Walkers Summer Recap!

As Labor Day approaches, this is the perfect time to look back and enjoy all the great memories you made this season!

We asked our Facebook friends what their favorite getaways this Summer were and received some wonderful replies. Here’s a quick recap of the most popular responses:

 1. Beach

Beach vacations, either on the ocean or the lake, were the most popular Summer getaways.  Not a surprise with the atmosphere described as a ‘happy place’ and so peaceful and relaxing.  Toni recommends ‘a day at the beach and then eating ice cream while watching the sunset for a very zen day. :)’ 

As Cheryl said “you can't go wrong with a weekend trip to the beach to relax in the sun and enjoy a beautiful sunset” while Jessi Jo says ‘we like to hit the lake / beach on the lake near where we live. Take all the toys, towels, and snacks and relax.”

With the warm weather, cool water and beautiful views, it’s no wonder so many of you love spending your summer on the shore!

 2. Mountains

Escaping to the mountains were a big hit as well.  We loved hearing of so many taking advantage of our country’s national parks like Glacier National Park, Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park.  Other popular destinations were the Allegheny Mountains (PA), Bear Mountain (NY), Big Bear (CA), Adirondacks (NY) and the Great Smoky Mountains (NC).

Christa loves to “leave the city and head to the country for camping, swimming and fishing. It's nice to get out of the city once in a while and enjoy nature” and Karen said “give me the cooler, tree lined hills and the babbling brook - a great stress reliever.”

A quiet, relaxing and cool weekend in the fresh mountain air sounds just perfect this time of the year, doesn’t it?

 3. Girls Weekend

Trips with the family are great but sometimes you need time away with just your girlfriends.  As Stephanie puts it ‘anywhere that I can have a brief 5 minutes without hearing "Mom"’ is a great getaway.

These girl weekends took the form of beach trips, exploring new cities, resort spas, wine tours and music festivals.  If you are planning a girls trip for next Summer we have recommendations for signature drinks no matter the getaway location.

4. Staycation

As amazing as traveling far away can be, sometimes the best getaway is a staycation, no further than your own backyard and neighborhood.  Be like Nancy and escape to the park to let the kids unwind from the busy week you all have. Or Lesse who enjoys exploring and taking photos at her local botanical garden.

Eric doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on a big summer trip, all he needs is his “backyard with the pool, and a few cocktails! Nothing like kicking back, relaxing and laughing with some friends

How often do you get to spend time in your own home relaxing and not thinking of the next thing that needs to be done? Give yourself over and enjoy the slower pace.

And really it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you have your friends, family, and fun. And, most importantly, your Walkers shortbread to enjoy. Relaxing on the deck with our shortbread assortment, enjoying a fingers snack pack on a hike, Mini Scotties at the beach or a salted caramel chocolate chunk snack pack on the road trip. No matter the time of year, Walker Shortbreads is the perfect companion for any getaway!