How To Pair Wine With Your Favorite Walkers Cookies

Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine.  What better way to brighten the mood than by pairing it with your favorite Walkers Shortbread? Here are some of our favorite wine and Walkers Shortbread cookie pairings.


Regular Shortbread

A sparkling and dry white wine, like a Prosecco, blends beautifully with our famous shortbread cookies. The bright and fruity flavors enhance the buttery notes in the shortbread. A great alternative if you’re not a fan of sparkling wines is a crisp Chardonnay instead. The sweet, vanilla tones pair perfectly with our pure butter shortbread.

Chocolate Scottie Dogs

It’s no secret that chocolate and red wine are a blissful combination. Our Chocolate Scottie Dogs enjoyed with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon are no exception. This dry and fruity red wine enhances the sweet and rich chocolate flavors in these decadent cookies.

Stem Ginger Shortbread

Riesling is the perfect match for any ginger cookie. This light and sweet wine is wonderful paired with our Stem Ginger Shortbreads, made to a traditional recipe with generous pieces of whole Buderim stem ginger. The sweet notes of the Riesling balance out the sharp and sweet notes in what we’re sure will be your new favorite take on ginger cookies. 

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chunk Shortbread

Our salted caramel and chocolate chunk shortbread cookies are the perfect marriage of sweet and salty. When you serve these cookies, don’t forget to pour a glass of Champagne with your treat. This bubbly drink will have a similar mix of sweet and tart flavors to match your cookies.


Chocolate Chip

For the classic chocolate chip cookie, try a classic red wine. The soft, well-rounded notes from a Merlot will enhance the sweet flavors in your dessert. If Merlot is too dry for you though, a Grenache red wine will be sweeter without overpowering your cookies.

What are your favorite cookie and wine combinations? Have any unexpected pairings we should try out? Share with us on Facebook!