Part 2: More Treasures From Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show

Last month we told you of products we found at the Summer Fancy Food Show to enjoy with Walkers Shortbread cookies. This month we’re revealing some food show finds to pair with Walkers Oat Crackers for inspired new choices for your traditional cheese-and-cracker board. Discover our tasty findings below, and visit our helpful post Entertaining with Oat Crackers for other cheese board ideas such as incorporating grilled veggies and herb-infused cheeses.

Try These Oat Cracker Pairings

Walkers’ oat crackers have a balanced flavor and fresh crunch, making them a prime choice for showcasing great cheeses and spreads. Our line of oat crackers includes our Scottish Biscuits for Cheese, Three Seed Oat Crackers, Fine Oat Crackers, Highland Oat Crackers, plus our Mini Oat Crackers. While we couldn’t possibly sample ALL the cheeses available, below are a few we enjoyed topped on our own oat crackers!

Beemster Cheese

The rich creamy Beemster Cheeses partner scrumptiously with Mini Oat Crackers. Beemster’s award-winning cheeses are handcrafted. You can choose from their flavor-packed “Robust” cheese line (some known for notes of butterscotch and whiskey), their “Mellow” varieties that offer milder and sweeter choices, and their specialty cheeses that come mixed with exotic spices, sweet bell peppers, or even pumpkin!

sharp cheddar

The Mull of Kintyre Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar is made with a nearly century-old recipe. This creamy cheese is made with milk from dairy herds that roam the Kintyre Peninsula. Rely on this cheese for a nutty bold flavor with a few traces of sweetness. The cheese blended well with flavors of our Three Seed Oat Crackers.

Coombe Castle cheese

We created a cheese board adorned with our Scottish Biscuits for Cheese and an assortment of cheeses from Coombe Castle:  Red Leicester, Royal Blue Stilton®, and Wensleydale with Cranberries. Red Leicester is a golden-reddish cheddar with historic roots back to the 1700s—a perfect choice for a classic hard cheese offering. Royal Blue Stilton® is a special treat because cheeses may only be referred to as Stilton if they are made in one of three English counties, and only if a specific recipe is used. Surprise your guests with this coveted Stilton! To round off the cheese board and add some color to the tablescape, tart cranberries pop in the mild Wensleydale.

truffle pate

La Rustichella’s Black Truffle Pate delicately balances Italian-grown champignon mushrooms with black truffles. The creamy aromatic spread on a crunchy oat cracker is an earthy, savory, and flavorful experience. La Rustichella operates out of the Umbria region of Italy, an area renowned for winter black truffles. Like Walkers, La Rustichella is family-owned and operated, so you can feel proud that your food choices support long-time family businesses.

peach preserves

Fruity pairings with oat crackers are some of the best too, and our customers have shared that this is a favorite breakfast choice. Award-winning Sarabeth’s Strawberry Peach Preserves not only taste wonderful, but when you open the jar the smell is delicious! Pieces of strawberries and peaches speckle the preserves, and the perfect combination of these zesty sweet flavors lend a taste of spring and summer all year round! Sarabeth is an acclaimed pastry chef and an award-winning baker, and you can appreciate her life’s passion in her preserves.

Did we miss your favorite pairing?

Walkers will exhibit at the Winter 2018 Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Let us know your favorite ways to enjoy oat crackers on Facebook or Twitter @Shortbread and we’ll use your ideas to look for products at the Food Show.