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Walkers Shortbread: Blogger Ambassadors Spring 2017 Showcase

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Walkers Shortbread: Blogger Ambassadors Spring 2017 Showcase

Our Spring Blogger Ambassadors

For the past few months, these creative individuals have been developing unique recipes using Walkers Shortbread cookies and sharing their love of Walkers Shortbread.

Please welcome the current Walkers Shortbread Blogger Ambassadors. For the past few months, these creative individuals have been developing unique recipes using Walkers Shortbread cookies and sharing their love of Walkers Shortbread. We want to take time to thank them, share their expertise and creations with you, and help you get to know more about our team of food bloggers:


Recipe for Life, Love and Sugar

Lindsay Cochar, the creative power behind Life, Love and Sugar, has created multiple recipes for Walkers Shortbread. She used Walkers shortbread rounds as the base of her No Bake Champagne Cookie Pops, which are so good, you’ll want to make extra to cheers to her recipe. In her February 6th blog post, Lindsay commented “Walkers Shortbread. Seriously the best shortbread around. I used their shortbread rounds in these pops…and they are the jam. So buttery! Shortbread is naturally crunchier, but these are so buttery they just about melt in your mouth. Love them!” The next time you have something to celebrate, these cookie pops will help make your toast sweeter. Plus, they are perfect for festivities during the summer heat as you won’t even need to turn on the oven. Check back on our Recipes page to see future, delicious contributions from Lindsay! Purchase her book.


Crazy for Shortbread Crust

Dorothy Kern, author of Dessert Mash-Ups, created Crazy for Crust in 2010 to showcase her love of pie and crust, and it has grown to an amazing collection of all sorts of dessert recipes. She took a twist on tiramisu and subbed Walker Shortbread finger cookies in lieu of traditional lady fingers. Buttery shortbread soaked in espresso? Why hasn’t tiramisu been made this way from the start? Now you can make it a tradition with her Shortbread Tiramisu Dessert. (Another no-bake recipe!) “I crave [Walkers] shortbread on a regular basis, and it’s available pretty much everywhere that sells cookies, right in the cookie aisle. When you’re buying shortbread, you want to eat the best, and that’s Walkers,” says Dorothy.


Rockin’ Mama

Rockin’ Mama is the creative forum for Caryn Bailey. She created the blog to chronicle her son’s first year, yet it has grown to feature articles on various topics such as travel, DIY crafts and, of course, food. Caryn put our new Chocolate and Toffee Shortbread on center stage with her delicious recipe for Chocolate and Toffee Cheesecake. This mouth-watering cheesecake rests on a crust made from Walkers classic shortbread, and then features the rich cocoa and caramelized flavors of Walkers Chocolate and Toffee Shortbread blended into the cheesecake filling. Caryn comments that the “Walkers chocolate and toffee shortbread cookies combine pure shortbread with sweet toffee and then are coated with milk chocolate. I absolutely loved how well they worked in this cheesecake.”


Gluten-Free Recipes for “This Vivacious Life”

Rely on Chandice Probst, the creative force behind This Vivacious Life, for gluten-free recipes. Chandice’s simple Dipped Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies are a treat for everyone—even those with gluten allergies. “We use Walkers Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies because they taste so great nobody would ever know they are gluten-free. The texture is spot on too and they are as buttery and delicious as the Walkers non-gluten-free Scottish version,” Chandice says. Don’t feel left out if you have a peanut allergy, she points out plenty of nut butter substitutions in the recipe. You can get a copy of her book Gluten-Free on a Budget for a collection of her other gluten-free recipes.


Many Thanks

Sincere gratitude to our Spring 2017 Blogger Ambassadors. Get updates and share your thoughts with them by subscribing to their food blogs and following them on social media. For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at last year’s bloggers and stay tuned for details about the next batch of creative minds participating in our program.

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