5 Unique Ideas for Easter Fun (and Food)

While Easter egg decorating and egg hunts are holiday staples, take your festivities to the next level with a few craft and kitchen twists. Whether you enjoy DIY Easter decorations and unique desserts, or looking for ways to entertain the children – the unique ideas below can be easily adjusted for any age and family size:

  1. shortbread houseBuild an Easter Shortbread House. No need to wait until the winter holiday season to make an edible house covered in candy! One of our Walkers Blogger Ambassadors created an Easter Shortbread House, building the walls and base entirely with Walkers shortbread cookies. Get the whole family involved building a castle for the Easter bunny, or set the kids up with their own cookies and favorite sweets to let them build their own.
  2. easter cardCreate custom Easter cards. Cutout and collage spring pictures from magazines and use cute egg and bunny stencils to add layers of charm to your cards. Cotton balls are an easy addition for bunny tails!
  3. Chocolate egg surprise. Create oversized hollow chocolate eggs, either from chocolate egg molds or with a balloon and melted chocolate. Fill the finished chocolate eggs with a variety of Walkers mini shortbread for sweet surprises for your friends and family.
  4. Make a Mason jar Easter planter. Repurpose a mason jar as a planter. Keep decorations to a minimum by lining the inside of the jar with glitter paint, or get creative by dipping the jar in a solid pastel paint. Add intricate details and embellishments with sequins and markers reminiscent of a Fabergé egg. Or you can paint a strip of chalkboard paint on the jar to write a message. When the jar is done transplant a plant into the jar and use for centerpieces on your Easter dinner table. The planter will be a special memento of this special time at Easter. These make great teacher appreciation gifts, hostess gifts, or centerpieces for your Easter entertaining. If this is a family activity, you might keep the planter for yourself to have a memento of this special time.
  5. easter cookieEaster bonnet cookies. Walkers shortbread rounds make the perfect foundation for Easter bonnet cookies. Have fun with your bonnet cookie designs each year to keep with the tradition – and make a treat everyone will look forward to.

Fun Easter Ideas

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