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Highlanders Shortbread

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9 Shortbread Highlanders

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An exclusive recipe to Walker’s, Highlanders Shortbread cookies are dense and crumbly, made with creamery butter, finest flour, sugar, salt and hand-rolled in crunchy demerara sugar for an extra crunchy deliciousness. They taste just right with any hot tea.

Box Dimensions 9.4″ x 3.2″ x 1.5″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 100g
Calories 110
Calories from Fat 50
Total Fat 26.9g
Saturated Fat 16.8g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 20mg (6% DV)
Sodium 70mg (3% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 61.7g
Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV)
Sugars 5g
Protein 5.2g
Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0% DV
Iron 0%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (29%), sugar, demerara sugar (4%), salt


Wheat, milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for Highlanders Shortbread

What can I say that hasn’t been said? Wonderful cookie for dessert or with tea or coffee. Please don’t ever change a thing, Walkers. Your shortbread cookies are as delicious and fresh as they were when I was growing up.
Ginny C
highlanders are among the most delicious cookies i’ve ever tasted! the sugar topping adds the crunch and sweetness to take highlanders from rich buttery shortbread to a spectacular dessert cookie!
Excellent tasting shortbread butter cookies. The cookies are great on their own,our serve as a great complement to tea, or coffee. I would highly recommend these cookies.
I love these cookies and I always share with my coworkers.
therese dickenson
I don't know that my wife and I have had Highlander Shortbread cookies (her heritage is Clan Frazer; mine is Clan Douglas). So, we are looking forward to trying them during our afternoon tea and shortbread sessions. Cannot comment on the shortbread cookies themselves yet. Package is still unopened until after Christmas
These are wonderful. A big buttery cookie with crisp texture. If you want a cookie or biscuit to savor and satisfy with tea or coffee go no further, you have found the winner. Now include men in kilts and the picture is perfect. Will be a definite reorder for me. The delivery arrived in perfect condition and entire order was well protected.
Laura Buckley
These were for a gift , but I have had them many times in the past and they are perfect with afternoon tea.
Alan Kerns
This cookie is absolutely delicious. It's buttery, not too sweet and has just the right amount of crunch. Love it.
Also sent some to my "kids". Enjoyed by them and their children.
Stephen E Root
Outstanding crisp buttery cookie. Our favorite of all Walkers Shortbread cookies.
While these are not my favorite cookies from Walkers they are still very good. Packaging is good and the cookies are very fresh.
Want a cookie that satisfies all your taste requirements when choosing a sweet? Then this is your baby! Shortbread Highlanders can't be beat!
Scott S
These are my favorite Walkers!
Your product is delicious and a little addictive. Also you delivered in a timely manner. Thank you.
These Highlanders are my personal favorite. Some cookies arrived broken, but were still eaten! They are delicious! Sweet & buttery. Will definitely buy again.
Louise Ward
The most delicious of them all, and I love walker’s.
Lady Melissa
I ordered these for my 90-year-old mom and she loves them. She loves the flavor and they go great with her tea.
Best cookies and are as fresh as if you bought them from a bakery. Loved them and they arrived in a few days.
Rose Kent
I first tried these at our hotel in London and knew I had to order these! They were the most delicious shortbread cookies I’d ever tasted. I went to the website and quickly ordered several different tins of them and cartons of them to keep my tins full! These are made in Scotland and shipped from New York. I received them just 4 days later and omg they are even better than I remembered. My order was a large one because I plan to give some as souvenirs from our cruise to the British Isles. Just hope I don’t eat them all first! Just saw that my next order will be shipped free!
Brenda Heflin
Very tasty. I am a fan of shortbread biscuits and this one is high on my list.
Maureen Needham
This are wonderful cookies and the best gifts. We purchase these from Walkers website every year for our friends and family. Perfect.
Lori R Walker
Great tasting shortbread cookies, buttery taste; yum.
Margaret Mirrotto
This is our favorite of all shortbread cookies! We've tried every brand and every style that Walkers has, and this is it -- perfect density, crunch from the raw sugar border, and just the right amount of sweet. I order these by the case.
Kelly Lorraine
Since I discovered this particular cookie long ago in a grocery store in Knoxville, TN, this has become my all-time favorite cookie. So unique (and delicious) with the sugar crystals on the edge! I really like that I can buy these in quantity directly from Walkers.
Scott Nixon
You'll be glad you bought these and then you'll order more!
I just love shortbread. It is like biting into a little piece of heaven, each time. While having some shipping problems with broken shortbread pieces with other types, the Highlander’s have never been broken. I love them.
Seriously these Highlanders cookies are the very best. They're so good!!! I couldn't stop eating them they are that delicious :):) Try them you will be obsessed. I am already planning my next order with Walkers. Thank you, Thank you. They arrived great with a late expiration date that is a huge plus for me.
Great shortbread cookie with a touch of sugar on top just the right treat with your favorite drink! :-)
Kathryn A Eucce
Absolutely the BEST shortbread cookies in the market. Nice size. Perfect ingredients combination. Also they come in different shapes and sizes. Tins are my preference for Holiday gifts.
Clara A
Simply the best darn butter cookie I have ever had!
These are my favorites of all time: the great taste of a shortbread cookie accented with sugar crystals on the outer rim.
