all the workers in my building. Although I wasn't sure that they would like them, as they are from difference countries, I was thanked by every one of them, saying they loved the shortbread. It showed appreciation for the staff who came into work during the Covid-19 pandemic. I am however knoshing on the shortbread daily, since it is one of my favorite comfort foods.
These little packs are exactly what we were looking for to give out to our guests. And these are some of the best shortbread cookies I have ever had!
Justin Clark
We ordered these individual packets for a client event. Just the right size for a small snack! The order came on time and as expected.
The 2 Packs (150 count) were on sale and at a great price. Instead of giving out candy on Halloween this year I am giving out the "2 pack Fingers". I know the kids will like them because they are delicious.
I've ordered Walker products over the past year and they have been wonderful. I can only get small packages in my local grocery store, so I decided to see if I could get them online. The 150 count of 2 pack fingers is great for work. I love them because it gives me portion control, and I tend not to overindulge. These would be a great product to give away to clients, special occasions, holidays, etc. My young toddler, grandkids love them, and they seem safe to give them because they are like the toddler cookies in texture. I love the fact that I can trust 4 ingredients that I can actually read on the label!
Andrew Mitchell
When we are concerned about the safety of our food this is the perfect item to have on hand. Each pack of two cookies wrapped individually ensures safety when eating or giving to others to enjoy. And always the best cookie in taste and quality. Great items for these uncertain times.
Sandra Lubecki
These finger cookies were exactly what we were looking for and were very reasonably priced. The shipment was packed very nicely and cookies were received in excellent condition. If these cookies are ever needed in the future, we will order direct from Walkers.
Life Church El Paso
The Short Bread product is fabulous and will be ordering more. More importantly, your customer service provided by Ms. Erika Harlow, was outstanding and which, will ensure I will be a returning customer.
Christopher Black
Love 'em My local grocer H.E.B. Dripping Springs, Texas occasionally carries the rounds. After the fingers are gone I'll requesting a generous supply of Rounds
Linda Cassell
This is the best way to purchase Walker shortbread. The 2 pack makes it easy to pack and keep fresh.
These are absolutely my favorite biscuits, especially with a cup of tea. I have bought these several times....and will again.
Linda Derting
These are my absolute favorite shortbreads! I absolutely love them! Anytime and anywhere, but specially if you are visiting the highlands of Scotland! Truly! I love to have them in the house: either from the store or directly from Walker’s, you will not be disappointed. But...I just know that the fresher ones are the ones directly from Walker’s! Enjoy!
Jessica Jimenez
my go to snack, and only 100 calories per pack
Tina Devonshire
Fast service, reliable quality. I was very happy to see when an item was not in stock, you upgraded to a larger size..Was I surprised and happy..to see that!!! Already a good value...and you made it better...thanks
Tim Pishda
I've bought three orders of the 150 count shortbread while they were on sale and couldn't be happier. Co workers received individual packets in their Halloween bags and will receive the same in the Christmas stockings. The rest I've split with friends because although I COULD eat that much shortbread, I probably shouldn't!
These are the perfect treat for any kind of gift bag, or to stash away for yourself or special friend. Can't wait for them to cong back in stock
Walker Shortbread cookies are a wonderful snack. The two packs are great if you want to limit yourself from eating the whole pack at 1 sitting!
Kaleb Gatz
I started to buy Walker's Shortbread Cookies during every stop at Heathrow Airport, and now have been buying online for the past few years. The cookies are simply the best!
To die for...these cookies are absolutely amazing. I was actually purchasing them from ebay. Though shipping was extremely expensive. Until I decided to go thru your own website. I will continue to order from you.
Irma Pedroza
This is my favorite cookie of all time and has been for nearly 40 years. They're not too sweet, but they're rich and tender. I was happy to find this brand as an almost nightly treat at the various UK hotels in which I stayed during a 3 week tour in 2016. Those treats made me look for the website and order when I returned home.
We were worried that buying in bulk might mean a loss of freshness, but our order of shortbread fingers came in sealed, airtight packages of two each. They are fresh and delicious. Our whole family loves them. Also, they are every bit as good as my Grandmother's shortbread which I enjoyed growing up as a child in Dundee, Scotland.
Brian McIntosh
In Scotland recently and sampled many varieties of shortbread. None compares to Walkers. I am using the 2 finger package of Walkers traditional SB and a foil packed Scottish breakfast tea, tied with a clan plaid ribbon as a wedding favor. Such a great favor for a Scottish themed wedding....and....i am Irish! Love Walkers!
You yummy and delicious 😋 Still the best snack I ever tried
I keep these stocked in the cookie jar for teatime every day. They are the best I have found. Friends stop by just for the shortbread and their buttery goodness.
We always keep a box of Fingers in the pantry. They are just enough for a snack ... and not too much, and they work perfectly in a small gift bag containing six or eight packs for small thank-yous at the dentist's office, for church meetings, and, visits from friends,
Roland Weisser
Have always been a fan of Walkers shortbread-something about the buttery deliciousness. Used the 2pack fingers in place of candy for my son's birthday party. Everyone loved it!
My absolute favorite cookie!!!!
this cookies are a great size forthe favors for my nephew's wedding. they will be part of the favors to be given to the guests at the wedding.
christine mcfadden
Absolutely the BEST Shortbread available. Got so tired of these being 'out of stock' at local stores. Get a better price and fast shipping direct from Walkers.
Janice Shinn
Through the years I have never liked shortbread cookies mostly because they contained nuts. This year I received a gift basket with 2 packs of Shortbread Finger cookies. They sat around waiting for me to make tea. One day I thought, "Well, I better eat these things." OH-MY-GOSH were they DELICIOUS!!! I could not place my online order fast enough and watched the calendar for the day the delivery would arrive! I ordered 150 of the 1 oz packs because they stay fresh, are easily tossed into my purse, I share them with others which is easy since they are single serving packs, and the packaging keeps me from eating 8 in one sitting! I will be a lifelong customer of Walkers now that the secret is out...BEST COOKIE EVER!
As I remembered from living in Scotland...a nice cuppa and shortbread...no better way to relax.
Wonderful product , reminds me of home ... Love them ! ❤️❤️❤️
sue winzer
Absolutely the best shortbread cookie on the planet!!!
We absolutely enjoy this shortbread! We discovered these on a trip out of the country. My husband was so happy when I surprised him with this order. The one thing I really love is they are made with only four ingredients. No additives or preservatives or dyes. I have shared them with my friends and family. They agree with me on the buttery deliciousness. I will defiantly order more in the future.
Tina Taylor Tabares
We love these shortbread biscuits, especially with a discount.
Sue Schauss
So we love your shortbread, far superior to any other......but....seems from the ones we tasted so far there are a more than a few that were on the stale side and many broken. I don't know what you would do about stale, can assure you they were eaten. But for the broken ones would note they were well packed "except" on the bottom and I think that's the problem. Please accept this as constructive critism. We will buy from you again
Just the right size for a quick dunk in my morning coffee. Fresh & delicious (as always)!
What a great deal - good "quantity price"! Beautifully & securely packaged neatly in their shipping box. Mostly for my own late night munchies all winter, also will give for holiday presents. Same great quality & taste I've known for decades
Quality, taste & texture is outstanding as is always the case with Walkers Shortbread. The 2 Pack is a good serving size and it travels well.
This is the right size for midnight snack. Best tasting shortbread cookies.
These are my family's favorite cookies!

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