Walker's Shortbread Inc.
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2 Pack Fingers 15 ct.

Weight: 15oz
Weight: 180oz

2 Shortbread Fingers (1 oz.) x 15

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Individually packed classic pure butter Shortbread Fingers Snack Packs are great to enjoy and share at all your favorite outings. Bring along for a handy snack when hiking trails or to work for a snack break. Try dipping the fingers in chocolate for an extra special treat!

Box Dimensions 2.8″ x 8.3″ x 3.5″

Nutrition Amount Per Serving
Serving Size 1 pack (28.4g), Servings per Container: 1.
Calories 150
Calories from Fat 80
Total Fat 8g (13% DV)
Saturated Fat 5g (26% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg (8% DV)
Sodium 100mg (4% DV)
Total Carbohydrate 17g (6% DV)
Dietary Fiber Less than 1g (2% DV)
Sugars 4g
Protein 2g,
Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%
Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (32%), sugar, salt


Wheat, milk. May also contain nuts. Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher OUD. Store in a cool dry place.

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Reviews for 2 Pack Fingers 15 ct.

Always perfect!
There is no comparison out there like the buttery goodness of Walkers Shortbread. Our whole family is addicted to them! Not too sweet and so very satisfying. Can not imagine life without walkers shortbread.
the product arrived on time and in perfect condition and as usual is delicious. I haven't used the free coffee yet. Have ordered several times and the service has always been great
Jill Ronshaugen
I bought these for myself. I bring a pack to work and savor it during my break. So yummy. Walkers makes the best shortbread.
Love this product! I have bought Walkers shortbread cookies at stores before, but wanted the individual, 2-packs to place in a jar on our home coffee bar. These little cookies will be perfect to offer to guests along with their coffee or tea.
Great way to eat your favorite dessert and not the whole box.
I am a volunteer in a small, but complete little library in Youngtown, Arizona. I work the check-in desk and do shelving two shifts a week. (This is what retired English teachers do.) Since I am a long-time fan of Walker shortbread, I share the 2-pak fingers with several of our regular computer users. They are so convenient in the package, which is a generous portion for a snack or dessert. Of course I find myself eating shortbread fingers as dessert often at home. Sometimes with diced canned peaches or applesauce, sometimes without. Luv, luv, luv your shortbread!
Priscilla Fenner
These 2 pack finger cookies are great. I've been eating them for 20 years. Which you would offer a 24 pack.
Stan Matsuba
Love this small package, you don't have to open a large pack if you are wanting only a few. Very good taste and texture.
Lidia Conte
These are perfect for gifts! I stash one package of these delicious goodness as a filler for Christmas mugs along with Starbucks cocoa & Ferrero Rocher chocolates. And my 4 year old is a Walker shortbread fan so she takes these in her lunch tote to school. I hope you never run out of stock on these.
Tasty stocking stuffers or gift basket fillers. Best shortbread outside of fresh baked.
Finally! I found a shortbread cookie that actually tastes like the buttery cookies I remember from my childhood! I was so tired of bland, tasteless shortbread cookies full of preservatives. I'm so glad I found Walkers shortbread fingers with their delicious natural ingredients. Thank you for making these tasty treats!!
Janet Zepf
A great way to buy excellent shortbread for snacks and lunches. Fresh, the wonderful Walkers flavor, a perfect choice.
Fabulously delicious shortbread. I love these 2 pack cookies as they stay so fresh and I like to give them as gifts and or treats to friends. Because they are individually wrapped, there is no danger of passing along any germs based on the effects of Covid 19 or any variation thereof. This an old, well-established company with a wonderful product. So happy that you are still in business!
Linda DeMartino
Absolutely delicious. I share with my friends and their children when they visit and always get rave reviews. Thank you for making such a delicious shortbread.
As cafeterias and many other food service options are closed or difficult, lunches must be packed for essential workers. These are an easy and nice addition to those lunch bags.
Donah Beale
This is the real thing! Amazing buttery flavor. Perfect for dipping in your morning tea!
great product and healthy less sugar in them for diabetics.
margaret lyons
Walker's shortbread cookies are superior in taste, quality. Great for gift-giving. I love the fact that there are no undesirable ingredients that all other commercial big manufacturers use to enhance/sell their products to the disadvantage (health) of customers.
