Part 1: Treasures From Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show

Walkers Shortbread exhibits every year at the Summer Fancy Food Show, which brings together food industry leaders to share innovations, products, and best practices for the food industry. While these events hold a professional education component in the form of seminars about packaging and consumer trends, they also give us the opportunity to sample the delicious offerings of other food manufacturers, both domestic and international.

We especially enjoyed sampling products that pair well with our shortbread. And we love that we can share these ideas with you!

Try These Shortbread Pairings

devon cream

Devon Cream Company’s Luxury Clotted Cream and Double Devon Cream are absolutely delicious creations that take a tasting experience to new heights – to use their own words, the heights of “big white fluffy clouds.” Start with a Walkers Shortbread Round, place a dollop of either cream in the center and top with sliced strawberries or blueberries for a sweet, delightful indulgence. Try both to see which is your favorite!

bonne maman lemon curd

Bonne Maman introduced their new Lemon Curd at the Fancy Food Show, joyfully sweet with a bright, clean lemon flavor, lovely yellow color and rich, velvety texture. Bonne Maman Lemon Curd rests thick and smooth on a Walkers’ shortbread cookie and the light citrus flavor notes pop. The buttery crumbles of the cookie combine with the velvet lemon curd bringing out the best in both. It pairs well solo on a Walkers shortbread cookie, or sharing the stage on the shortbread with one of the Devon Creams above for a lemon cream pie taste. Our Creamy Lemon Dip and No Bake Lemon Shortbread Cheesecake recipes are even easier to make when using Bonne Maman Lemon Curd rather than making your own!

peanut butter chocolate spread

Peanut Butter & Company did not disappoint with their Dark Chocolate Dreams. It blends non-GMO American-grown peanuts with rich dark chocolate. Enjoy this yummy combination slathered on a single shortbread, or placed between two Walkers Shortbread Mini Shortbread Cookies for a sweet bite-size dessert sandwich. Each bite is luxurious in any combination.

hazelnut spread

Did we mention we LOVE the combination of shortbread and chocolate?! We couldn’t pass by Penotti’s booth without checking out their Duo Penotti, a chocolate, hazelnut & vanilla spread prepared with the very best ingredients, such as hazelnuts, milk and UTZ-certified cocoa. The combination of chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla swirled together on a Walkers Shortbread cookie is a taste that should not be missed. This spread is perfect to enjoy between two Mini Shortbread Fingers or Rounds as well.

tea variety pack

Of course, a cuppa tea was required after all these shortbread combination tastings and Ahmad Tea London’s Classic Tea Selection offers four classic black tea varieties of Earl Grey, English Tea, English Breakfast and Darjeeling Tea. Like Walkers Shortbread, Ahmad Tea is a family-run company, so you can feel good about supporting family businesses when you combine our shortbread with their tea!

cappuccino mix

And for our coffee-lovers, Caffe D’Vita’s Cappucino Mocha, made with Arabica coffee and premium ingredients creates a rich and creamy flavor experience to enjoy with Walkers Shortbread. You’ll want to take a moment to inhale the aroma when you first open the canister. And the taste is such a wonderful complement to the buttery goodness of Walkers. You can make an iced cappuccino with this instant cappuccino mix as well.

Walkers Shortbread Food Show News

scottie dog shortbread

Time at the Fancy Food Show was not limited to the discovery of the treasures above. Walkers showcased new Scottie Dog and Piper 3D cartons, a Dottie Scottie Dog (chocolate-chip Scotties), and the Scottie Dog Assortment. The latter is ideal when you can’t choose just one type of Scottie Dog Shortbread. The assortment features the classic shortbread, chocolate-chip, and butterscotch shortbread Scotties speckled with toffee.

Walkers Shortbread will be at the Winter 2018 Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. We’ll find more treats to pair with shortbread, and share new developments at Walkers then!