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Destress from Digital with Walkers Shortbread

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Destress from Digital with Walkers Shortbread

Great ways to distress from a hard day and digital

Looking for ways to distress and wind-down from a busy, hard day. Check out these simple and safe ways.

Virtual meeting overload? It’s time to sit back, decompress, and take some time for you!

Here are some of our favorite ways to let go of any stress from “Zoom Fatigue”.

1. Enjoy a Nice Dinner

Order out from your local restaurant an appetizer! Get dessert! And maybe enjoy a bottle of wine or mocktail mix to go.  No matter where you order from, enjoy being spoiled with a delicious dinner that you did not have to plan or cook yourself!

2. DIY Hair and Nails

Treat yourself! From an at-home facemask and hair mask to a foot soak in Epsom salt with essential oils completely pamper yourself from head to toe and you’re bound to feel a little more destressed.

3. Take A Long Hike

A perfect time to explore the open nature. Visit your local state park or any community green space. Spending some time in the fresh air with the sun warming you up will be a refreshing change from being cooped up in front of your screen. It won’t take long for you to feel relaxed.

4. Take a Tea and Cookie Break

And if you’re too exhausted from your hard work to leave home, relax from the comfort of your own kitchen. Our classic shortbread cookies pair perfectly with your favorite homemade tea. Add some extra class to your tea and cookie break with our new Walkers Tea Towel. It’s a beautiful and functional addition to any home.

Any other tips from a digital break? Please share on our social channels.


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