I've eaten shortbread cookies over years and while I love them generally speaking, these are just the best I've eaten. I don't know if it could be any better. Yum...
These have become my favorite shortbread since I tasted them from my last order. I love all of Walker's Shortbread, but these really make my pallet happy!
Paul D Robbins Jr
ABSOLUTELY, the very BEST shortbread you can buy! It has a wonderful texture which is always consistent, and it’s flavor is yummy with butter and not too much sugar. PLEASE don’t change your recipe (or sell out to a cheap manufacturer who will)!!!❤️
This pure butter cookies are terrific!! My favorite ones!!
Cecilia Coss
These are my favorite.just enough sweetness.
Highland shortbread is my favorite excellent flavor.
I like all of your shortbreads but this style is fantastic. Big crunchy cookies, great texture and flavor. The dusting of sugar is just enough to provide a little more sweetness. I'll be ordering more soon.
Simply the best !!
Jacquelin Dayton
This has become my husband's new favorite. Light crisp and tasty. Nice crisp crunch that melts in your mouth. I highly suggest these.
Tracey McIntyre
Excellent cookies. I buy them regularly for my sister who loves them.
Judy Gunderson
Love the buttery flavor! There is no shortbread that measures up to this one!
Marcia Abbott
These are my all time favorites.
These are the very best cookie one can buy in a store. Hands down.
These are simply the BEST! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Elizabeth B
Extremely good tasting and adds a snap with hot cocoa or high tea.
Gordon Moore
Buy. The best.
Sandy Sue
I fell in love with Shortbread on a event trip to Scotland! Delicious!
My favorites.
Since I discovered this particular cookie long ago in a grocery store in Knoxville, TN, this has become my all-time favorite cookie. So unique (and delicious) with the sugar crystals on the edge! I really like that I can buy these in quantity directly from Walkers.
Scott Nixon
The "Highlander" Shortbread cookies are the best; we allow ourselves "one a day for our Happy Hour Treat!"
Sandra Christensen
I order this every year around this time. I must have this for Thanksgiving and Christmas time.
Margaret Dozier
This is the second time ordering directly from Walkers. Both times the cookies were received well packaged and promptly. These Highlanders and Scottie dogs are perfectly delicious, I cannot compete with my own recipe. I decorate them for the holidays and give the cookie credit to Walkers and the decorating credit to me!
The best shortbread I have ever had.
Katherine Beckett
The whole family loves Walkers. Especially the Highlanders.
Edna Dix
This is what we chose to bring back from England. Made the cut for room in the suitcase:)
Marlene Smithers
All Walkers products are delicious! Always fresh! They disappear too fast!
Andrea Gutierrez
It is delight to have with coffee in the afternoon.
Lorenzo Messina
These rich, buttery cookies are not too sweet and the perfect afternoon snack or after dinner ending. Now my husband likes them and has ordered many more!
Margaret Cohn
These are my favorite cookies. They are buttery and not too sweet. I love dipping them in my morning coffee.
Nothing beats Walkers Shortbread but of all their incredible products, this is hands down my favorite. I love the crust of sugar crystals that gives it an added dimension. Anyone who likes Shortbread will LOVE these Highlanders.
These cookies are a perfect size and have an excellent flavor! Great to have on hand.
My family recently visited Scotland and were introduced to Walker’s Shortbread. The ingredients are so simple and I love that there are no preservatives or chemicals used to make them. We love them!
Walkers shortbread cookies are something I wished I had tried earlier, a lot earlier. Excellent cookies you can taste the quality! I will be back for more.
I've tried several different Walkers cookies. These are my favorites. If you check the ingredients, you'll find that they are low in sugar a big surprise because they taste great and contain only natural ingredients including demerara sugar. I buy them by the case and will continue to do so. Give yourself a treat and get some of these.
Due to consistent quality these are always delicious! Never a disappointment.
Melt in your mouth delicious!
Lori B
Love those, but why would I pay $7.99 for them on-line directly from the company if I can buy them for $4.99 from a local store?
I simply love their shortbread cookies. I have noticed a slight difference in taste and hope they haven’t started to downgrade their ingredients but overall I still enjoy them.
Cookie Monster Dude
To me, Highlanders are the BEST of the Classic Shortbread cookies. Not a thin cookie but it's far from 'heavy'...it's a perfect blend of buttery ingredients encircled by a dusting of a wonderful light sugar edge. Take a bite, let it rest on your tongue & experience this rich buttery cookie in all its decadence! Thank you Walkers!!
These are truly the best shortbread cookies -- incredible texture and flavor. Best of class!
The best cookie with coffee and tea. I've tried all their shortbread products and love the Highlanders the best.
D. Brice
My favorite!
I received my pkg today!!! I was very happy with the way it was shipped with care to keep the shortbread intact. And my free box!!! How amazing, I was expecting one of the small bags. Now I just have to remember much of my order is gifts to friends and family.
Wonderfully delicious shortbread but a bit disappointed that in two boxes, three in each were broken into small pieces. Walkers always stands behind their product!! Five stars for them.
Walkers cannot be beat for shortbread. Very buttery, right texture. Enjoyable dessert experience.
pamela smith
Of all the Walkers cookies, these are my favorite. They just have the best shortbread taste. They are so rich and buttery. By far my favorite!
Best " shortbread " on the planet. Bar none ! I am in heaven with a couple & my cup of tea .
Rickey G Hayle
These cookies are delicious!
Years ago my family hosted a student from Scotland. When asked if his family had a shortbread recipe, he replied "We buy Walkers." And the crunch of the Highlanders makes them sublime.

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