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Gluten Free Ginger & Lemon Shortbread

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9 Gluten Free Ginger & Lemon Shortbread Cookies

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This crumbly cookie combines the best of traditional Scottish baking with the exotic tang of Stem Ginger and Lemon.

Walker’s Shortbread can be enjoyed by all with this Certified Gluten Free Shortbread made using butter, sugar, and salt like our regular shortbread, but contain a blend of rice and maize flour, and potato starch which gives it the pure-butter taste, aroma, and texture you will love.

Our promise is “all the pure-butter taste, aroma and texture you love, but without the gluten”.

Carton Dimensions 9.4″ x 3.2″ x 1.5″
Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 2 pieces (31g), Servings per Container: About 5.
Calories 160
Calories from Fat 70
Total Fat 8g (12% DV)
Saturated Fat 5g (24% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg (8% DV)
Sodium 75mg (3% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 21g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV)
Sugars 9g
Protein 1g,
Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 2%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Flour blend (rice, potato starch, maize, stabilizer: xanthan gum), butter (milk) (27%), sugar, crystallized stem ginger (9%) (stem ginger, sugar), ground ginger, lemon oil, salt


Milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

Shipping $7.50 on all US orders.

Reviews for Gluten Free Ginger & Lemon Shortbread

I loved the Ginger and Lemon flavor. I wouldn't even have known they were gluten-free.
Justin Clark
I love ginger and lemon tea, so I thought I would try the ginger and lemon shortbread biscuit. A great combination for the taste buds and extremely enjoyable.
Yummy as a ginger cookie, well- balanced flavor. PLUS, gluten free is not noticeable - not over sweet, no odd taste , no odd texture. This is true for ALL of the Walkers g-free I've tasted;(husband must be gluten free)and walker gluten free cookies are NOT half-burned, hyper-sugared , buried in an overpowering flavor to kill off-notes or odd mush-crumble texture.
I was so happy to receive such great gluten free cookies. Thank you so much for thinking about those of us who love a great cookie and usually can't because they aren't gluten free.
These have been my goto cookie since I found them. They are the best!
It is very buttery in taste and texture and the ginger adds a nice zest!
Leslie McLaughlin
Loved the combination of lemon and ginger. Would buy again.
Brenda Rogers
We bought it because we like the ginger/lemon combination; we are not gluten intolerant. Among the limited gluten-free baked goods we had tried in the past, this one tastes very good. Wish there's something similar in the regular shortbread category.
This product is wonderful. Will be really happy when you get it back in stock!
Ingrid Brown
these cookies far exceeded my expectations. they are now my new favorite cookie and i'm not gluten intolerant. 😀
These are soooo good for gluten free shortbread cookies. Can we please have this back as a single item and not bundled. The chocolate chips are not my favorite yet I have to buy the variety pack with the chocolate chip to get this. I wanted to order at least 3 of these today. So disappointed.
These gluten-free, light cookies have a lovely balance of bright citrus with tiny bits of ginger. A new favorite!
Edith Kurie
These are delicious!
Ms Thomas
Best GF cookie i have ever tasted.
I have had Celiac Disease for several years and it has been difficult to find a cookie that is satisfying and delicious. Well, these cookies fit the bill to a T! The only complaint is that they are rather expensive for only 9 cookies, when you add the shipping, the cost is much higher. I purchased 4 boxes to avoid the shipping cost, but since I am only person in my home that eats them they will last me for a long time! I really do enjoy them with a cup of coffee.
These arrive when expected and were well packed, These shortbreads are well balanced between the lemon taste and the ginger, neither overwhelms the other. I especially like the chunks of ginger, gives a little extra chewiness.
Gillian Spencer
The ginger and lemon is a yummy addition to this shortbread that back memories of sitting in my grandmother's kitchen in the 1960s drinking milk tea and eating the best shortbread ever. Thanks for making a wonderful, melt in your mouth gluten free shortbread available to me out in rural Western Massachusetts.
Nancy Stenberg
I love these cookies. Thank you for making some of your products Gluten Free.
This shortbread is really good. I like the ginger and lemon, but a little more of that flavor would make it even better.
Everybody loves ginger! These GF shortbreads are sublime! There are little chunks of ginger throughout with a subtle hint of lemon. My gluten-full family had no idea they were gluten FREE, so now I have to hide them away! (the cookies, not my family). And they were so fresh!
So good. Thank you for giving us gluten free shortbread. I bought extra to send to my mother. She always loved your shortbread. What a treat.
Just how great can it get to have Gluten Free Short Breads, especially Ginger & Lemon added to the shortbread.
Robert L Trucksess
Love it! Nine ginger & Lemon flavor - very balanced, tastes TERRIFIC
Ms.B Gallagher
Bought these for my GF son, but I loved them too. The lemon and pieces of ginger plus the wonderful shortbread make these the ultimate treat! Just lovely!