Maureen Majerus
In 40+ years I've never found a better shortbread than Walker's and I've tried several. I really like this twin pack because they're always fresh. Great idea!
The package arrived very promptly. It was very well wrapped. The only bad thing was that some of the fingers were broken. Not too badly, just a few broken into two pieces. However, that didn't stop me from eating them and thoroughly enjoying them. I would have eaten them if they had been in crumbs. Walker's shortbread is the very best cookie I have ever eaten. So, breaks and all, they were delicious. The two pack is very convenient and the cookie is a perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee.
Leonard Cohen
My favourite always and such a great little gift to hand to clients who are always so delighted to receive these little packages - love the size the quantity - it is just right.
Veronica McGowan
They are the best shortbread I have ever had and that includes some specialty shortbread from a baker in Washington DC. I will certainly be ordering again. I found the website very easy to find and use. Information was very thorough for each product.
I love shortbread cookies and these are the best plus they are packaged two to a pack.
Joan Darling
What a great idea...two wonderful shortbread fingers in one terrific package. Great for lunch boxes or if you need to stop after this one. Perfect for an afternoon snack.
I love the taste of all classic Walkers shortbread but having these individually-wrapped pairs makes it so easy to slip just one package in my purse/brief case for a long commute, missed lunch, afternoon break, snack on a flight, etc.
Reminds us of Scotland with every bite.
Joan Trzinski
Delicious with a nice cup of tea!
Phyllis Lamb
Walkers short bread cookies are the perfect cookies when you are craving a delicious snack. I really love these cookies.
Mamie West
These delightful cookies are so sweet and light, and the packaging ensures freshness for months. A sure winner, don't miss these cookies!
Really like these cookies. They came fresh. Even though they were packaged nicely there were a few broken ones but they tasted good just the same. I would buy them again.
Douglas Jones
I have loved these cookies for 50 years and the ease of ordering and delivery is the greatest. The selection is excellent and the value as far as price is amazing. if you love quality food order up some Walkers shortbread!
Daniel Klain
The convenient packaging and excellent portion sizing makes this product a winner!
Beth Alonso
Excellent flavor! We love them!
Mary B.
The cookies are great as always and the package arrived exactly as we were told. A great company to do business with.
Jill Ronshaugen
Love these cookies. These individual 2 packs are perfect for taking to work for a snack. Every bite is delicious.
Have you considered three to a pack?? Or better yet four?? Always tasty.
Knowing that I love classic shortbread cookies, and Walker's brand in particular, my husband ordered 12 boxes of these 2 Pack Fingers - 12 count cookies. I just finished a gift box (a huge metal tin) of mixed shape cookies he got for me last Christmas so I am ready to start enjoying this batch as soon as this evening.
Elaine Young
Walkers short bread cookies have always been my favorite and I ordered these for our wedding. Great pricing and great taste!
Love the cookies
Sharla Willsey
Excellent product. They are always very fresh and shipped with tremendous care. The shortbread is prepared with the best ingredients. I really enjoy them.
Love this product-may be top much--that is why I buy 2pk, helps me limit my consumption!
Great favors for my sons wedding. They were a big hit!
Nancy Walker
Great cookies - individually wrapped for ease of handling single serving size.
Our adult kids and my little grandchildren love these cookies! We get them every year. The delivery was prompt and I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves Walker shortbread!!
Mary Ann Burns
Delicious. Good to eat any time of year. Sadly, Fedex left our order out in the rain without putting it into a plastic bag or ringing our door bell, so the product was ruined, but Walkers has promised to replace it.
Cherry Bennett
The best!! Hands down!!
Great product, nice display box for individual packets.
Maureen Brennan
Always a good choice. I had the best ones ever when I needed a good snack at the airport in Edinburgh.
Sharon Lind
Simply the best... fresh, buttery... none better
I bought these cookies for my sister because she was unable to purchase them at the store. Her son-in-law was born and raised in England, he brought her back these cookies when he visited his parents back in England. She loved them! She told me she was unable to find them at the store so I went online and purchased them for her as a gift. She LOVED them!! I will continue to buy these for her, but next time I will get her the round cookies instead of the bars. Great product!!
