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Celebrate Father’s Day with Walkers Shortbread & Dad

Celebrate Father’s Day with Walkers Shortbread & Dad

Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to reminisce about those special moments with our father and other father-figures that play such big roles in our lives. Some people are fortunate to have more than one father-figure, like a step-dad, close grandfather, relative, mentor, or family friend. As Father’s Day approaches, families prepare gifts for these special men who have provided insight, support, and love in protective ways.


Walkers Shortbread Special Memories

When we asked our fans about Walkers Shortbread’s role in their special dad memories, we heard of first-time tastings of Walkers Shortbread with dads. Often a fond tradition of sharing shortbread stretches over a lifetime – even when the miles separate them. We love hearing of this shared love for Walkers passed on to children, tying the generations together.


Do you identify with any of the memories below?

Dad shared his [shortbread] with me; the first time I had it…it was so buttery and crispy and melt-in-my-mouth…we carried that love of Walkers all our lives. Every Christmas I found him a new tin or just the original. It was “our” father-daughter share. – Cindy G.

I remember going on a road trip with my grandfather when I was 7 to visit his sister. When we got there, she had set the table for tea, and there were some of the most delicious [cookies] I had ever tasted. They were Walkers Shortbread. Since then they are a treat to me, I introduced my 2 ½-year-old son to them last weekend and he said to me, “It’s delicious.” – H.L.W.

I adore Walkers Shortbread in all places, at all times, and in all ways, but my favorite really is a ritual. My dad, who’s been gone for more than a decade now, loved it too, and he used to make shortbread sundaes for just the two of us to share. I make them now when he’s especially on my mind. It’s a delicious, sweet memory… – Amy M.

My dad is 92 years young. Since he lives in another state, I send him Walkers cookies using any excuse. He enjoys them immensely, and knowing that he will have a steady supply, he shares them with Mom. – Mary-Sue G.

I have fond memories of sitting at the dining table at my parents’ house and having tea with my dad while sharing Walkers Shortbread. I will always treasure that. Now I’ve started that “tradition” with my own kids and they love it. -Katie H.C.

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