We Asked, You Shared: Top 5 Moments to Enjoy Walkers Shortbread

walkers shortbread memoriesEveryone associates certain foods with specific moments and people. As watermelon might spark memories of summer cookouts, and cotton candy laces thoughts of the circus or fair, we at Walkers were curious about how individuals and families connect with our cookies and wanted to discover the special life events bound with Walkers Shortbread. We launched a Facebook contest in 2016 to find out at what sentimental times are Walkers Shortbread cookies shared

We asked our Facebook fans, “Where is your favorite place to enjoy Walkers Shortbread?” and were happy to learn there are some universal moments and family traditions that folks shared. (Not surprisingly, our shortbread cookies nearly always accompany a cup of tea or coffee!)

Is your favorite moment below?

  1. Outlander. Not only can one enjoy the classic recipe from another century when delighting in Walkers Shortbread (the recipe has not changed in over one hundred years), but folks relish in doing so while escaping in another century watching and reading the “Outlander” series.

    I fantasize about being able to someday enjoy Walkers Shortbread while on sacred ground in Scotland. For now, I partake of this delicious shortbread by watching episodes of “Outlander”…and dreaming of our future life in Scotland. –Chris L.

    My favorite place to enjoy Walkers Shortbread is in my comfy chair with a hot cup of Earl Grey and my
    Outlander books. –Karen B.

  2. Books. We discovered this recurring theme on the tail-end of the last fan’s response above. Indulging in a good book, whether a biography of an historic icon or an imaginative tome of fiction, sparks many readers to nibble on Walkers.

    A cup of tea, a good book and my favorite recliner. Sometimes with music and candles on. But my most favorite is in the winter in front of a fire…Walkers Shortbread has been my favorite for 50 years. – Patty B.

    My favorite time is when reading and enjoying a cup of tea with milk and your gluten-free shortbreads…they are so good, and I'm thankful I can enjoy them. Thanks! –Angela J.

  3. picnic snacksCommuning with Nature. Many folks also enjoy our cookies al fresco perched on their front or back porch.

    Getting up before everyone else and sitting on my front porch overlooking my flower garden with coffee and my Walkers Shortbread. My favorite time of day. –Cathy S.

    I am a wildland firefighter in the U.S. and was stationed in the U.K. for a few years when I was in the military. When I am home, my wife and I enjoy Walkers with a beverage of choice while sitting on the porch among her flowers. –Marc G.

  4. family traditionFamily. It’s nice to see our cookies connect loved ones at the holidays and every day moments.

    I have fond memories of sitting at the dining table at my parents’ house and having tea with my dad while sharing Walkers Shortbread. I will always treasure that. Now I’ve started that “tradition” with my own kids and they love it. –Katie H.

    ANYWHERE that I can share them with my twin granddaughters! Spreading the tradition whether it's the Christmas-shaped, the little Scotties, or the mini stars. P.S. THANK YOU for keeping them real with only the best ingredients, ones that we can actually pronounce, that quality means a lot to my family. –Amy P.

  5. Alone. Of course, ritualistic self-care tops many fans’ lists. Treat yourself and indulge.

    I love to curl up in my recliner with my sweater blanket, a steaming cup of coffee, and a couple of Walkers Shortbread cookies! –Karren T.

    Anytime I'm by myself. Then I don't have to share. Sometimes I put some lemon curd on it. My grandma used to make shortbread often, since she was from Scotland. I think I'm addicted. – Louise H.

Remember, the Walkers Shortbread Summer Contest ended 8/16/16. Visit our Facebook page  soon to keep up with the latest news at Walkers Shortbread.