5 Tips for Hosting a Wimbledon Party

Whether you watch for the game, Andy Murray, or the fashion—Wimbledon is a sight to see. Although attending in person might not be possible, it’s still possible to celebrate at home.

Hosting a party that involves live television means family, friends, and food must be within sight distance of a screen. With tablets and iPads it’s easy to move the game with you. Set up screens in every room, al fresco, and wherever your guests are enjoying themselves.
One of the biggest benefits of watching Wimbledon at home in the company of loved ones is that everyone skips out on the hassle and expense of traveling. Instead, modest funds can be spent on décor, party favors, and of course, food. Here are a few tips to impress your party guests:

  1. Trivia game about players. Did you know Andy Murray is a hotelier? He bought a Victorian mansion in Scotland in 2013 and opened it as a five-star hotel. Quiz your guests on the players and history of Wimbledon. Prizes can include a court reservation at your local tennis club, new tennis gear, or maybe an autographed picture of Andy.
  2. Tennis ball scavenger hunt. Easter has its eggs, but a Wimbledon party can have a tennis ball hunt. Instead of a basket, provide or ask folks to bring their ball hopper. Sure, you can carefully cut open each ball and fill it with candy, but you could also have a prize for whoever gathers the most in their ball hopper - and save the balls for court time.
  3. “Food court.” Bring the sport theme into each dish and in the table setting. Walkers Shortbread Rounds and Highlanders easily transform into confectionery tennis balls with a few quick lines of icing. Setup a table tennis net to divide the table with savory snacks on one side and sweets on the other. As plates empty and clear the table – have cutouts of the players lined up to take their place on the ‘court.’
    tennis cookies
  4. Creative cocktails and mocktails. Create your own drinks and name them after players, or partake in the tried and true Pimm’s Cup Wimbledon Cocktail recipe from Wine Enthusiast. Substitute sparkling water for Pimm’s in the recipe to make a mocktail version for young guests and those avoiding alcohol.
  5. Serve in style. To preserve the spirit and tradition, ask guests to come dressed in their ‘Wimbledon whites.’

Do you have more ideas for hosting a Wimbledon party? Let us know in the comments.