Margaret Walker
I have celiac and these gluten free lemon/ginger shortbread cookies are superb!!!
We've been big fans of Walkers Shortbread Cookies for years! After our most recent purchase, we've dicovered a new MOST FAVORITE Walkers Shortbread cookie - the Gluten Free Ginger & Lemon Shortbread. It's just delicious! Thank you so much!
Miller Family
Love , love , love these
These are the BEST Gluten-free cookies I have ever had! I love shortbread anyway, and these have all the characteristics - snap, crumble in your mouth, and the lemon-ginger flavor is over the top! Thanks, Walkers, for making something for us who must eliminate gluten!
I ordered the Gluten Free Shortbread again as I was very impressed the first time. Ingrid
Ingrid Brown
Hi Walkers!! I just received my order!! In One Day!! And OMG!! I tried something different! Highlanders have always been my favorite -- But today I got Ginger & Lemon Shortbread! It's WONDERFUL!!!
The taste is definitely there with the bits of candied ginger and lemon.
I ordered these because I am willing to try something new .... this one was a mistake. The flavor was there, but the cookie was dry and came in a hundred pieces. This cookie did not travel well, the rest of the other kinds from this order were just fine, so it had to the cookie. I have tried other gluten-free cookies in the past, but I won't be ordering this again--sorry.
Carla Oster
Love them. Too bad I can’t find them in eastern Canada stores.
Susan Walsh
These are my favorite cookie. My grocery ran out the last time I was there so I ordered them from you. The ginger and lemon are very light but a perfect addition to shortbread also you wouldn't know they are gluten free they are so close to regular shortbread. Thank you Walkers
Barbara Peatie
I love these cookies 💜
Lucy Cornell
These are so good, I'm afraid to order more! I had ordered a case and, after tasting one cookie, I proceeded to eat all nine in one of the boxes. I have to hide them from everybody (including me) and dole them out -- in an appropriate number. Don't know how you did it. This is the best gluten-free item I've ever eaten.
Best gluten free cookies you will ever eat! I have been waiting since before Christmas for them to come back in.
jill star
Pretty good for a gluten-free cookie. I liked the lemon/ginger combination. Would like to see more lemon flavored cookies!
karen Jones
Just the right amount of lemon flavoring to bring out the great taste.
Many GF products suffer from poor taste and poor quality. These are excellent: tasty and fulfilling. Definitely recommend
Priscilla Caine
Absolutely love these. Love the pieces of ginger.
Fresh and delicious shortbread! Just the right amount of lemon and ginger in them.I don't need gluten free but I could not tell the difference.
Mary Kreider
These ginger lemon shortbread cookies are pretty good for a gluten free cookie. Would definitely buy again. Free shipping would be nice.
Cheryl Radl
3xcellent flavor and texture!
John Odams
Found these at my local Safeway. They have excellent flavor and the buttery crumbly texture. Sadly, they aren’t at Safeway. Very happy to be able to purchase them again. Highly recommend.
Really tasty not gritty. Good chew factor
I couldn't believe my good fortune when I found these (gluten free, Lemon Ginger) at an out-of-town grocery store. Hadn't enjoyed Walkers Shortbread since my celiac diagnosis 13+ years ago. They were even better than I remembered! Thank you!!!
My first time trying this cookie and it was delicious. The little chunks of Lemon mixed in with the wonderful shortbread made it that much more enjoyable. I will definitely order again.
I loved the lemon and ginger flavor. I will order again.
Carole Lakomec
It is so rare to find a gluten-free cookie that is every bit as good as the original. Walkers never disappoint!
Joanne Richards
Before I needed to eat gluten free, I loved Walker's Lemon Ginger biscuits. Now that I have to eat gluten free, these are a wonderful alternative. Really love these cookies!!!
I was so delighted to find Walker’s gluten free shortbread! The lemon ginger has lovely, little chewy bits of ginger and just the right amount of lemon flavor. <3
A wonderful flavor. Walkers always good.
Robyn Pauley
Absolutely delicious with tea. We now have afternoon tea with these biscuits.
these are great!! Ive recently gone gluten free and finding really tasty cookies have been hard, and these are wonderful.
Patricia OBrien
The cookies could be good with just the lemon, but the ginger is so overpowering on the flavor it ruins it. My mouth burns afterward.
i am ordering these just for me. It is so seldom that i find a good gluten free product and these are delicious. I love the pieces of candied ginger
Wonderful ginger and lemon combination. Crispy. My favorite shortbread!
Bettye Myer
Delicious. I love the flavour of these cookies.
Highly Recommended
Delicious. Will purchase again!
Purchased for friend who eats gluten free. She loves the cookies.
I don't like Ginger Cookies but my husband does so I got these for him. I was very surprised to find that these taste like very good lemon cookies. I couldn't detect any ginger flavor.
Kathleen E.
I absolutely love this cookie! With a cup of tea or in recipes. What a treat!
You'd hardly know these were gluten-free. The flavor is excellent and the texture (usually the downfall of gluten-free cookies) is very good.
Gluten Free never tasted so good! These are definitely a favorite; chewy pieces combined with delicious lemon flavor.

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