Judy Gunderson
These 2 packs are so easy to take along for a quick snack. The cookies stay fresh and they do not crumble, even in a purse.
as always...delicious
shirley a reid
Hard to stop eating these. Fresh and delicious!
I've been enjoying these Walker shortbread 'fingers'/sticks since the 1980s when I first visited the Gatwick Copthorne Hotel. It is still my favorite guilty pleasure to enjoy along with my tea.
These are yummy.
Carolyn ingram
Walkers products are always perfectly delicious. My order was taken care of immediately, and each item was received in excellent condition. Thank you.
Diana Elhard
Love these. Delish
Flor Diaz
I LOVE Walkers shortbread cookies. They are my favorite cookies.
This two pack is ideal. I find myself eating too many from a full package, but having two is perfect and it satisfies just as well.
Nancy Bishop
These shortbread snacks are very tasty and addictive. I will definitely order again. You can offer them to any guest who passes by.
I purchase the sealed two cookie packages to give away to visitors to my Clan tent at Scottish Highland Games. They are convenient and sanitary.
These are so good. I had a neighbor originally from Scotland and her shortbread was the best I've ever tasted. These are a close second. Everyone loves them.
Can't beat the simplicity of the ingredients and the awesome flavor of quality. Will order it again and again and ... :)
Arrived promptly, well packaged ( no broken cookies) and just as good as always. LOVE Walker's shortbread
Excelente sabor. 100 recomendables.
Almost all gone already - make so many of my friends happy when I hand them one of these little wrapped wonders...consistently wonderful
Veronica McGowan
Shortbread fingers from Walkers are always tasty and fresh. I like getting the two packs because they are a small snack that I can take with me.
Crisp, buttery and just sweet enough to satisfy a craving for a rich treat. This is my favorite special snack!
Shannon H
Very prompt delivery and the product is the genuine article ~ perfectly fresh ~ well packaged ~ no breakages ~ I highly recommend this product and I especially recommend getting a large supply ~ save on shipping and they are so good they will not last long anyway
Everyone loves Walkers shortbread cookies- and people love to receive them. I like to give these individually wrapped two-packs to my waistline watching friends. Now they can enjoy just two without being tempted to finish the whole box!
Exactly what I wished for myself, none other. Likely to return as I gifted away most of my stash! Thank you.
Matthew Ashford
reliably delicious snack treats for hungry 6th graders.
Delicious! I am rationing them so they last as long as possible.
Gretchen Vaughn
When you only want a couple of cookies ... this is the only way to enjoy them.
Bruce Cramer
great for dunking!
Robert Guizar
Just the size and amount I need to take a pack two to work.
I love walkers shortbread. I've tried making my own but just not the same!
The best there is!
Andrea Gutierrez
I love the 2pack. Just perfect size for dessert or snack.
Kathleen Rosenbaum
Good idea to package 2 cookies individually. You cant beat Walker's shortbread
Marie Fuller
No other cookie compares to Walkers Shortbread
Rick Christopher
delicious cookies! The individual wraps make them perfect for snacks or in a lunchbox treat
Nancy Skelly
Super Creamy and great with tea!
I've been enamored of Walkers Shortbread for many years. A real treat!
Love these new smaller sized shortbreads..and make the handiest little gift - I give them to everyone from my P.O. handlers to my UPS driver to my Doctor's office staff...keeping everyone happy with these little goodies...love them.
Veronica McGowan
These shortbread cookies are delicious! The perfect companion to quarantine!
Love the individually packed shortbreads as that prevents staleness & the urge to finish the shortbreads quickly before they get stale. Walkers shortbread is the best shortbread cookies - so buttery & not too sweet.
always my very favorite. the kids love it and it well packaged for snack on the go.
As with all your products that I purchase, these "fingers" are delicious. And, the convenience of having them in a "two pack" is really great. If I am sitting watching late night TV and feel a hunger pang coming on, then I just getup, get a glass of cold milk, a pack or two of these fingers and ENJOY! They are great with milk, or coffee or just about any drink.
OMG This is the first time I have ever eaten this wonderful treat! I am addicted!!
I am such a fan of your products I have to have a box at home at all times ...just knowing I can have one when I want one.
Patricia Trezza

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