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NEW! Walkers Adds More Chocolate Shortbread

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NEW! Walkers Adds More Chocolate Shortbread

Our new chocolate shortbread collection comes wrapped in elegant packaging deserving of such luxurious cookies!

Check out our new Chocolate Products! They are all delicious.

We are sure you will be as excited about our new scrumptious chocolate-covered shortbread varieties as we are to introduce them. While we already offer Chocolate Chip Shortbread and Chocolate Scottie Dogs, our new Luxury Chocolate Shortbread Collection ties together the melt-in-the-mouth texture of rich chocolate with our classic pure butter shortbread cookies. Shortbread and chocolate…two favorites extra special together…what’s not to love? Our new chocolate shortbread collection comes wrapped in elegant packaging deserving of such luxurious cookies!

  • Our boxed Luxury Chocolate Shortbread Assortment makes a great gift just in time for the holiday gift giving season. Imagine pairing two of life’s great indulgences: the smooth taste of rich chocolate and the melt-in-your-mouth, full-butter flavor of Walkers Shortbread. We brought the traditional Fingers and Triangles Shortbread, their chocolate-covered counterparts, and the Chocolate Chip Shortbread together in the same gift box. The combination of buttery shortbread and fine chocolate is mouth-watering. A must-have.
  • An extra special addition is the Luxury Chocolate Shortbread Assortment Tin, our first ever tin full of delicious chocolate shortbreads. The cookies are similar to the boxed Luxury Shortbread Assortment but with the added fully-coated chocolate wreath. Walkers’ pure butter cookies are coated with chocolate free from genetic modification and hydrogenated oils. The tin is an indulgent gift to share with family and friends!
  • Ginger Royals Shortbread feature a blend of our crispy pure butter shortbread and tender moistness of real stem ginger with an overlay of rich dark chocolate. By itself, ginger’s strong flavor is often too overpowering to take center stage. It needs an ensemble, so we made sure the spicy zing in these cookies shares the spotlight with two long-time top performers: Chocolate and shortbread. The silky dark chocolate complements the bright zesty ginger in each decadent morsel. A warm lively treat packed with flavor.
  • Yummy toffee pieces unite with pure butter shortbread half-coated in milk chocolate in our Luxury Chocolate and Toffee Shortbread. Imagine enjoying your next cup of tea or coffee with a chocolate toffee shortbread delight. The caramelized sweetness of the toffee in the buttery cookie is a treat so special you’ll be ready to share with friends or family, or you may keep this one all to yourself!
  • Milk Chocolate Orange Royals Shortbread mix the citrus notes of Mediterranean oranges with silky-smooth milk chocolate. The milk chocolate is of the highest quality and mingles delightfully with the luscious hints of orange flavor in these crispy cookies. Chocoholics will find citrus bliss again and again since this pairing invites bite after bite.
  • A fruity flavor and chocolate marry again in our Luxury Chocolate and Raspberry Shortbread. These cookies are half-dipped in dark chocolate, the perfect balance to the berry flavor. Scrumptious raspberry shortbread half-coated in rich dark chocolate – what could be better? (Try all of the above to decide!)

The new Chocolate Shortbread luxury line makes for the ultimate personal treat, and helps make a special moment extraordinary. Of course, all Walkers Shortbread products are made with ingredients and processes that are vegetarian and Kosher-friendly. None of Walkers Shortbread products contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so individuals can feel good about indulging and gifting.

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