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Halloween Cookie Decorating Inspiration!

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Halloween Cookie Decorating Inspiration!

Walkers Shortbread helps to make Halloween Spooky Fun!

Halloween is a fun excuse to gather with neighbors for a casual get-together watching the children trick-or-treating.

Halloween is a fun excuse to gather with neighbors for a casual get-together watching the children trick-or-treating. In our neighborhood, you’ll find fire pits every few houses on the block offering the adults cozy breaks in between the children’s door-to-door journey through the neighborhood. The community Halloween gatherings also give adults going solo without any children a space to feel connected to the holiday. Everyone gathers around community fire pits and shares spooky stories, while watching the younger kids enjoy the excitement of the night. And, of course, enjoying yummy snacks like festively decorated Walkers cookies and other Halloween or fall-themed desserts.


Halloween Cookie Decorating

Halloween cookie decorating is a fun kid-friendly activity to bring everyone together. You can either have these ready for the kids (and adults) to decorate on Halloween or get them together beforehand to share with the community. Walkers Shortbread cookies lend themselves easily to decorating fun with various shapes and flavors. Come up with your own fun, cookie decorating ideas or feel free to copy some of ours below. Follow this effortless two-ingredient cookie icing recipe and you’ll be on your way to a super-easy Halloween creative project with a fun bonus of simple cleanup – just eat and share!


  1. Chocolate Scottie Dog Shortbread Cookies are the perfect foundation to make zombie dogs and werewolves. Pipe red icing for eyes and add a spiked collar and fangs with white icing.
  2. Spread a single layer of white icing on a Shortbread Round, then add a few black dots for the eyes and mouth to create an easy spooky ghost. To use the Shortbread Rounds as a base for spider web cookies, use black icing to draw the lines of the web spreading from the center of the cookie out to the edge, and then draw a small circle in the center of the cookie and then another with the original circle in its center. Use a toothpick to sweep the black icing from the center to the outer edges. The ‘web’ is ready for a spider in the center!
  3. Petticoat tails are perfectly sized for simple jack o’lantern cookies. With a little orange icing and black accents, these cookies become tasty happy, scary, and festive jack o’lanterns.


Halloween Treats to Share

In addition to the cookie decorating, a fun dessert to share at your neighborhood get together are these Mummy and Monster Dessert Cup. The recipe uses our traditional shortbread with crumbled chocolate Scottie Dogs—perfect for getting a chocolate fix!

Make a treat for the adults too. This Whiskey Pumpkin Shortbread Parfait is a creamy delight with candied nuts and fall’s favorite flavor: Pumpkin spice. (Simply skip the whiskey if desired. This dessert is decadent both ways!)

The individual serving sizes make both of these Halloween desserts perfectly simple to pass around the fire pit.


Halloween Cookie Ideas

The variety of shortbread shapes inspire endless combinations. We only offer a few Halloween cookie ideas above, but we’re sure you will come up with some too. Share your Walkers Shortbread Halloween treats and tag us on Facebook, Twitter @Shortbread and Instagram @walkersshortbread.

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