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Wedding Welcome Boxes: Our Favorite Ideas

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Wedding Welcome Boxes: Our Favorite Ideas

Show wedding guests how much you appreciate them with the Walkers Shortbread way of custom welcome boxes.

Surprise out-of-town guests with their welcome boxes at check-in to let them know, “Thank you for coming! We’re glad you’re here!”

Don’t forget out-of-town guests in your wedding planning. Loved ones may have rearranged work schedules and traveled distances to share in your joyous occasion.

Wedding welcome boxes are the perfect way to show guests how much you care, and the best time to express how grateful you are is when your guests arrive at their hotel. Surprise out-of-town guests with their welcome boxes at check-in to let them know, “Thank you for coming! We’re glad you’re here!”

Favorite Assembly of Guest Boxes with an Added Treat of Walkers Shortbread

  1. Water
    Travelers may be dehydrated from a long plane ride and too tired to leave the hotel for refreshments. Those who had a long road trip may have run out of drinks on the way. Bonus: Order custom engraved stainless water bottles as a memento of their visit.
  2. Medical supplies
    Include pain relievers (ibuprofen, aspirin), antihistamine, cough drops, ‘immunity boosters’ like Airborne or Emergen-C. You never know if you’ll be exposed to a crying baby, sneezing passenger, or seasonal allergies when you fly or travel. Your guests may be short on sleep or have unanticipated allergies at your destination. Offering a mix of over-the-counter aids can make them more comfortable so they can focus on enjoying themselves and your special day. They may especially appreciate the pain relievers the morning after your reception!
  3. Walkers Shortbread Snack-Pack
    Guests will appreciate a light snack upon arrival, or they can save it for their trip home. Travel snacks need to be convenient, and these little packs are a perfect choice because there is no need for refrigeration and they slip easily in a purse or carry-on luggage. Bonus: Substitute Gluten-Free Shortbread Snack Packs for gluten-sensitive folks, and Shortbread Scottie Dogs Snack Packs for kids.
  4. Assortment of teas
    Hotel rooms often have a small coffeemaker and some accommodations supply tea, but usually with limited selection. Give a mix of teas for your guests so that they can unwind and settle in with whatever suits their taste. Bonus: Another memento option, customize a mug.
  5. Cocktail kit
    Of course, guests may want to start celebrating early! A light toast upon their arrival is easily accomplished with a tiny cocktail kit. Gather travel-size vodka or rum with a mini can of soda.
  6. Paperwork
    Include suggestions of fun things to see or do in the area. Choose what’s relevant to your guests. Maybe a friend is a big history buff and there are free tours at the local historical association on the weekend of the wedding. Or include directions to greenways and hiking trails for relatives who love nature. Maps of the area are useful and you can circle areas of interest unique to the guest. Add a list of restaurant recommendations, and you can even pick out dining options you think the guest(s) would particularly enjoy based on what you know of their taste. This is a great opportunity to include an itinerary of the special day and any transportation for the guests that has been set up to the ceremony.

When guests arrive is a great time to show them a warm welcome and remind them how much you appreciate them being there for the special day. Of course, send them home with that sentiment too. Since many couples like to keep consistent themes throughout their wedding festivities, learn about Walkers Shortbread wedding favors.

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