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The Perfect Drinks For Your Summer Girl’s Weekend

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The Perfect Drinks For Your Summer Girl’s Weekend

Try these delicious drinks for your next girls weekend!

Rose, Mojito and Summer Shandy- perfect summer drinks!

Summer vacation season is upon us and you still have plenty of time to plan weekend getaway with your favorite girl friends.



Remember to pack your bathing suit, a sexy dress, your favorite sandals and, obviously, your drinks!


Regardless of where you go, there’s a perfect drink for your trip:

Beach Trip: Rosé

Nothing compliments the warm breeze and waves than a chilled glass of Rosé. Get a couple bottles of your favorite blush wine, stick them in the fridge when you get your beautiful beach front rental, uncork in the afternoon and enjoy. The fruity and cold wine will make have you and your girls sipping through the weekend!

City Trip: Mojito

This classic, refreshing cocktail is perfect for your weekend trip to the city. All you need is mint, lime juice, club soda, simple syrup, and, of course, white rum. Make a pitcher to share with your girlfriends on your patio or balcony, or head out to a local rooftop bar and order a round for you table. This light and easy drinking cocktail is a drink you’ll all love.

Mountain Trip: Summer Shandy

Buy a few cases of Summer Shandy, an easy drinking and citrus flavored beer, up to your mountain cabin. After your hiking, kayaking and nature watching, head back to your retreat and pop open a few cold ones with your girls. Even if you’re not a big fan of beer, this fruity beer will hit the spot. Cook out or order in your dinner and savor your secured break with your friends.

If you prefer to make your own Shandy, click here for a great recipe! 


And, of course, no matter where you go, don’t forget to bring your Walkers Shortbread Cookies. They’re the effortless and crowd pleasing dessert for you and your friends. Dip them in some chocolate or incorporate your cookies into a pudding or dessert.

Most importantly, enjoy your time away from the stress of home and spend some quality time with your best friends!


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