Royal Warrant Granted to Walkers For Shortbread

Royal Warrant Granted to Walkers For Shortbread

We are honored to share that Walkers Shortbread has been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment for the supply of Shortbread to the Royal Household. The Royal Warrant is a professional honor and achievement given only to certain products that are supplied to one or more members of the Royal Family. The distinction is centuries old and recognizes that Walkers Shortbread is among the products and services that have been “continually, directly and significantly supplied” to the Royal Household.

Walkers received a similar distinction fifteen years ago when Her Majesty The Queen awarded the Royal Warrant for our Scottish Oat Crackers. While that initial recognition applied only to our crackers, this recent appointment applies to all of our shortbread products, from the classic rounds and fingers to our newer lines, including the Scottie Dogs, Minis and Chocolate Shortbread cookies.

“We are delighted and very honored to have been awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment as Supplier of Shortbread to Her Majesty The Queen. We receive this accolade with great pride and gratitude that our traditional values and products have been recognized by the British monarch,” said Jim Walker, Joint Managing Director of Walkers Shortbread.

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