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Our Top 5 Moments in the Spotlight in 2017

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Our Top 5 Moments in the Spotlight in 2017

It all began in 1898 when twenty-one-year-old Joseph Walker opened the doors of his own bakery with a loan of £50 and the ambition to bake ‘The World’s Finest Shortbread.’ As the years went by, we continued adding to our line, producing more than 80 products by the mid-1990s. Now our founder’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue the tradition of fine baking that Joseph started all those years ago.

Each and every product holds the original values of quality and natural goodness. We go to great lengths to produce the very finest product and it is extremely rewarding to hear that it is recognized as it was this year in the publications below. Just as Walkers Shortbread fans enjoy sharing special memories over tea and shortbread, we encourage you to grab a cup and some cookies while we share these moments with you:


Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest published “20 Cheeky Gifts Every Royal Family Fanatic Will Love” and the Walkers Shortbread family is not only delighted to be included, but we are thrilled to lead the list with the Buckingham Palace gift tin. The tin is full of our certified Kosher, all natural shortbread that has been made with pride in the Highlands of Scotland since 1898. We were awarded the Royal Warrant this year in honor of Walkers Shortbread being the supplier of shortbread cookies for the royal household! Royal Family fans can be proud in the knowledge that the Royal Family has Walkers Shortbread in their pantry.

The Daily Meal

In August, The Daily Meal highlighted the “quick,” “delicious” and “fun” features of Walker Shortbread for back-to-school snacks and school events. From our snack packs to our popular animal-shaped shortbread, we’re delighted this piece helps spread the word to parents that our all-natural shortbread is free of high fructose corn syrup and other additives. Walkers Shortbread boasts several simple recipes with shortbread cookies as a base that are reliable choices for bake sales and other school activities. The article highlights the recipes for a Peanut Butter S’mores Cheesecake Dip and the Dipped Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie. The latter is a simple recipe only requiring shortbread, peanut butter, and melted white almond bark – plus a few sprinkles for fun. Both are wins for school time as they can be made in advance, a bonus for busy families. Plus, with many young children living with gluten-sensitivity, all of our recipes can be substituted with our gluten-free shortbreads!

Business Insider

Fifteen years ago, Walkers Shortbread was awarded the Royal Warrant for our Scottish Oat Crackers by Her Majesty The Queen. When we received The Royal Warrant this year for our Shortbread Cookies, it did not go unnoticed. Business Insider published “The Queen Just Revealed One of Her Favorite Cookie Brands.” Yes, they’re referring to Walkers Shortbread! You can feel like royalty whenever you snack on our shortbread.


The lifestyle site Livingly highlighted the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches recipe featuring Walkers Shortbread. The no-bake recipe requires only four ingredients. Not only is this recipe perfect for a cool treat, it doesn’t require an oven, and it’s quick. When it comes to no-bake desserts, this is a perfect one to rely on when you’re short on time. Scoop your favorite strawberry ice cream in between two buttery shortbread rounds, dip half the sandwich in melted chocolate, rest on a sheet of parchment paper, and slip it into the freezer. Your sweet no-fuss strawberry “shortcakes” will be ready in a half an hour. If you have leftovers, move the sweet treats into a freezer storage container for a decadent bite any time.


Let’s not forget that earlier this year Newsday showcased Walkers Shortbread in a piece on Easter treats. Walkers Shortbread animal shapes are fun year-round, but are a great treat at Easter time. With so many additives and fillers added to Easter candy, many families rely on Walkers Shortbread because it’s made with only four simple ingredients: flour, butter, sugar and salt.

We’re proud of our press coverage this year and look forward to sharing more in the years ahead! Subscribe to our newsletter (sign up form at the bottom of this post) to receive more Walkers Shortbread news.

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