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3 Bridal Shower Dessert Table Ideas

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3 Bridal Shower Dessert Table Ideas

Try these Bridal Shower Desserts

If you can’t settle on just one dessert for the bridal shower you’re planning, use all the recipes below and make a dessert buffet table!

With wedding season approaching, bridal shower season is setting in. Whether the bride-to-be knows about the shower, or it’s a surprise, surprise her and guests with these impressive desserts that you can make ahead for easy-to-serve, individual-sized portions.


If you can’t settle on just one dessert for the bridal shower you’re planning, use all the recipes below and make a dessert buffet table! Set up tiered trays, add ruffles and a tulle table skirt, and sprinkle the bride-to-be’s favorite flower petals across the table. Add a tray of champagne glasses, and when you do, line them up beside the first recipe here:


No-Bake Champagne Cookie Pops

What’s a celebration without champagne? Start a new tradition indulging in these sweet Champagne Cookie Pops with your glass of bubbly to toast the bride-to-be. Champagne cookie pops boast bonuses: no oven needed, easy to personalize, and can be effortlessly modified for a gluten-free dessert. Start your celebrations early with a glass of champagne while you make these!

Make the cake pops extra special and prepare them as favors for guests to take home with a small bottle of champagne in a take-away bag. Add a custom touch to the champagne bottles by printing labels with the bride’s name. Or add a personalized decorative ribbon to the pops and use them as delicious seating cards, the perfect welcome treats for when guests arrive! The cake pop recipe uses Walkers Shortbread Rounds, but swap Walkers Gluten-Free Shortbread to accommodate dietary needs of your bridal shower guests.


Lemon Mousse Berry Parfaits

Take advantage of the abundance of spring and early-summer berry harvests with Lemon Mousse Berry Parfaits. As another no-bake recipe option, the parfaits store well and are a breeze to prepare in individual serving sizes. Crush Walkers Shortbread Highlander cookies to crumble on top of the mousse and berries. Make the parfaits a day or two before the bridal shower and keep refrigerated until serving. Classic mason jars serve as one of the easiest ways to prep the parfaits as individual portions. You can re-use the mason jars for other parties, or order custom mason jars with a special message for a commemorative token of the bride’s special day.


Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes

If you’re looking for an ideal make-ahead recipe for a bridal shower, add these Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes to your list! Cheesecake benefits from having time to set and chill, and you’ll benefit from having that time to focus on your other party chores the day of the bridal shower. Perfectly portioned in a standard muffin baking tin, this recipe packs the sweet creamy comforts of cheesecake with the decadent smooth berry preserves from world-renowned preserves and jellies maker Bonne Maman. Naturally sweetened with no artificial coloring or flavoring, Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Preserves simply highlight the natural taste of blueberries. Imagine layering a buttery Walkers Shortbread crust with the cheesecake and berry preserves—then make this recipe a reality!


Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Still need inspiration for your dessert table? Maybe you need to satisfy chocolate-lovers, or maybe you want to prep some mini-pies for the dessert buffet. We have you covered. Explore our dessert recipes for more ideas. You’re sure to find the perfect match, just like the bride-to-be!

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