Stilton, Pear & Pecan Brittle Oat Crackers


12 Walkers Three Seed Oat Crackers
3.5 oz. Caster Sugar
Pinch of Smoked Paprika
6 - 8 Pecans, finely chopped
3.5 oz. Stilton, crumbled
2 Small Pears
Lemon Juice


  • Place the sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan on a medium heat. Don't stir as the sugar will crystallize, but rather swirling gently to move the molten sugar around the pan.
  • As the sugar dissolves, place the chopped pecan on a sheet of greaseproof paper and sprinkle over the paprika.
  • When the sugar is all liquid and has a dark gold color, pour over the the pecans and allow to cool and harden. Then break into lots of irregular brittle shards. When ready to serve, core and slice the pear and toss in lemon juice. Pat dry with paper towel. Place a couple of slices of pear onto the oat cracker.
  • Crumble the stilton and pile onto the pear.
  • Top with pecan brittle to serve.
Three Seed Oat Crackers
Three Seed Oat Crackers Three Seed Oat Crackers