New for 2018: Walkers Shortbread’s Latest Products!

Our Walkers Shortbread team has not one, not two, but three new products to share! Our team will never run out of ways to feature the traditional pure butter shortbread we know and love in easier packaging and new flavor combinations.

If you’re ready for the big reveal, read on for more convenient ways to enjoy shortbread wherever you go, a new flavor mix featuring salted caramel, and more! As you explore the products below, remember the two things you won’t find in any of our new products: artificial color and flavor. Enjoy real ingredients and true flavors:

Whether you’re packing school snacks, need party favors, or just want to indulge in fresh shortbread without opening an entire carton, our new Sharing Bags are the answer! Want to enjoy a special snack while traveling? Take a few packs of shortbread along for fresh rich treats. 

New Sharing Bag: Single-Wrapped Shortbread Fingers Bag

shortbread finger cookies

The theme of convenience carries over to this new Sharing Bag too! Our new Shortbread Fingers Bag features 15 individually-wrapped pure butter shortbread cookies. Offering all of the same enjoy-anytime-benefits described above, the single-wrap packaging for these treats delivers that ultra-fresh shortbread wherever you go.

Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Chunk

salted caramel cookies

Walkers Shortbread’s new flavor combines the finest ingredients for the richest aroma and taste. Without cutting corners or sacrificing texture or flavor, the latest addition to the Walkers Shortbread line of products features Belgian chocolate chunks with the sweet-salty mix of salted caramel. The new shortbread cookies offer a slight crunch and the same signature pure butter shortbread crumble.

Easter Chick 3D Carton (available February 25, 2018)

easter cookies

easter cookie giftIt’s almost time for Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and Walkers’ fun new Easter Chick 3D Carton! Not only are the shortbread cookies in this festive carton equally adorable and egg-shaped, ornate grooves and channels decorate them too. These pure butter shortbread cookies also boast hints of lemon. Our Easter shortbread’s light citrus flavor matches the spirit of bright spring days. The flower-specked carton features a hatching cartoon chick wearing a Walkers tartan bowtie. It’s perfect to gift on its own, hide as a surprise treat in an Easter egg hunt, or add to an Easter basket!

Which new Walkers Shortbread product do you want to try first? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter @Shortbread and Instagram @walkersshortbread.