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Thoughtful Graduation Gifts and Gifts for Teachers

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Looking for a gift to appreciate your teacher or graduate, Walkers has some great options!

A few simple and sweet stress-free solutions.

At the end of the school year families are often busy with graduation ceremonies, saying farewell to classmates and teachers, and attending or hosting graduation parties. After a challenging and fun school year, our Walkers Shortbread family wants to make this celebratory time of the year a bit easier and enjoyable for students and parents. Instead of struggling to find graduation gifts, teacher appreciation gifts, or party favors, we have a few simple and sweet stress-free solutions.


Graduation Party Planning

Hosting a graduation party? You may have already secured the venue, selected and sent invitations, and organized decorations…but is the menu done? Have you picked out graduation party favors?

Walkers treats aren’t just for a cup of tea—and they’re not just for dessert. Although our cookies can delight party guests as part of simple recipes like coconut shortbread truffles or ginger lemon shortbread parfait (and we have gluten-free recipes to accommodate party guests with a gluten intolerance), our Walkers Oat Crackers can also surprise guests before your meal by accompanying baked brie, or take center stage of your meal as shared or personal-sized chicken pot pies.

Before guests head home, pass along our personal snack packs. (These come in gluten-free cookie options too!)


Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teachers donate so much of their professional and personal time to educating and improving the lives of others. After a long school year, a small token of thanks can go a long way in showing how much you care. We often pair a Walkers Shortbread gift tin with a coffee mug. Or pair the mug with a shortbread snack pack and a gift card. Teachers will remember your gratitude in the years to come each time they use their mug.


Find Gifts that Match Your Values

Graduations are major life events that bring together many generations in one’s family. The Walkers family legacy—after over 120 years—remains a proud family-owned business. We keep celebrating our family life events and hope you enjoy our ideas above to make long-lasting memories with your families and special people in your life.

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