Smoked Pork and Jalapeno Cream Cheese Mini Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies

With the holiday season approaching, this is one of my ‘go to’ appetizers when friends unexpectedly turn up for drinks. I always have several packs of Walkers mini crunchy oatmeal cookies and canned jalapenos in the pantry and cream cheese in the refrigerator and can turn out a delicious appetizer display in minutes. Smoked pork is my favorite on this appetizer, but you can use chicken or pieces of torn prosciutto. It’s even really tasty with a little sliced fig on top of the cream cheese. 

Makes about 25 appetizers 


1   4.4 oz pack Walkers mini crunchy oatmeal cookies

2 cups whipped cream cheese

 1 jalapeno, (seeds removed) finely diced or 2 TBS drained, canned jalapenos

8 ounces smoked pork (or chicken) – shredded

½ cup peach jam

Cilantro or micro greens to garnish



Fold the jalapeno to taste, into the cream cheese and spoon or pipe with a star tip onto the cookies. Top with pieces of the shredded meat and finish with a little peach jam. Garnish with cilantro or micro greens.