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Ginger Royals Shortbread

Weight: 63.6oz
Weight: 63.6oz

12 Chocolate Ginger Royals Shortbread

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Combines the moistness of real stem ginger with the crispness of Walkers traditional pure butter shortbread smothered in irresistible rich, smooth dark chocolate.  Presented in distinctively elegant packaging, they make the perfect gift or self indulgent after-dinner treat.

Box Dimensions 7.8″ x 5.3″ x 1.4″
Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Total Fat 7g
Saturated Fat 4g
Total Carbohydrate 15g
Protein 1g,
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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Reviews for Ginger Royals Shortbread

This was as good as always. Not one of my favorites, but good. I miss the chocolate shortbread rings which were simple, delicious, and your best product ever.
Mary Shields
First time having these and not disappointed whatsoever. Top quality just like the other Walker products.
Mark Rohde
These yummy shortbread cookies have that surprising ginger treat that you taste intermittently. They are the yummiest with coffee or tea!
Awesome, the very best paring of rich chocolate, ginger, and delicate thin shortbread. Will order more.
You will feel like royalty when nibbling on these - dark chocolate enrobed, buttery shortbread flecked with stem ginger. Ginger Royals are perfect with tea and substantial enough to enjoy with an after dinner coffee. I take out two and put the box back in the pantry, so I don't eat more!
These shortbread cookies are so good. There are pieces of ginger in every cookie that really adds a lot of flavor.
Cynthia Costa
These cookies are sooo good! Chocolate is rich and buttery flavor, will reorder again. Loved them! Great combination of flavors.
Lourdes Alvarez
I love Walker's shortbread. I love dark chocolate. I love ginger. Put the 3 together and I'm in heaven!!! These cookies are incredible!!!
The texture and chocolate coating are both fine, but I would have liked to taste a stronger amount of the ginger....that flavor is extremely subtle for a ginger lover like me!
susan blake
I love the ginger flavor along with shortbread! I could eat whole box at once!
Absolutely delicious! I ate the whole box of cookies in 3 days and relished each one.
Sandra Floyd
These are my absolute favorite treats! They are the perfect combination of shortbread, chocolate, and ginger! The only problem? There are never enough!! If you’re on the fence about these because of the ginger, don’t be. The ginger is what makes these so special and unbelievably delectable!
These are my favorite cookies in the world!!
David Glass
These were delicious with the ginger, and now with chocolate, just heaven
The Ginger Royals Shortbread cookies are my favorites, which is saying a lot, since I like the Walkers cookes so much. The dark chocolate, the ginger flavor, the textures, it's all wonderful.You can taste the quality. I will buy them again and again.
Dark chocolate, the perfect balance of ginger with the classic shortbread. You can’t go wrong!
I would rate it a SIX if I could! My only complaint is that they are not available year long. I was told that is because the chocolate melts in the summer.???? I don't hear that excuse from any other Chocolatier.
John McKenzie
ginger royals melt in your mouth and are sublime in texture and taste. cannot stop at one delicious.
janet mcgill
Perfect mix of flavors - not too much ginger in the shortbread so it blends perfectly with the chocolate. Very glad I decided to try these - will definitely order again!
Jen G.
I have no idea why my store stopped carrying these as we bought every box they put out. Wonderful cookies. The perfect end to a meal.
karen oakes
Oh, my gosh, all I can say is thank you for this amazing cookie. Brought them for the holidays and they were gobbled up immediately. Had I known how good they were going to be? I'd have bought about 3 boxes, or more. The whole family, and guests, all agreed they were fantastic, nice crisp cookie and delicious chocolate coating. YUM
Louisa Reppucci
We have always enjoyed the Walkers Stem Ginger Cookies plain; but with the "dark chocolate" it is a real treat!
Helen Camplese
Delicious creamy chocolate and chewy ginger prices in short bread! This is my very favorite and Walkers makes the best!
karen Jones
These cookies are great. Shortbread surrounded by creamy dark chocolate with just a touch of heat inside, thanks to the ginger.
Linda Conger
These cookies are so delicious. Dark chocolate covered shortbread cookies with chewy bits of ginger. Awesome!
The chocolate that these Ginger Royals are dipped in is not nearly dark enough for me, therefore I gave these 4 stars. The ginger flavor is good, but darker chocolate please!
These are the most delicious cookies! Perfect combination of chocolate, ginger, and shortbread. They're our favorites!
Sandra Boys
If you like ginger and chocolate this combo can't be beat. I wish I had ordered more. In FL I keep mine in the frig.
Donna OHiggins
I really am enjoying these lovely shortbreads. The dark chocolate coating over the rich ginger laced shortbread makes a delightful treat. The chocolate does not melt on your fingers, maybe it is because they are eaten before they melt.
Roberta SharpeMartin
a Christmas gift of reliable quality for the cookie lover. In this case, also a person fond of real chunks of ginger. Great with tea or coffee.
Laurel Kahak
excellent - ginger and chocolate, how can you miss!!!

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